Carola E. Thiele

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The dying Swan, 2010 Oil On Canvas 70 X 50 Cm © carola E. Thiele Cath
The Channel--der Kanal, 08/2010 Oil On Canvas 100 X 170 X 4 Centimeters © carola E. Thiele Cath
The dying Swan---Der sterbende Schwan, 4 / 2010 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele Cath
yesteryear, 09/2010 Oil On Canvas 62 X 86 X 4 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele Cath
The Wound, 2010 Oil On Canvas 86 X 62 X 4 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele Cath
The frosted valve, 2010 Oil On Canvas 86 X 62 X 4 Centimeters © Carola E, Thiele
Long version, 05/2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele
forgotten time, 06.2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele
Kundry und Parsifal, 2011 Oil On Canvas © Carola E. Thiele Cath
The last page of the book., 2010 Oil On Canvas © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Kinder im Walde, 2011 Oil On Canvas © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Mit anderen Augen, 2010 Oil On Canvas © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Der Besucher--digitalisiert, 2013 Mixedmedia / Oil And Digital © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Menschenleer---digital, 2013 Mixedmedia / Oil And Digital © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Morningglow, 2013 Print / Digital Oil On Canvas 120 X 70 X 1 Centimeters © Carola E. Thiele Cath
Der Weg ist das Ziel ist der Weg---digital, 2013 Mixedmedia / Oil And Digital © Carola E, Thiele
Der Junge im Licht, 2017 Oil On Canvas 60 X 60 Cm © Carola E. Thiele
Das gefundene Ich, 2014 Oil On Canvas 50 X 50 Cm © Carola E. Thiele
Aneladgam Ariam, 2016 Oil On Canvas 170 X 100 Cm © carola E. Thiele
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HAF Hamburg, 2007, 2009
SGD Darmstadt, 2012, 2014
SGD Feng Shui, 2015, 2017
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surrealismus, landscape-based, German art surrealism, german surrealism, german painting, ├Âlmalerei, deutsche malerei, deutscher surrealismus, painting, figurative, landscape, surrealism, digital
German surrealism

Current Work:

Art is like a dream you`re dreamed before. Like a picture that has itself manifested.Cath

My work incorporates Painting, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Sound Design and Poetry. In 2004 I have completed a 2-year study at Willes Mainhardt HAF Hamburg. This study enriched my knowledge in Painting in terms of Technique and Visual Composition.  A Correspondence Degree Course in Multimedia Design 2014 brought a new fresh perspective to my work. This has paved my way through the new Media Art and sharpened my knowledge in the latest Art-Techniques. My current Art is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism. Therefore every work is completed with an unrealistic dream world that has a different story to tell. In Painting I separate colors and elements from reality, whereas in Music I separate sounds and words. Independence and freedom in the artistic process nourishes my unpredictable approach. This is the challenge, that I need as a free artist, in order to develope….or at least to stay unpredictable. Exhibiting places pimarily… Berlin - Berliner Liste, Urania, Oberbaumbrücke Potsdam - Metropolishalle Rostock - Gewölbegalerie Bremen - HansaArt Leipzig - Art Domain Another important plattform for my exhibited work would be worldwide online galeries …… in England, Spain, France, USA, Switzerland,Germany and Austria.

Online Galleries:
kunstplattform/München, Deutschland,
arte- mea/Viersen/Deutschland,


2017: LA Gallaria Pall Mall, Ewaac 2017--Encouragement Prize

2017:  Autumn fair, Cottbus
2017: "Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2016: HdG, Motzen ( private)
2016: "Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2015: HdG, Motzen ( private gallery)
2015:"Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)

2014: HdG, Motzen ( private gallery),"Slow Motion"
2014:"Haus Ellen", Wernigerode ( private gallery)2013: Fellini Gallery, Berlin

2013:  Berliner Liste Fair Contemporary Art

2012:  Berliner Liste/ Artsweek Berlin

2012:  Salon Sanssouci/ Potsdam


2011:  Kloster Zinna

2011:  " Salon Sansoucci", Metropolis Halle ,Potsdam

2011:  Berlin, Berliner Liste 2011 /Trafo

2011:  Berlin, 9..Open Air Gallery Oberbaumbrücke

2011:  Rostock, Gewölbegalerie, Rostock Altstadt

2010:  8. Open Air Gallery Berlin/Oberbaumbrücke, Germany 
2010:  Hanseart Bremen,Kunstmesse
2010:  World of Art, Kunstboerse im Urania Berlin

2009:  7. Open Air Gallery Berlin/Oberbaumbrücke, Germany
2009:  5. PalmArtAward Gallery, Art-Domain, Leipzig, Germany

2008:  Galerie Kunstbörse 106 / Königs Wusterhausen,Germany
2008:  Kunstmesse A10 Center, Berlin/Wildau, Germany

2007:  Galerie Kunstbörse 106 / Königs Wusterhausen, Germany



HAF Hamburger Akademie correspondence course: 2007-2009 Mentor Wilfried Meinhardt