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Don't Believe The Hype!, 2006 Mix Media © Bo130
Jungle City Series. , 2007 Mix Media On Canvas. Detail. © Bo130
Quick Facts
Lives in
Planet Earth
Works in
Graphic and Media Design from London College of Communication, formerly London College of Printing
Central Saint Martins - UAL
Bo130, pop, graffiti/street-art


illustrator, graphic designer, writer, street artist....?
I have never really felt comfortable with any title or label.
I do what I do because I like to find different ways
to visually describe things that Inspire me.
and because nothing makes me feel better!
I've started my studies in arts at Liceo artistico in Milan
and continued at Central St. Martins, in London. 
Graduated in Graphic and Media Design from London College of Printing,
living abroad for ten years, I've made different experiences in visual communication, animation, graphic design, web design and art direction. 
My non-commercial work take advantage from the professional experiences
gained through the years of commercial work
expanding from different media the result is something else and more personal
I do paintings and illustrations,
keep exploring and blending printed and hand drawn technics, 
computer and brush, spraypaint ,stencils, stickers and markers .
I take inspiration and imagery from urban lifestyles,
black music, different cultures, food , sex 
keeping the essence of graffiti, which since 1986
has been a major influence in my life...