Michael Thompson

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Eve , 2010 Plaster, Paper Mache, Erector Set, Wood 18" X 12" X 8" ©
Instructional Machine, 2010 Erector Set, Wood, 24" X 10" X 5" ©
Anatomical Machine, 2010 Erector Set, Silicone 18" X 12" X 8" ©
Suicide Barbi, 2010 Barbi Doll, New Outfit 8" X 4" X 3"
Hula Girl, 2010 Plastic, Erector Set, Glass 11" X 4" X 4" ©
Butcher Shop, 2009 Paper Mache 10" X 10" X 10" ©
Study for Flying Object, 2009 Erector Set, Plastic 24" X 18" X 5" ©
Yellow, 2012 Taxi Roof Light, Erector Set 10" X 18" X 6" ©
© Packer Schopf Gallery
Commemorating Greed, 2009 Laser Print 1.5" X 1.5" © 2009
Commemorating Greed, 2009 Laser Print 9.75 X 4.5 © Michael Thompson
"I like a view..", 2009 Laser Print 1.5" X 1.5" © 2009
U.S.A.A. (Hello, My Name is Bill), 2008 Laser Print 1 © 2008
Hunt Fox, 2007 Laser Print 1.5" X 1.5" © 2007
Guantanamo Envelope, 2006 Laser Print 6.5 X 2.75 © Michael Thompson
Tiananmen Square, 2006 Laser Print 7.75 X 5.5 © Michael Thompson
Kurdish Jihad, 2006 Laser Print 4.25" X 2.5" © Michael Thompson
Chernobyl Deer, 1999 Laser Print 4.5" X 2.25" © Michael Thompson
Kill All Artists, 1999 Laser Print 4" X 3" © Michael Thompson
Fords Theatre, 1996 Laser Print 4.75 X 2.25 © Michael Thompson
Support Domestic Violence, 2000 Laser Print 4.5" X 3" © Michael Thompson
R.I.P Hunter, 2005 Laser Print 4" X 3" © Michael Thompson
"Fujimori(Jailed)" Peruvian Stamp, 2000 Laser Print 5" X 3.5" © Michael Thompson
America the Beautiful, 1998 Laser Print 7.75 X 5.5 © Michael Thompson
These Support US, 2009 Laser Print 5" X 3.5" © Michael Thompson
CITY ON THE TAKE Collage On Paper 5" X 11" © Michael Thompson
Dali Portrait, 2010 Etching, Collage 8' X 10" ©
Lemon Eye, New York City, 1997 Digital C Print 70 X 76 Inches © Courtesy Michael Thompson/ HASTED HUNT, NYC
Chair leg, 2002 Etching 10" X 8" ©
Untitled, 2006 Monoprint 14" X 11" ©
LeRoy Neiman Collage on Drawing, 2004 Seriograph, Pencil, Watercolor Wafers 36" X 48" ©
Picostco, 2010 Inkjet, Ink, Wax, Fingerprint 24" X 36" ©
Target/Target, 2009 Injet, Offset 10" X 18" ©
Kosher, 2010 Map, Gold Leaf, Paper 24" X 36" ©
Marshall Fields kite, 1989 Bamboo, Paper 100" X 10" X 10" ©
Untitled, 1995 Bamboo, Muslin, Paper 5" X 4" ©
Untitled, 2012 Bamboo, Muslin, Paper 4' X 6' ©
untitled, 2009 Muslin, Bamboo, Paper 3' X 5' ©
Untitled, 1999 Muslin, Bamboo, Copper Leaf 3' X 4' ©
Untitled, 2012 Bamboo, Muslin, Paper 4' X 2' ©
Untitled, 2011 Bamboo, Muslin, Rice Paper 3' X 5' ©
Untitled, 2012 Bamboo, Muslin, Paper, Paint 4' X 5' ©
Topographical Text, 2012 Bamboo, Muslin, Paper 3' X 5' ©
Untitled, 2010 Bamboo, Muslin, Papers 2' X 4' ©
Sausage, 2008 Nylon Stockings, Sawdust, Glue 6' X 4' ©
View of Installation, 2008 Mixed Mediums 10' X 15' X 8' ©
Cleaver Over Fale Deli, 2008 Aluminum, Wood 4' X 6' ©
Kosher/Halal, 2013 Map, Paint 4' X 5' ©
Fish, 2001 Styrofoam, Paper, Paint 6' X 2' X 6" ©
F@%k A Duck, 2010 Erector Set, Wood, Tin 8" X 10" X 2" ©
Leaning Tower, 2012 Erector Set, Glass 18" X 8" X 5" ©
Tornado Tower, 2009 Erector Set, Brass, Wire 18" X 5" X 5" ©
Untitled, 2001 Wood, Metal Rod 18" X 5" X 5" ©
Rain on Mount Nemo, 2013 Acrylic On Linen 40 X60 In. © Courtesy of the artist and Mira Godard Gallery
Quick Facts
Lives in
Works in
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Representing galleries
Pagoda Red, Morlen Sinoway, Packer Schopf Gallery
kinetic sculpture, kites, fake postage stamps, Monoprints, mixed-media, digital, sculpture

Selected Exhibition


"Rube Goldberg's Ghost: Confounding Design and Laborious Objects", Glass Curtain Gallery, 2/28-5/4


“Cancelled: The Stamp Art of Michael Thompson”, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PE., 6/15-11/4

Fashion Focus Chicago, “Dream A Little Dream”, OpenSecretStudio, Video Projection

 “10th Anniversary Show”, Morlen Sinoway Atelier, Chicago, IL. 5/10-6/6

 “Group Show”, Tom Robinson Gallery, 5/4-5/26, Chicago, IL.

 “Self-Absorbed”, Chicago-Ashland Office Building Gallery, 3/17-5/12


“Write Now: Artists and Letterforms”, Chicago Cultural Center, 9/30/11-4/29/12

 “The Blue Goblet”, Avenue Theatre, Denver, Colorado, 6/6

 “15th Artist Made Kite Exhibit”, August House, Chgo., IL., 9/25-10/14

 ”Edgeart”, The Souvereign, Chgo, Il., May 20

 “Vignette: The Event”, Design Bureau, Post 37, May, Chgo.

 “Chicago A.D.(After Daley)”, JacksonJunge Gallery, Chgo., IL.


“BMC to DiY”, Black Mountain College, Asheville, N.C., 10/1-10/30

 Duolon Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China, 5/20-6/20!

 “Stamps from America”, Unique Hill Gallery, Shanghai, China, 5/15-7/15

 “Shanghai Kite Show”, Pagoda Red, Chgo., IL. 3/20-4/17

 “American Artstampers”, Haricom Gallery, Seoul, Korea, April

 “Artiststamps”, Stamp Art Museum, Chgo., IL. April-June

 “Tool Box, Flower Box”, JacksonJunge Gallery, Chgo., IL.


SOFA Chicago, Navy Pier, 11/6-11/8

 “The 20th Annual International Small Print Show”, C.P.C, Chgo., IL.

 “Salon des Arts Erotiques”, Plumbers Hall, Chgo., July

 “Artists Run Chicago”, Hyde Park Art Center, Chgo., 5/6-6/7

 “Lilliput”, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, S. Orange, N.J., 6/8-7/23

 “Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury: Art and the Trickster Spirit”,

 Brandeis University, Waltham, MA., 4/1-4/30

 “Meccano: Erector Set Sculptures”, Packer-Schoph Gallery, 2/20-3/28 Chgo.

 Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Hanging Sculpture, Navy Pier, 3/6, Chgo.


”Twisted”, Landfall Press Gallery, 10/24-1/1/09, Santa Fe, NM.

“Sermons From The Tea Shack”, Center for the Proliferation of Afro-Asian

 Artifacts, The Yamaguchi Institute, Chicago, IL.

 Chicago Sculpture International Biennale, Flatfile Gallery, Chgo., IL.

“19th Annual Small Print Show”, Printmakers Collaborative, Chgo., iIL.

 “Fakes”, Red Saw Gallery, Newark, N.J.

 “Bitter Fruits”, Altered Esthetics Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.


“Art of Play”, Gallery 37, Chicago, IL.

 “Kosher Not Kosher”, Gallery Chicago, Chicago, IL.

 “Multiplicity-Multiplicidad”, SoMarts Bay Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

 “Peace Tower”, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL.

2006! “Honoring Japanese Culture”, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chgo., IL.

 “Hunt and Gather”, Evanston Art Center Evanston, IL.

 State and Lake Gallery, two month residency, Chicago, IL.

 “Art Walk”, Anatomically Correct Gallery, Evanston, IL. Juror Award

 “Kite Show”, Illinois Design Center, Rockford, IL.


“Water Tanks, The Chicago Prize Competition”, The Art Institute of Chicago,

       sponsored by the Chicago Architectural Club, Honorable Mention Award

 “Stamp! Artistsʼ Postage Stamps and Books from the Collections of the MCA

                and Bad Press Books”, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chgo., IL.

 “A.D.D., The New Chicagoans”, Iron Street Gallery, Chicago, IL.

 “For the Birds”, Clark House Museum, Chgo., IL.

 “Art and Poetry Show”, Hothouse Performance Space, Chgo., IL.

“Glamour of War”, Chicago Gallery


“37th Annual Kite Contest” , Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

 “Paris, Fantasy”, Espace Beauregard, Paris, FR! “Flights of Imagination”, Chicago Cultural Center, Chgo., IL.

 “Affordable Art Show”, Aaron Packer Gallery, Chgo. IL.


“Motherland/Fatherland”, Moscow International Museum, Moscow, Russia

 “Bellamatic”, La Mas Belle Gallery, Madrid, Spain

“Pandoraʼs Box”, Columbia College, Chgo., IL.

 “13th Annual Small Prints Show”, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chgo., IL.

“Stamps” , Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI.

 “The Stamp Show”, Augen Gallery. Portland, OR.

“SkyArt”, The Chicago Athenaeum, Schaumberg, IL


“JeJu International Mail Art Show”, JeJu Culture and Art Foundation, S. Korea

 “Art on the Edge of the Law”, Aldridge Museum of Contemporary Art,    

             Ridgefield, Connecticut

“Mail On The Edge”, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

 “Stamps”, Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

 “Gutenbergʼs Inheritance”, 62nd Annual Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

 ”The Stamp Show”, Kittredge Gallery, Univ. of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.

 “Sentier Interrotti”, The Museum of Bassono del Grappa, Rome, IT.

 “Imposters, Michael Hernandez de Luna and Michael Thompson”, AMUM, Art !

 Museum, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.

 “Agitator, Contemporary Art of Propaganda”, Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia !

 College, Chgo., IL.


“Explicit, Part I”, Kougeas Gallery, Boston, MA.

 “Arte Postal, Hacia el Nuevo Milenio”, Museo de Filatelia, Oaxaco, Mexico

 “Stamp Acts”, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR.

 “Looking Twice”, Wright Museum of Art, Beloit College, Beloit, WI.

 “Seeing Money”, Portland Old Town Arts Cultural Center, Portland, OR.

 “Stamp Show”, Pearl Conrad Gallery, Ohio State Univ., Mansfield, OH.

 “Stamps”, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

 Installation, International Market Square, Minneapolis, MN


“Not for Intended Use”, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chgo., IL.

 “The Perforated Edge”, The Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley CA.

 “Fakes and Forgeries”, VU Gallery,. Bellingham, WA.

 “Stamping Ground”, Printmakers Collaborative, Chgo., IL. “An Exhibition of Experimental Printmaking”, The Workshop Print Gallery, Chgo.

Selected Publications


Time Out Chicago, “Shopping and Style”, Pg. 32, 1-10-13


Erie Reader, “Visual Experiences: Cancelled-The Stamp Art Of Michael Thompson” 10/1

 Erie Times-News, “Michael Thompsonʼs Stamp Collection is Utterly Unique”, 10/18 Chicago Gallery News, Sept.-    Dec., Pg.49

 CS Interiors, “The Style File”, Pg. 80, Summer Issue

 Time Out Chicago, “Tasting Notes”, Photo w/sculptures, Pg. 31, Feb. 9-15


Design Bureau, “Vingette”, (sculpture) Sept/Oct., Pg. 17

 Chicago Tribune, Cover story, “The Next Artists Frontier” (photo), 7/29/11

 Luxe. Interiors and Design, Chicago, “Style Maker”, Pg. 134-135, Spring

 ARTslant, “On Our Chicago Watchlist”, January


Reason Magazine, “Hit and Run”, 10/11

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Envelope”, March; U.S. Issue, April

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Lectures and Seminars

2012 Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA., lecture, 6/15

2011 The Apple Store, “Artists Lectures”, Lincoln Park, Chgo., IL. 3/26

2009 Beijing Conference on Theory and Criticism, Beijing, China, 5/24-5/29

2006 Chicago Cultural Center, ʻGlobal Thinking: Expanded Practice, Lecture 1/19


Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, “Trouble with Stamp-Making”, Grand Rapids,

2001 Columbia College, “Lecture on Fake Stamps”, Chgo., IL.

 JeJu Culture and Art Foundation, Panel Discussion, JeJu Is., Korea

2000 The University of Memphis, Lecture on Stamp Show, Memphis, TN.


Museo de Filatelia, Panel Discussion, Oaxaca,. Mex.

 Museum of Science and Industry, Lectures on Stamps, 8/28-29, Chicago, IL.

1998 Combined Philatelic Exhibition of Chicago, Award Dinner Lecture, Chgo., IL


Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, “Chicago Prints, Politics and Pulp”,

       panel discussion, Northwestern Univ., Evanston IL.

Electronic Media

2012 WICU, Interview, Erie, PA., 6/13


82nd Academy Awards Ceremony, Los Angeles, CA., 3/7/10,

           projected excerpt of Batman, The Dark Knight included kite scene.


WABC, 6 OʼClock News, 1/23

 WBEZ, NPR 848 Interview, 1/25

2001 KBS, Korean Broadcasting Interview, 1/25

2000 Channel 11, Wild Chicago segment


WGN, Morning News interview, 10/1

Michael Thompson 319 N. Albany Ave. Chicago, IL. 60612

 WPWR, Ben Loves Chicago, interview, 5/3

 FOX Channel 32, “Fox Thing In the Morning”, interview 6/19

 CLTV, Oak Brook, Interview, 2/23

1998 Channel 44 Telemundo, Miami, FL., “Fake Stamps”, Interview

1997 Channel 32, FOX, “Fox Thing In the Morning”, 6/8


Cable News network (CNN), syndicated interview, 6/18

 Channel 32, FOX, Nine OʼClock News, interview, 6/19

 WSOY, radio, Decateur, IL interview 6/26

 WOC, radio, Quad City, IA, interview, 7/8

Awards and Grants

2012 Illinois Arts Council Grant in Visual Arts

2011 ARTslant, 1st. Place Showcase Winner, mixed media

2007 Project Completion Grant, Illinois Arts Council


     Water Tanks: The Chicago Prize Competition, Chicago Architectural Club, Honorable Mention

     Highland Park Art Walk, Second Prize

2001  Illinois Arts Council Grant in Visual Arts

1999 Illinois Arts Council Grant in Visual Arts

Film Projects

2008 Batman, The Dark Knight, Three kite sculptures, Warner Brothers Film

1999 Outing Riley, Wolfe Films, one kite

Book References


Ink Painting and Beyond, Contemporary Ink Paintings and Artists, By Qigu Jiang,

           The Research House for Asian Art, Chicago, IL.

Chicago Spaces: Inspiring Interiors, Agate Publishing, 10/11/11!


Miniature Messages, The Semiotics and Politics of Latin American Postage Stamps

by Jack Child, Duke University Press, Illustration Plate 1, discussion of work- pg. 41


Artistamps, Francobolli DʼArtista, James Felter, AAAEdizioni, pgs. 190-191


The Stampart and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de

        Luna, Bad Press Books, Chicago, IL.


1969-71 University of Massachusetts/Amherst

1973-74 Eastern Connecticut State College, Willimantic, Ct.

1974-75 University of Massachusetts/Amherst

1975-77 Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, Ma.

1979-81 School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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