Carola E. Thiele

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The Channel--der Kanal, 08/2010 Oil On Canvas 100 X 170 X 4 Centimeters © carola E. Thiele Cath
yesteryear, 09/2010 Oil On Canvas 62 X 86 X 4 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Long version, 05/2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele
forgotten time, 06.2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele
Kinder im Walde, 2011 Oil On Canvas © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Der Junge im Licht, 2017 Oil On Canvas 60 X 60 Cm © Carola E. Thiele
Flowerlight---LE 1/26 Series "Ghost of the moment", 2018 Digital Art 80x80cm © Carola E. Thiele
Ghost of the moment--- LE 1/20---Digital Art, 2015 Digital Art 80x80cm © Carola E. Thiele
Ironman, 2016 Digital Art 120x80 © Carola E.Thiele
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Works in
HAF Hamburg, 2007, 2009
SGD Darmstadt, 2012, 2014
SGD Feng Shui, 2015, 2017
Representing galleries
Fellini Gallery( Berlin), La Galleria(London), Stricoff Gallery ( New York)
surrealismus, landscape-based, German art surrealism, german surrealism, german painting, ├Âlmalerei, deutsche malerei, deutscher surrealismus, painting, figurative, landscape, surrealism, digital
German surrealism

Current Work:

Art is like a dream you`re dreamed before. Like a picture that has itself manifested.Cath

My work incorporates Painting, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Sound Design and Poetry. In 2004 I have completed a 2-year study at Willes Mainhardt HAF Hamburg. This study enriched my knowledge in Painting in terms of Technique and Visual Composition.  A Correspondence Degree Course in Multimedia Design 2014 brought a new fresh perspective to my work. This has paved my way through the new Media Art and sharpened my knowledge in the latest Art-Techniques. My current Art is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism. Therefore every work is completed with an unrealistic dream world that has a different story to tell. In Painting I separate colors and elements from reality, whereas in Music I separate sounds and words. Independence and freedom in the artistic process nourishes my unpredictable approach. This is the challenge, that I need as a free artist, in order to develope….or at least to stay unpredictable. Exhibiting places pimarily… Kyoto (be-Kyoto Art Gallerie) -New York ( Strickoff Gallery)-London( La Galleria & Old Town Hall)-Berlin - Berliner Liste, Urania, Oberbaumbrücke Potsdam - Metropolishalle Rostock - Gewölbegalerie Bremen - HansaArt Leipzig - Art Domain Another important plattform for my exhibited work would be worldwide online galeries …… in England, Spain, France, USA, Switzerland,Germany and Austria.



2018 Be Kyoto Art gallery, Kyoto EWAL

2018: Stricoff Gallery New York, Group exhibition Artbox

2017: Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London, group exhibition

2017: LA Gallaria Pall Mall, Ewaac 2017--Encouragement Prize---group exhibition

2017:  Autumn fair, Cottbus
2017: "Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2016: HdG, Motzen ( private)
2016: "Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2015: HdG, Motzen ( private gallery)
2015:"Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2014: HdG, Motzen ( private gallery),"Slow Motion"
2014:"Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)2013: Fellini Gallery, Berlin

2013:  Berliner Liste Fair Contemporary Art

2012:  Berliner Liste/ Artsweek Berlin

2012:  Salon Sanssouci/ Potsdam


2011:  Kloster Zinna

2011:  " Salon Sansoucci", Metropolis Halle ,Potsdam

2011:  Berlin, Berliner Liste 2011 /Trafo

2011:  Berlin, 9..Open Air Gallery Oberbaumbrücke

2011:  Rostock, Gewölbegalerie, Rostock Altstadt

2010:  8. Open Air Gallery Berlin/Oberbaumbrücke, Germany 
2010:  Hanseart Bremen,Kunstmesse
2010:  World of Art, Kunstboerse im Urania Berlin

2009:  7. Open Air Gallery Berlin/Oberbaumbrücke, Germany
2009:  5. PalmArtAward Gallery, Art-Domain, Leipzig, Germany

2008:  Galerie Kunstbörse 106 / Königs Wusterhausen,Germany
2008:  Kunstmesse A10 Center, Berlin/Wildau, Germany

2007:  Galerie Kunstbörse 106 / Königs Wusterhausen, Germany



HAF Hamburger Akademie correspondence course: 2007-2009 Mentor Wilfried Meinhardt