WL Smith

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Rain Man, 2014 Dominos, Wood, Plaster And Tempera On Canvas. 26”X9” © WL Smith
Askew, 2010 Camera Lens, Speaker, Plaster, Tempera And Acrylic On Canvas. 26"X17" © Copyright 2010 WL Smith
Untitled V, 2013 Toy Blocks, Plaster, Tempera, And Acrylic On Canvas. 12"X12" © Copyright 2013 WL Smith.
Cassandra, 2000 Antique Fuse Box, 18 Dominos, Rusted Pruning Shears, Toy Dart, Plaster, Wax, And Tempera On Canvas. 36"X25" © Copyright 2000 WL Smith
Repetitive Motion, 2001 Nineteen Pages From A Dictionary, Working Clock Motor With Second Hand Only, Light Tube, Toy Clock, Wood With Rusted Nail, Alphabet Pasta, And Plaster On Canvas. 30"X17" © Copyright 2001 WL Smith
Creating Monsters, 2001 Broken Coffee Mug, Superman Toy, Fishing Bobber, Rusted Keys, Fence Puller (A.K.A. Come Along), Spent Rifle Shells, Bells, Socket With Blown Bulb, Some Other Stuff, A Gold Box, Plaster And Tempera On Canvas. 37"X24 © Copyright 2001 WL Smith
Benign Neglect, 1994 Corroded Sprinkler, Acrylic, And Tempera On Canvas. 28"X17" © Copyright 1994 WL Smith
Rules Of Discovery, 2001 Antique Door Handle And Door Chain, Blinking Led, Sprocket, Plaster And Acrylic On Canvas. 36"X24" © Copyright 2001 WL Smith
Shallow Grave, 1991 Plaster And Tempera On Canvas. 48" X 48" © Copyright 1991 WL Smith
Silent Screams, 1991 Plaster And Tempera On Canvas. 48"X48" © Copyright 1991 WL Smith
Yours, Mine, and Ours, 2002 Unopened Can Of Herring, Two Spent Bullet Shells, Tempera, Acrylic, Wood Frame, And Plaster On Canvas. © Copyright 2002 WL Smith
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Lives in
Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, New York
found-objects, cast-off materials, paintings, WL Smith, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, surrealism, modern, Illustration

Mixed media conceptual paintings featuring cast-off materials

Tied into the physical presence of Smith’s work, the observer is engaged in the interplay of texture, color, and depth. Sensory perception is an inherent element of Smith’s style, which includes conceptual color, found objects, impasto, and intensive surface manipulation.

His almost monochrome pallet is applied in sharp and subtle gradations, creating a shadowy fluctuation of depth. Addition and reduction of paint builds an amorphous surface of highlight and shadow. All of which are meticulously rendered. These details allow for the emergence of darkly disturbing imagery and cause the cathartic interplay between form and content.

-Rachael Una

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