Lubna Agha

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Star 1 Acrylic On Wood 42 In X 42 In. © Yes
Star 3 Acrylic On Canvas 54 In X 54 In
Window 1 Acrylic On Wood 48 In X 84 In © Yes
Two bowls Acrylic On Wood 19 In X 34 In © Yes
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An important figure in American Pakistan art circles, Lubna Agha’s work involves discourse with her personal history. Agha’s work draws inspiration from the rich tradition of the past where the meditative and ornamental qualities of the original media take on new meaning and intimacy.

Her art invokes a dialogue between the modern-abstract and the traditional forms and practices of Islamic paintings.  This work taps into the profound energy found in ageless artifacts, architecture, manuscripts and motifs – from places as geographically disparate as South Asia and North Africa. She paints mainly on canvas and wood, applying an infinite number of painted pixels and organic shapes that evoke mosaic tiling, intricate carvings, and ornate metalwork.


Her paintings are part of several private and public collections. Her work has been exhibited in art museums and galleries in her homelands of Pakistan and the United States, as well as Britain, Japan, Jordan and Switzerland.