Maya Kabat

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Strike Fault 3, 2007 Oil On Canvas 30 X 30 Inches © Maya Kabat 2007
Strike Fault1 , 2007 Oil On Canvas 24 X 24 © Maya Kabat 2007
Thin Cities 3, 2008 Oil On Canvas 35 X 35 Inches © Maya Kabat 2008
Cities and Desire, 2007 Oil On Canvas 48 In. X 48 In. © Maya Kabat 2007
Thin Cities 1, 2007 Oil On Canvas 36 X 60 © Maya Kabat 2007
Thin Cities 2, 2007 Oil On Canvas 36 X 60 Inches © Maya Kabat 2007
Cities and Memory 3, 2008 Oil On Canvas 46 X 46 Inches © Maya Kabat2008
Cities and Memory 1, 2008 Oil On Canvas 48 X 48 © Maya Kabat 2008
Cities and Memory 2, 2008 Oil On Canvas 46 X 46 © Maya Kabat 2008
Cities and Signs 6, 2008 Oil On Wood 12 X 12 © Maya Kabat 2008
Cities and Signs 7, 2008 Oil On Wood 12 X 12 © Maya Kabat 2008
Cities and Desire # 4 , 2008 Oil On Wood 12 X 12 Inches © Maya Kabat
Cities and Desire # 4, 2008 Oil On Wood 12 X 12 Inches
MYBH1, 2009 Drawing On Paper On Panel © Maya Kabat
Break the Lake
Break the Lake, 2009 Drawing On Paper
Cities and Memory # 3, 2009 Oil On Canvas 46 X 46 In. © Maya Kabat
This Living Process, 2010 Oil On Canvas
Break the Lake #6, 2010 Drawing
Detail, Oil Painting
Quick Facts
Portland, Oregon
Birth year
Lives in
Berkeley California
Works in
Representing galleries
Mercury Twenty Galler, LIMN, B Rogers Gallery, SFMOMA Artists Gallery


One and Two-Person Exhibitions

2009           SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

                    Cities and Desire, (August), Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

2008          New Urban Landscape, B Rogers Gallery, Portland, OR

                   Invisible Cities, Mercury 20 Gallery,    Oakland, CA

2007         Good Paint, IndustriElle Gallery, Oakland, CA

                   New Paintings, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA     

2000        Four in One/MFA 2000, Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, CA

                 MFA 2000, U of Davis Design Museaum, Davis, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions  

2008     Retrograde, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

              Kind Women for Womankind, Industrielle, Oakland, CA

2007     Big Bang, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

              New Work by Gallery Artists, Zian Fine Art, Rogers, AK

              20/20, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

2006     Referencing Nature, Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery, Seattle, WA

               No Angst, Front Gallery, Oakland, CA

               Mercury Rising, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

               Braided Lives, Seamus Berkeley Fine Art, Berkeley, CA

               Off the Grid, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2005     Dialogues, Alameda Art Center, Alameda, CA

              Mixed, Off-Market Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004    Meditations, Los Medanos Community College, Pittsburg, CA

             Grouping, Nexus Institute Gallery, Berkeley, CA

             Elements, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

             Contemporary Abstracts, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, CA                   

1999    Ellen Hansen Prize-Fine Art, University of California, Davis, CA

1998    Greek Landscapes, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD


"Both Here and There," KQED Gallery Crawl, February, 2008,

"First Friday Art-Walk", Piedmont Post, February 7, 2007

"Female Artists of Collective9", San Francisco Chronicle (East Bay), February 11, 2005

"'Meditations' puts passion into the landscape", Contra Costa Times, April 2, 2004

"'Four in One' Fills Sacramento Gallery", Davis Enterprise, June 22, 2000


 M.F.A    2000     Fiber, University of California, Davis, CA

 B.A.       1993     Archaeology and Art History, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH 


2007     Finalist, Berkeley Art Center Member's Show, Berkeley, California

1999    Jastro-Shields Research Award, Art and the Environment, University of California,

           Davis, California

1998     Ellen Hansen Prize for Fine Art, (Honorable Mention), University of

          California, Davis, CA


Artist Statement:

     In this series of paintings I explore the changing form and reality of my daily life through an examination of constantly shifting external and internal environments. Referencing the urban landscape where I live, I examine how with the changing seasons, my surroundings shift with the light, the weather, the passing of time. Plates of earth move and my house shakes and then settles. The horizontal and vertical structures around me turn slightly off-kilter with time and wear, as the cracks in the hard cement remind me that nothing is fixed. The built environments in which I dwell, like my body and my mind, are not static.

     My paintings play within this space between chaos and order, structure and formlessness; between a world that feels solid, unchanging, and safe, while simultaneously knowing that nothing is. The result is the visual record of the struggle to hold these two realities at once; to create a language for the uncertainty and precariousness of life without crumbling beneath the weight of the understanding.

     Using a range of scraping tools I create my surfaces with stripes, gouges and flat slabs of paint, as I apply, scrape away, and reapply paint. Earlier layers are exposed and then covered, as the painting is built, cut away and edited. I see the process of painting itself as an excavation. I work to expose the truth of the painting and to locate some truth about myself within it. I paint to create a language for things I can't articulate, to address the questions that don't have answers.


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