Barbara McIntyre

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Bird Song , 2011 Assemblage 30" X 12" X 7"
Pinpricks & Potions, 2010 Assemblage 25 X 16 X 10 © B.B. Mcintyre
Serena Loves the Sea, 2010 Assemblage 74" X 60" X 3"
Book of Notions, 2007 Assemblage 13.5" X 11" X 3"
Balance, 2005 Assemblage 25 X 10 X 6
Haute Clockture, 2008 Assemblage 28 X 12 X 12
What's Inside, 2005 Assemblage 26 X 8 X 10
Midnight Flight, 2004 Assemblage 18 X 22 X 6
Must Fly, 2006 Assemblage/ Encaustic 23x 21x 4
Dance, 2004 Assembagle 12x9x3
2 B, 2005 Assemblage/ Encaustic 31 X 16 X 5.5
Bearded Woman, 2010 Assemblage 30x 12 X 14
We Go Zoom, 2014 Assemblage/Collage 47x19x6 © BB McIntyre 2014
Liberace, 2013 Mixed Media Assemblage 32x24x24 © @2013 BB McIntyre
Singing Keys, 2012 Assemblage 32x9x9 © 2012 BB McIntyre
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Davenport , Iowa
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Carpinteria, CA
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Carpinteria, CA
University of California, Santa Barbara
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collage-assemblage, sculpture, mixed-media, conceptual


Barbara Baker McIntyre

Artist Statement


I use everyday objects that are referred to as found objects, but more correctly they are sourced, selected and collected. I prefer vintage items with their history and patina. I enjoy rummaging through boxes of miscellaneous knickknacks that I purchase by lots from wholesalers, like a box of costume jewelry or broken bits of porcelain. Also, I love using found objects such as bones, buttons, clock parts, silverware and really anything that speaks to me. Items originally used for one purpose will be repurposed in a new way. I see these items as elements from which wondrous constructions are possible.


Often, I work within a series where each piece is related by a common element. In my Fragments series, the common elements are pieces of vintage German porcelain figurines. Beginning with the overall idea of fragments, I’ve created a large collection of small, framed settings or dioramas that depict everyday situations and people, as well as the truly unusual or macabre. There is something in them, even as damaged and stained as they are or maybe because of it, I can’t resist the urge to put them back together in some new way. I also didn’t want them to be overwhelmed or buried in larger compositions. In other series, I’ve worked with themes such as black white, clocks and fishing.  


The work is compelling, intriguing and accessible to a wide audience.  People are drawn to the work because of the faces and animals used to create each piece, these elements often remind them of their childhood memories, toys and things from an innocent and simpler time.


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