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A MIGRANT’S PROGRESS: ZENG IN AUSTRALIA Two assessors of artist Ian Grant and artist Ingrid Van Dyk, 26/06/2013, COFAspase, COFA, UNSW With my supeversor Dr. Vaughan Rees, 28/06/2013, COFA, UNSW With my supeversor Dr. Vaughan Rees and fine arts shool's head: Ms. Sylvia Ross, 28/06/2013, COFA, UNSW SCHOOL OF ART COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES May 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 4 ABSTRACT ... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 8/2/13

Some Other Place Exhibition Published: 02 April 2013 Time: 18 April 2013 exhibition continues to 22 June 2013. Address: 78 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown, NSW 2148, Australia Artists Alex Cyresko, Ryan Hickey, Mehr Javed, Abdullah M.I. Syed and Luping Zeng have been commissioned to create new mixed-media, photo media, installation and performance artworks for the exhibition. Showing alongside these new works are selected previous works by each artist. My Statement The title of my project: A Migrant's Progress &nda... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 4/13/13

Explaining my research painting “Relationship of US. President Barack Obama with Prime Minister Julia Gillard”

“A Migrant Progress – Luping in Australia” COFA of UNSW Supervisor: Dr Vaughan Rees Master Fine Arts by research Luping Zeng, 6th July 2012 Explaining my research painting “Relationship of US. President Barack Obama with Prime Minister Julia Gillard” Figure 1: Relationship of US. President Barack Obama with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, 2011, watercolour on paper, 44x30cm Luping Zeng The Intention of my paintings My early version of “Relationship of US. P Barack Obama[1] with MP Julia Gillard[2]” shows the foundations underlying my research nar... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 7/7/12

The meeting of “Conduction”

  In my fifth painting, the scene shows the first meeting of my commencing study at COFA was “Conduction” Introducing the National Institute of Experimental Art’s Postgraduate Experience. It’s located at Lowy Theatre, Lowy Building Level 4, and University of NSW. The prolocutor was Director of NIEA, Associate Dean (Research), College of Fine Arts, who Professor Jill Bennett. She gave an impression of the Institute, delineation some of NIEA’s ground-breaking trandisciplinary research and forthcoming projects. It also bring to include seminars, conferences, reading groups, and mentoring programs... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 5/29/11

My supervisor and current advanced education

My supervisor and current advanced education In my first painting, this scene is set in Paddington COFA of University of NSW, a college for fostering artists. I am studying in the fine art area, I am almost excited to be undertaking and therefore my career is progressing, modern education is open to studying students. Within this scene I am meeting my supervisor around with his office which focused to supervisor’s teaching in the room. The development is that, while I have set out to act the artist lifestyle. I am developing by being one of the immigration progresses. Figure 1. The portrai... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 5/22/11

Auburn’s impression-my new city

Auburn’s impression-my new city In my sixth painting, the scene shows before the commencing of my study, I visited Sydneyto look for accommodation with the help of my friend. I was very lucky to find an appropriate place to live and provide my current research at COFA, the location is Auburn.  Figure 1. The Building of Auburn Gallipoli Mosque 2011, medium: pen ink & watercolor on watercolor paper, size: 200x160mm Auburn is an assortment of suburban, commercial and industrial areas. The main commercial area is positioned close to the Auburnrailway station. There are many markdown department s... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 5/22/11

Statement of self portrait – drunkenness

Statement of self portrait – drunkenness Written by Luping Zeng 16-01-2011 Figure 1, Self portrait-drunkenness, 2010, Oil on canvas, 750x600mm. In This painting, I used the exaggerated way with humors depicting the treatment for my life. The aspect of myself portrait such as a loaded imp exposed breast, undress Tutu, hold wine bottle, always keeping open one eye and close one eye, light singing, hobbled and peaceful. The condition of the drunkenness, as this state seen throughout the entire world, shows a hint of the mysterious side with hard mouth smile. I emphasized to produce out of line both... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 1/16/11

Statement of the Impression of Chinese Festival - New Year

Statement of the Impression of Chinese Festival - New Year Written by Luping Zeng 03/01/2011 Figure 1, The Impression of Chinese Festival-New Year 2010 oil on canvas 600x750mm In this painting I showing the impression of Chinese New Year as one of multiple culture using abstract’s visual art dialogue - as for the people, like Christmas, Chinese New Year is the grandest festival of the year. According to Chinese tradition customs, universal from the Lunar New Year commence December 23 and end pending the New Year Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day, after about three weeks. This time of Dec... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 1/6/11

Version-2, developing of Chinese

Statement of Version-2, developing of Chinese Written by luping zeng 31-12-2010                                 Figure 1, Version-2, developing of Chinese, 2010, oil on canvas, 91.4x121.8mm In this painting, the aim is on the depiction of the issue of current climate changed which the reaction from the developing of human’s behavior is adding stresses to earth and has produced the current situation. In fact there are two major reasons. One reason is the earth is actually getting old therefore the earth is situated of elder. Such like everything of growing at universe they all have... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 12/31/10

Plain Air - Painting in the Contemporary Landscape

Plain Air - Painting in the Contemporary Landscape by Luping Zeng 11th November 2010                             The portrait of Dr Miles Hall and myself 2010 oil on canvas 500x600mm Through study on the course of painting outdoors at this semester, which I have obtained an important opportunity for obvious visual, physical and conceptual responses to landscapes in my paintings practice. It explored an expansion of thoughts when met with the produced painting in reality, and promotes how established both the development of a personal visual language-the notion and a practical... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 11/10/10

The explanation of my Individual Project - MAVA Exhibition

The Rake’s Progress: Luping in Australia The explanation of my Individual Project - MAVA Exhibition by Luping Zeng 01/11/2010 My research is based on the depiction of myself as an immigrant. Relating to my new surroundings, from an immigrant’s perspective, these paintings interrogate my relationship to the Australian environment and culture. They also reflect the unavoidable clash of cultural values intrinsic to immigration. The title I have chosen for the individual project is “The Rake’s Progress: Luping in Australia”. I have developed my ideas through a series of 8 paintings that expl... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 11/2/10

The Rake’s Progress: Luping in Australia (2010)

  A) Description of the proposed my project   I am an immigrant from China and a figurative painter. I have gained most of my art knowledge and conceptual understanding from the perspective of Chinese culture. Currently I am living in Australia and I wish to learn more about Western culture, art concepts and customs. I am very interested in many aspects of life in Australia as everything here is new to me and I am conscious of numerous interesting subjects for my work. At present, my studio area for individual project is fine arts in the MAVA. My individual project is titled “The Rake... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 8/11/10

Postmodernism – Appropriation

Postmodernism – Appropriation                                Written by Luping Zeng  May 16, 2010  1.       Introduction In this paper, I address the theme of appropriation in postmodernism. The practitioners I have chosen are Pablo Picasso (Spain 1881-1973) and Marcel Duchamp (French 1887-1968). The artworks chosen are Picasso’s work “Las Meninas, after Velazquez.” and Marcel Duchamp’s work “L.H.O.O.Q”. Their life lived throughout the modernism and postmodernism time, and they were established as a new philosophy in the postmodernist time. Picasso’s work appropriated an object... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 6/8/10

Depiction of an illustration of X ray-man’s body

Depiction of an illustration of X ray-man’s body Written by Luping Zeng 27/05/2010 The series of “a mysterious man body through the X ray” is inspired from my drawing lecturer, Ian Friend’s work. Last class we had was very fortunate as we visited Ian’s studio again, then he demonstrated his techniques with ink, and introduced variety materials that can be used to create different effects. This entire time was interesting and exciting. When I went back home, I was really motivated because I excited my heart. Therefore, the improvisation of innovation ink work was produced, with enthusiastic emotions. ... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 6/8/10

series of a red, red rose

series of a red,  red rose Written by Luping Zeng 27/3/2010 Description: The series of text project I used a poem from Robert. Burns, (1759-1796, poet, Scotland)-The name of the poem is “A red, red rose”. The poem described a love story. I represent series of abstract landscape sense which use woman’s vagina expressing the poem. These different position of woman’s down body shape showing variety that vision, image, mystery and attract in beautiful love dream, such as the piece of rose, red color, implication and signal. Try creating a broad space for performance. The philosophy context effect... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 6/8/10

“the portable still life”

“the portable still life” Written by Luping Zeng Project 3- “the portable still life” I choose a Chinese tradition craftwork - Sniff pot (snuff bottling, European’s named), pronounced as Yion Hu Er (Chinese name) as my subject for this presentation. The aspect of snuff bottling likes pot and the materials were produced to use crystal, transparency and brightness. The interior painting used special brush – such as a tick off shape, as special use to portray the painting on the bottling inside wall. The size such like thumb, it is portability and mobility. My snuff of collection was a copy work it was ma... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 5/12/10

Rubbish bin

  Visual Analysis & Critical Reflectioncontext analysis for my work Rubbish bin write by luping zeng The project of Rubbish bin express the structure context of panting is affected by formalism. Contents illustrate them which show different people’s personality, such as the words on the bin body. The bin also signifier people’s situation. For example, they are classed, seem different type of rubbish put in to different bin, such as people, different treatment act as different result. Other significance likes human’s generation, the recycle like old be gone and young be born. There are symbo... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 4/17/10

Statements of “the face”

Statements of “the face” (190310 note) This project my proposal undertakes to portray my surrounding faces in the drawing room, the class-teacher and classmates. I am from China, when I was young, these faces can only been seen in the western artist’s art books. Today I can address to draw these faces in the class, it’s truly exciting. About the style and philosophy, I always think that their basically depend my sense and emotion.                My teacher Ian Friend’s portrait. This face that I draw my drawing teacher’s face, who is Ian Friend. His feature looks like... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 4/14/10

Modernist – Formalism

Modernist – Formalism                       1.       Introduction In this essay, I address the theme of formalism. I focus on the work of Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872-1944). Piet Mondrian’s works, they will be finding his concept to setup new philosophy in the Modernist time. The authors I use are Madan Sarup, Clement Greenberg and Philip Johnson.                   A 1921 painting by Piet Mondrian: "Composition with red, yellow blue and black." 2.  Description and analysis formalism It is well to remember that Mondrian’s artwork, which before being horizontal lines, and vertical l... [more]
Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 4/12/10


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Posted by Luping (Bruce) Zeng on 2/25/10