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From Factory Town to Silver Screen   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Liu Xiaodong at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art November 17th, 2010 - February 20th, 2011
Posted 3/8/11
Commissioned by the Ullens Center, this exhibition follows painter Liu Xiaodong as he returns to his hometown of Jincheng in northeastern China, painting from life the inhabitants of a place with which he was once intimately familiar as they work, sing karaoke, and wander in a state of perpetual unemployment. As we have come to expect from exhibitions of the artist, this one includes not only painting but also notes, sketches, photographs, and, most notably, a documentary shot by the Taiwanese... [more]
At it Again   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Lee Kit at Osage Kwun Tong January 22nd, 2011 - February 21st, 2011
Posted 2/15/11
In his fifth major solo exhibition in two years, Lee Kit demonstrates his ability to think not only in terms of projects and series of work but also through the apparatus of the body of work--an agglomeration of practice similar in scale but evidently distinct in quality from the exhibition, connecting multiple styles and series through a thematic or perceptual axis of experience. Working at an almost superhuman rate of studio production, he has recently consolidated one of his many... [more]
Experiments in Environmental Cinema   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Waza Group, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Hu Xiangqian, Jun YANG at Osage Kwun Tong January 22nd, 2011 - February 21st, 2011
Posted 2/8/11
Incoming gallery director and widely respected curator Pauline J. Yao launches her first project in Hong Kong with A Lesson in Extremes, a tight selection of video work from four strong younger artists working with the medium of the moving image. The spatial design is unimaginative and occasionally disorienting--three of the works are positioned in equal-sized rooms in a neat row, while the fourth is located on the far side of a separate exhibition entirely--but local audiences will be... [more]
Remasterd Classics   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Ivy Ma at Gallery EXIT January 8th, 2011 - February 12th, 2011
Posted 1/31/11
Ivy Ma, who has offered voyeuristic glimpses into an intriguing practice able to bridge drawing and the cinema over the past year, finally brings this project to full realization in the form of a solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Consisting of eight distinct pieces all in the relatively rare medium of graphite and ink on inkjet print, each of the ten images presented here captures a still life composition drawn from the films of directors Fei Mu and Yasujiro Ozu, depicting plants, bottles, buckets,... [more]
The Border Show   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Posted 1/18/11
Opening 8 January 2011, 17:00 – 21:00And running through 28 January 2011Open weekends 12:00 – 18:00Otherwise by appointment At the cargo container storage bayLocated adjacent to the Whitehead ClubIn Whitehead, Ma On Shan, New Territories, H.K.     This is an experiment in exhibition-making. It begins with the situation of cultural production and circulation throughout the Pearl River Delta, a conurbation that forms a cyclical distribution structure through which goods travel more... [more]
Ontology of Autonomous Communication   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Wang Yuyang at Taikang Space December 25th, 2010 - January 8th, 2011
Posted 1/8/11
Wang Yuyang has been a key figure to watch in the emerging critical or alternative Beijing art scene, both in terms of his actions and the content of his work.  He has continually sought new ways to support an innovative artistic practice through non-commercial means as one of very few practitioners to opt for teaching positions and competitive stipends rather than gallery representation. Interested in the problem of media new and otherwise as it relates to the communication of ideas, many of... [more]
A Past Enacted   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Chen Chieh-jen at Long March Space December 4th, 2010 - January 10th, 2011
Posted 1/8/11
One of the many artists in greater China known for working on a slightly more subtle and sophisticated level of political discourse, Chen Chieh-jen has made for an interesting fit with the explicitly political iconography of the ongoing curatorial effort known as the Long March Project (though perhaps the relationship has been less ambiguous with the complementary gallery program Long March Space). This solo exhibition, a major landmark in Beijing exhibitions this season, consists primarily of... [more]
          In terms of the production of quality work and its presentation to a broad audience, 2010 was an unprecedentedly strong year for China. A new generation of artists was beginning to locate opportunities to exhibit both within and outside of the existing gallery system.  These new artists were increasingly joined by a vocal critical culture that manifested itself in an explosion of textual commentary on visual phenomenon, most clearly in new publications like LEAP and Randian but... [more]
Progress and Process in Liang Yuanwei   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Beijing Commune December 30th, 2010 - January 13th, 2011
Posted 12/28/10
      Liang Yuanwei is, by all accounts, one of the most gifted Chinese painters to have emerged in the past decade, a former member of the group N12 alongside peers like Qiu Xiaofei and Wang Guangle. For her, however, painting has always been more of a process, less about an ultimate image or even a visual effect and more about the production of affect that occurs within the rituals and struggles of daily studio practice. Her last solo exhibition, BLDG115RM1904 staged in a spacious gallery... [more]
Bao Dong in Chengdu   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Zhou Bin, Liang Bing, Yu Bo-gong, Hans Bolly, Jin Feng, Utopia Group, Yu Ji, Ge Lei, Zhang Liaoyuan, MadeIn, Deng Minqu, Jiang Peng, Zhong Please, Shi Qing, Shi Wanwan, Hu Xiangqian, Xing Xin, Zhao Yao, Jiao Yingqi, Man Yu, Zhao Zhao, Ge Fei + Lin Zhen, Lu Zhengyuan, Jiang Zhi at A4 Gallery October 30th, 2010 - December 12th, 2010
Posted 12/21/10
        Independent curator Bao Dong is increasingly seen as the emerging face of critical art production and interpretation in Beijing, so it was met with some excitement when he announced that his latest exhibition project, Conception as Enzyme, would feature some two dozen artists of multiple generations and styles in an exploration of conceptual practice today. The list of artists included ranges from market stars like Xu Zhen’s MadeIn corporation to rising figures like Jiang Zhi and... [more]
Dare to Delight   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Chen Yujun at Boers-Li Gallery November 11th, 2010 - December 15th, 2010
Posted 12/15/10
        It is always refreshing to locate conceptually-inflected painting that remains true to its likeness on the picture plane, and the Hangzhou-based Chen Yujun is that rare artist who manages to forefront this balance as a core aesthetic quality of his work. Best known to Beijing audiences for a series of collaborations with his brother Chen Yufan that involved gorgeously intricate and multifold assemblages of plywood, plastic bags, thread, watercolor, and drawing, this exhibition marks... [more]
Trials and Tribulations of Suicide Consumerism   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Unmask at Tang Contemporary Art - Hong Kong November 4th, 2010 - November 24th, 2010
Posted 12/7/10
    Further west on the Hong Kong Island gallery circuit, the Beijing art collective Unmask offers another take on torturous configurations of the human body not dissimilar to those proposed by Ho Siu Kee. This project, entitled Shopping (or, in Cantonese, huet ping, a derogatory term that describes the way mainland Chinese tourists buy luxury items in Hong Kong “as if their lives depended on it”), consists primarily of two “products” that provide luxurious paths to suicide. Although this... [more]
Art Encased   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
HO Siu Kee at Hong Kong Arts Center November 7th, 2010 - November 26th, 2010
Posted 11/30/10
  As with fellow Hong Kong Arts Center exhibitor Kacey Wong, Ho Siu Kee celebrates the release of a retrospective monograph with a small exhibition in the Arts Centre galleries; it would appear that Hong Kong artists of a certain historical scene are having something of a moment for self-archiving. Like Wong, Ho Siu Kee has been consistently interested in the status of the body within space, although he is typically more concerned with form and constraint—with the construction of... [more]
Wong Iconic   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
KACEY WONG at Hong Kong Arts Center November 3rd, 2010 - November 27th, 2010
Posted 11/23/10
  Organized to coincide with the launch of a retrospective monograph on the past decade of a single series of work by Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong, the exhibition "Drift City" presents in spatial form a portion of the relevant photographic material. At its simplest, this project involves the artist, dressed up in what appears to be a cardboard skyscraper costume, photographing himself at visually spectacular tourist sites across the globe. As Wong describes it, this is the story of a rather... [more]
Lee Kit comes to Tokyo   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Posted 11/16/10
ShuguoArts5/F, 1-3-2, Kiyosumi, Koto, Tokyo, Japan30 October - 20 November         Lee Kit seems determined to avoid the fact that his work is increasingly in demand across the world as far as possible: at the opening of his latest solo exhibition at ShugoArts, he spent the duration of the reception sitting more or less alone in a small room to one side, downing multiple bottles of dry vermouth. Make no mistake, however--this is not the behavior of a poetically distraught artist unsure of... [more]
Film with Fresh Context   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
MAP Office at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery November 4th, 2010 - November 20th, 2010
Posted 11/9/10
            MAP Office, a once-European architecture office that has completed a transformation from analytical design to conceptual art world antics over its 15 years in Hong Kong, now attempts to make its next step: into the film world. Or, in their own words, into cultural producers active in the art world via the film world. This shift reflects a general frustration with the environment for art in Hong Kong (and internationally for artists based in Hong Kong), a feeling that results... [more]
Dancing Amphibians and Other Experiments   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Lu Yang at ART LABOR October 23rd, 2010 - November 17th, 2010
Posted 11/9/10
      Lu Yang is that rare figure able to cross seamlessly between the various genres and categories of contemporary culture that, far more so than elsewhere, have come to separate the various modes of production in Chinese creative life. A graduate of the new media program at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, she is supported by major figures in electronic art, experimental music, and digital culture, from Zhang Peili to Yao Dajuin, and she brings a healthy interest in the principles of... [more]
Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Guangdong Museum of Art October 12th, 2010 - November 28th, 2010
Posted 10/26/10
      Another exhibition running simultaneously at the Guangdong Museum of Art, curated by Tsai Chao-yi and produced in cooperation with the Taichung National Taiwan Art Museum, purports to present ways in which modes of corporeal perception emerge in young art from Taiwan. Predictably, given the range of influence available to artists today--and particularly the hyper-connected and delightfully ambitious new media and architecture circles of Taipei--the work included here runs the gamut... [more]
Interferences: Interactive Space by Carlos Cruz-Diez   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Carlos Cruz - Diez at Guangdong Museum of Art September 11th, 2010 - October 31st, 2010
Posted 10/26/10
      There was a moment in the late 1990s and early 2000s, coinciding roughly with the lifespan of the Post-Sense Sensibility exhibitions, during which the notion of art as a mediatized extension of perception gained currency within the Chinese art world. This was a reaction against, more than anything else, the transcendental humanist accounts of art as the work of the enlightened soul that has pervaded most critical thinking in art writing and planning since 1985--we must remember that... [more]
Hong Kong Hideaway   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Posted 10/19/10
The vacation home: for many denizens of the art world, particularly those on the fat end of the financial stick, it may be a necessity between the months of Basel and Frieze. But here in Hong Kong the word takes on a slightly humbler ring, referring to vacant apartments in far-flung villages on the outlying islands rented to all comers through a dingy basement mall in the heart of Mongkok. For a pittance, those looking to get out of the city can rent units with roof terraces and dated decor for... [more]
Niceties from the Airport to the Bedroom   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Elise LAI at Gallery EXIT September 30th, 2010 - October 30th, 2010
Posted 10/12/10
        It should by now be apparent that the youngest generation of artists currently actively exhibiting in Hong Kong, primarily born after 1980 and showing in commercial spaces like Gallery Exit, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Blue Lotus Gallery, and Grotto Fine Art, belong to a remarkably consolidated aesthetic sensibility--provisionally referred to as “nice painting”--that stems from a number of factors: a reaction against explicitly activist politics, an affinity for the visual... [more]
Place, Space, and Innocuous Intervention   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Zhang Peili at Arrow Factory October 11th, 2010 - October 11th, 2010
Posted 10/12/10
        For various political reasons--both diplomatic and theoretical--it has always been deemed relevant and sympathetic to voice support for the exhibition program at Arrow Factory, one of the few true alternative spaces in Beijing and almost certainly the most visible contemporary platform within the heart of the old city. In many ways, however, it has been these general curatorial credentials alone that have earned a reputation for the space, far more so than the exhibitions... [more]
Crowded and Confused   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
AMA, Margaret CHU, Pak Sheung Chuen, Chow Chun Fai, Josephine CHOW Suk Fan, FOK Sau Ha + LAW Yuk Mui + YIM Sui Fong, MA Chi Hang, Kong Chun Hei, Tang kwok Hin, Carmen Ho, KO Hong, HUI Chui Hung, Karr YIP Siu Ka, HO Siu Kee, KONG Kee, Hung Keung, Lee Kit, Annie WAN Lai Kuen, LUI Chun Kwong, Elise LAI + Sarah LAI, Cass LAM, Jaffa Lam, Woody LEE, Otto LI, LAM Yuk Lin, Parry LING, CHAN Sai Lok, MamaBing, LI Yau Mang, Tsang Chui Mei, Castaly LEUNG Ching Man + TANG Siu Nam, TSE Yim On, Lam Tung Pang, SAMUEL ADAM SWOPE, Woofer Ten, Sara Tse, Ho Sin Tung, LAM Hiu Tung, Tsang Kin Wah, Justin WONG, LEUNG Chi Wo + Sara WONG, Wong Tin Yan, Yolanda YEUNG, MOK Yat San + MAN Fung Yi, KWAN Sheung Chi + WONG Wai Yin, LEUNG Ka Yin, SIN Yuen at Osage Kwun Tong September 19th, 2010 - November 7th, 2010
Posted 9/28/10
        This project sets out with the best of intentions: on the occasion of the retirement of Lui Chun Kwong, a highly influential professor of painting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a number of his students have been invited to work through his contributions to local art. As an exhibition, however, is an utter disaster. The sprawling gallery space is packed to the brim with often barely conceived and poorly wrought installations and paintings from some 50 artists, not counting... [more]
Mengbo’s Mash-Up   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Feng Mengbo at Shanghai Gallery of Art September 7th, 2010 - October 17th, 2010
Posted 9/28/10
    For his latest solo exhibition in Shanghai, Feng Mengbo takes on that thorniest of projects: the melding of traditional aesthetics with a contemporary sensibility. As much as I enjoy ink painting, I have yet to be impressed by a single contemporary implementation of experimental or otherwise contemporary techniques in the genre or its medium; attempts to pull such content into the digital realm tend to struggle even more pitifully, as with the “animated paintings” that have become all the... [more]
Of Paintings Poignant and Precise   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Qiu Xiaofei at Boers-Li Gallery September 4th, 2010 - October 10th, 2010
Posted 9/14/10
Though Qiu Xiaofei was, for a certain period of time, taken by many as a simple painter of nostalgic scenes from the communist era, his writing and thinking about his own production has always indicated a richer understanding of the mechanisms behind memory, photography, documentation, history, and other elements of such works. His most recent project reveals a refinement of technique that no longer insists on the pictorially beautiful or recognizable, but is rather oriented around complex... [more]
Some Acts to Remember   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Pace Beijing August 28th, 2010 - October 16th, 2010
Posted 9/7/10
      In a year marked by large-scale museum exhibitions asserting historical claims over the narrative of Chinese contemporary art, it is only natural that one of the world's most powerful commercial galleries (and perhaps the only one of its caliber with a deep engagement with China) would seek to survey the field. Rather surprisingly, however, Pace Beijing and its curator-turned-director Leng Lin have chosen to organize the exhibition through the rubric of performance, making the project... [more]
Lin's Legacy   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Richard Lin at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art May 15th, 2010 - September 26th, 2010
Posted 8/30/10
    Richard Lin is something of an anomaly in the contemporary art world. Though he, like so many others, made his name abroad and returned to Taiwan only after attaining something of a reputation, his work is worlds away from the identity- and mythology-based narratives of spectacular illusion that the so-called “China card” artists such as Cai Guo-Qiang to Zhang Huan have let loose into the world. Instead, Lin is the consummate minimalist, even if he can rightly claim ignorance of this... [more]
            It may be that this decade will eventually be recalled as a period in which a usable archive on contemporary art in China finally sprang into existence. Within the space of several months, projects from Asia Art Archive, Arthub Asia, the Museum of Modern Art, and others have reached fruition, thankfully complementing the existing mass of often oddly biased single-author histories and anecdotal observations with enough primary material to rewrite the received narratives. In... [more]
Contexts and Conversations   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Asia Art Archive May 26th, 2010 - September 30th, 2010
Posted 8/16/10
    Despite the widespread availability of Chinese-language histories of questionable veracity or even honesty and the plethora of English and French accounts doting on the emigre art scenes of that period, there remains remarkably little publicly available material of a documentary nature concerning the art of the 1980s within mainland China. Much of the commonly accepted narratives are heavily filtered through the perspectives of pivotal gatekeeping figures like Fei Dawei and Johnson Chang,... [more]
Tel. 2866-3444.           For many activists and politically-oriented artists, the Pawn is an example of adaptive reuse gone awry, a symptom of an oligarchy that hands heritage sites to private developers in order to make a profit. They are indubitably right, but the Pawn, assembled out of a three-storey shophouse building formerly housing--you guessed it--a pawnshop that has since been forced to move across the street, has become such a center for socializing throughout the rest of the... [more]