Maria Rebecca Ballestra

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War Game, 2009 Print On Forex, Plexiglass, Toys 50 X 50 X 120 Cm © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
The Future is near, 2009 Video + Book © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Casablanca 2064, 2009 Lambda Print + N2 Sounds 70 X 100 Cm © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Essy of Principle of Popultation, 2009 Print On Paper + Plastic Hands 20 X 30 Cm
US Food Patent, 2009 Lambda Print +Ampoules + Organic Seeds 50 X 50 Cm Each © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Postzoico, 2009 Lambda Print 70 X 100 Cm © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Padlocks, 2008 Print On Dibond + Crystal 60 X 90 Cm © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Atlantis, 2009 Lambda Print 20 X 20 Cm Each Photos © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Babylon, 2009 Lmbda Print 20 X 20 Cm Each © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Postzoico, 2009 Lambda Print 70 X 100 Cm © Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Works in
Italy and Paris
Fine Arts Accademy of Florence, 1998
Representing galleries
Gallery Alberta Pane
site specific project mixed-media, installation, performance, photography

Own Exhibition



Exhibition -  Heritage House Gallery - Dubaï  (U.A.E.)

“The Future is near. The future is now!” Kernot Art Gallery (Paris – France) curated by Luca Bochicchio



Kisses form China!, Phodar Biennale, Sofia, Bulgaria



“Kisses from China” – Kernot Art Gallery (Paris -  France)

“INCONTRI: Young Art at the Museum” – Borea D’Olmo Palace (Sanremo-Italy) curated by Leo Lecci and Paola Valenti (University of Genoa)



Exhibition « Recent Works » at Kernot Art Gallery (Paris –France) curated by Alberta Pane



Exhibition “Mosques” (Beniamino Gallery – Bordighera Italy)


Group Exhibition



Moscow Biennale “Qui Vive?” (Moscow – Russia) curated by Daria Pyrkina

Video Festival “Video Appart” (Paris – Dubai)

Mashrab – Maghrab” Contemporary Art Exhibition selected by Bastakia Art Fair  -Heritage House Gallery - Dubaï  (U.A.E.)



Sowing Seeds” Kaman Art Gallery (Jodhpur – India) curated by Nilesh Shidhpura

Phodar Biennial ’09 (Pevlen – Bulgaria) curated by Antoan Bozhinov

Intersection- Correlation” (Berlin – Germany) curated by Brian Hackney Turn-Berlin Art Space

La Grande Abbuffata:  Scorie, Scarti, Sprechi. Risorse energetiche” (Auditorium of the Museums of Strada Nuova - Genoa) curated by  Ko.Ji.Ku



Sculpture Quadrennail of Riga (Latvia), organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia  and Centre for Art Management and Information (MMIC)

21th Instants Video (Marseille – France) supported by The French Ministry of Culture, The Regional Council (PACA), The city of Marseille and the European Commission

Tracing love 24/7” Gallery  “Magacine (Belgrade, Serbia) curated by DEVE

Urban Jealousy” 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran (Istanbul Turkey) , curated by Amirali Ghasemi and Serhat Koksal

Kaléidoscope de la création émergente”, (Paris-France,Strasbourg,Bordeaux) curated by Helene Mugnier ed Adrien Pasternak

“Video Appart” (Paris-France)

“Arrivi e Partenze.Italia” at the Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona-Italy) curated by Alberto Fiz and Walter Gasperoni.

Rencontre Monaco-Japan” Auditorium Ranieri III (Principality of Monaco)

Nature et Artifice” at the Salle du 4 (Monaco-Principality of Monaco)



Exhibition “Forging Time” at Kernot Art Gallery (Paris – France) curated by Adrien Pasternak

VI Biennal of Plastic Arts Foundation Rafael Boti (Cordoba-Spain)

Art for Prabhat” at the Global Artist Village (Delhi –India)

Doppiogioco” at Loggia delle Mercanzie (Genoa – Italy) curated by Francesca Serrati and the Contemporary



The Barbie Picture Show” CVB Space di New York curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Provocazioni” (Accademia Balbo – Bordighera Italy) curated by Judit Torok

FLASHES”- BAG of Genoa (Italy) curated by “ Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce”

Big Screen” Yunnan Art Institute, (Kunming – Yunnan China)

 “Bear in Mind” studio H2o - Milan and Gay Pride - Turin curated by Rieko Hagiwara

Ecce Omo” – Spazio Umanitaria di Milano, curated by Ass. Arte da Mangiare (Milan –Italy)



 “Secrets” – CVB Space of New York (USA) curated by Stefania Carrozzini

 “Art’s diary Intervene” – Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan) curated by Ashley Chang

Capturing Utopia” – Fournos Center for Digital Image (Athens – Greece)

 “Rolled up” – Piclked Art of Bejing (China) curated by Stefania Carrozzini

The most beautiful thing I ever saw” – Berliner Kunstprojekt (Berlin -Germany)

“Fotoesordio” (University Tor Vergata of Rome) curated by GAM (Gallery of Moder Art) – Rome Italy

Talk to the City” (Milan - Italy) curated by “Fabbrica del Vapore”

 “Arte da mangiare…mangiare l’arte” (Castello Sforzesco of Milan) Italy



The sense of signs” Salle d’exposition 4 – Montecarlo Principality of Monaco

San Carlo per l’Arte” (Torino-Italy)

XM-Atto1°” (Bologna-Italy)



Free Target” Gallery San Vidal U.C.A.I. – Venice Italy (curated by G.Pilla, P. Rizzi, C.Cinelli)

San Carlo per l’Arte” – Turin Italy

Selected for the Exhibition for young artists “Expogiovani”  (Arcore – Milan - Italy) (curated by  F.Presti, F.Sala)

 “Art to eat, eat the Art”  - A.P.T of Milan - Italy (curated by Association “Arte da Mangiare”)

Shelters” – Monique Goldstrom Gallery – New York USA (curated by Stefania Carrozzini)



 “Artists for Peace”  Cultural Islamic Centre of Madrid (Spain) (curated by  Immaculada Arricivida)

« Agora » Bordighera (IM) – Italy (curated by Accademia Riviera dei Fiori G.Balbo)

Sassi Vivaci” Barge (CN) – Italy (curated by M.Gattinoni, L,Perlo, O. Gamberi)

4700 International mail art project against the death penalty (Milan) Italy (art-commissioner: Surico, Del Basso)



Exhibition at The Centre of Modern Art in Bologna – Italy (curated by Alberto  Raimondi)

Exhibition at Oulxio, Exilles, Sestriere-France -Italy (art-commissioner: Sergio Risaliti)

 “Art and Message” -Palazzo Ducale Genoa (Italy)


Art Fairs



Swab Art  Fair ( Barcellona – Spain) represented by Kernot Art



Slick Fair  (Paris- France) represented by Kernot Art



Creek Art Fair (Dubai, UAE) represented by Art Show Gallery

Slick Fair  (Paris- France) represented by Kernot Art

Mois de la Photo Off (Paris- France)



Digital and video art fair « Diva Fair” at Les Louvres des Antiquaires (Paris- France)





Selected for the International Artist Camp “Sowing Seeds” in Sar Village (Rajasthan – India)



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at CEAC Chinese European Art Center (Xiamen – China)

Selected for the 1st International Openart Residency, Eretria (Greece) organized by CheapArt Gallery of Athens



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at Global Arts Village (Delhi India)



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at Gozo Contemporary (Malta)



Selected for the Artist Residence Program at Taipei Artist Village (Taipei – Taiwan)


2003     Selected for the Artist Residence Program at Europos Parkas, the Open-Air Contemporary Art Museum of the Centre of Europe – Vilnius (Lithuania)






Selected for the San Fedele Prize, (Cultural Center San Fedele) Milan - Italy

She is one of the 5 artists selected by the French Group Moet-Hennessy to take part in the Exhibition ““Kaléidoscope de la création émergente” to launch its new high standard cognac “Glenmoramgie”



First Prize “Duchessa di Galliera”, Contemporary Museum Villa Croce of Genoa –Italy)

Finalist of the prize “Premio Celeste”, young prize for the Italian figurative arts (Florence Italy)

Jury Prize at the Exhibition “Nature et Artifice” Salon des Artistes Monegasques de l’AIAP et de l’UNESCO



Finalist of the prize “Premio Celeste”, young prize for the Italian figurative arts (Florence –Italy)



Winner of the prize “Movin’ up” for the young artist mobility around the world (Turin- Italy)

Finalist of the Prize for Young Photographer « Fotoesordio » (University Tor Vergata of   Rome – Italy)


Selected for the XI Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Athens – Greece)

Signaled of the Jury at the  Prize of Poems “Rivoli 2003” (Turin Italy)

Finalist of the Literature Prize “Marguerite Yourcenar” (Italy)



Winner of the Literature Prize “Nuove Lettere” with the group of tales “Cretans Tales” (Italian Institute of Culture – Naples - Italy)

Second Prize of the Photo Competition “Ruba un raggio di sole per l’inverno” – Città di Castello (Italy)

Signaled of the Jury at International Exhibition of Photographic Art “The Hat in the world”, organized by C.I.F.A. PhotoGallery and UNESCO (Alessandria - Italy), Arles and Caussade-Septfonds (France), Edegem (Belgium), Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mar del Plata (Argentina)

Selected for the National Exhibition of Photography “The Children in the world” (Genoa – Italy) (Art-commissioner: FIAF Italian Federation Photographic Associations)





Selected for the art workshop MAM “Mediterranean Art Meeting” (Bomba Lake Italy)



Seminary of sculpture in slake (Caves of Slate in Molini di Triora – Italy)



Seminary on “The history of Spanish ceramics ” (Ceramics Museum of  Barcelona Spain)



Seminar-workshop with the Spanish artist Rogelio Lopez Cuenon “The artist and the city”.(Malaga-Spain)



Seminary of plastic-art with the artist Luigi Stoisa and with Sergio Risaliti, the director of the Contemporary

Art Museum “Le Papesse” at Siena.(Turin-Italy)

Monographic course about “The life and the art of Pablo Picasso”, organized by “Foundation Picasso”, University and Municipality of Malaga (Spain)


Professional Experience



Lecture and Public presentation at the Multimedia Department of the Xiamen University (China)

Lecture at the University of Genoa

Lecture and Public presentation at the Archeological Museum “Borea D’Olmo” (Sanremo – Italy)



Lecture at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Genoa (Italy)



Lecture and Public presentation at Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan)

Workshop-Performance with 100 students of  MCAST Art and Design  Institute, Mosta, Malta



At the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno (Crete – Greece) to  restore Minoian ceramics.



At the project for the centenary of J.Luis Borges’s birth (Malaga- Spain) realised by the Argentine writer Marcos Rosenzvaig



At Florence where I worked with the radio station “Controradio” and with the Tuscan Govern to produce a book of interviews with the most famous artists working in  Florence.

At the Contemporary Art Museum “Luigi Pecci” (Prato- Italy) where I worked on the project “Habitus-Abito-Abitare”, planned by Michelangelo Pistoletto


1995       At Bucharest  where I worked with the NGO “Children in emergency” to paint the  family-houses for children with AIDS in Bucharest (Romania)

At the “Lympia gallery” (Nice- France) where I worked as art-director



Public and Private Collection


Global Arts Village (Delhi, India)

Contemporary Museum Villa Croce (Genoa –Italy)

Taipei Artist Village (Taipei - Taiwan)

GAM Galley of Modern Art (Rome - Italy)

Gozo Contempoarary (Gozo – Malta)

Excelsa Security (Montecarlo)

Scuool San Carlo (Turin - Italy)

Foundation DARS (Milan - Italy)

Kernot Art Gallery (Paris – France)

CheapArt Gallery (Athens /  Greece)







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School Education



High School Diploma



Winner of the scholarship “Erasmus” at  the "Universidad Real de Bellas Artes" of Granada (Spain)



Winner of  scholar-ship “Leonardo”, I worked for three months as camerawoman at the “Malaga-TV” (Spain)



Graduated in Fine Arts at "Accademia di Belle Arti" Florence- Italy  with the following Thesis: "The origin of the "Cante Jondo"" (110/110)