Ken O'Toole

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Breathing Life

Breathing Life - Ken O'Toole Okay, so how can artists breathe life into their creations? It would seem impossible to share or give something you do not posses. Saving the discussion of what constitutes life for another time, let’s consider two ways that life is imparted.While it may seem I am banging you over the head with my core beliefs, I want to simply state the first, which will lead naturally to the second. Whether you believe in the Creator God or not, if you have ever created anything... [more]
Posted by Ken O'Toole on 7/27/10

What Makes It Art?

I refuse to make a promise about cranking out these blog entries, when you and I both know that I will inevitably get distracted by an idea and spend months in the studio following where the inspiration leads me. It is not that I do not want to write these blog entries, it is just that the studio work tends to be more exciting. That said, I do have at least three short posts I can share. We will just have to see where this goes after this first one. My meditations lately have been about the... [more]
Posted by Ken O'Toole on 7/26/10