Matt Anzak

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Dueno de Cordova, 2009 Oil On Canvas 21"X32" © 2009
Winter Eiffel, 2010 Oil And Fresco On Carved Panel 12"X17" © 2010
Eleusinion, 2010 Mixed Media 10"X30" © 2010
Kykeon, 2010 Mixed Media 10"X30" © 2010
The Three Gunas, 2010 Mixed Media 27"X33" © 2010
Encoding Fibonacci, 2009 Oil On Canvas 21"X34" © 2009
Concealing the Platonic Solids, 2009 Oil On Canvas 21"X34" © Matt Anzak 2009
Vortex, 2009 Oil On Burlap 21"X21" © 2009
Four Elements, 2006 Oil On Canvas 42"X54" © 2006
Bestial, 2006 Oil And Fresco On Carved Panel 11"X12" © 2006
Betrayal, 2004 Mixed Media 18"X18" © 2004
the Hive, 2010 Mixed Media 30"X30" © 2010
Let There Be Light, 2009 Mixed Media 34"X36" © 2009
Modular 1, 2009 Mixed Media 21"X42" © 2009
Chi Oil 86 X 56 Cm
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Dallas Metroplex
Works in
USA, France, Italy
University of North Texas, 1999, Drawing and Painting
Representing galleries
1727 -Dallas, TX; Red Dot -Santa Fe, NM; Galeria Alba -Ferrara, IT
mixed-media, landscape, modern, figurative, sculpture

My artwork ranges from figure and landscape to nonobjective abstraction, and explores a variety of media, technique, and subject matter. For me, creativity is a means of exploring identity, subjective truth, and spiritual relevance. My artistic intent stems from a desire to reference social, and political concepts in the context of mythology, religion, and dream motifs. My goal is to travel with my art, to engage artists and viewers from a range of cultural perspectives, and to draw from these experiences as my artwork progresses and diversifies. 
For me, the process is the journey, where discovering a rich composite of intuition, reason, and reaction is the intention. My process combines both meticulous planning and spontaneous reaction to evoke a meditative state where the lucidity of thought and the sensitive response to materials coexist and collaborate. I have a strong naturalistic side to my personality and to my art and I attempt to explore a deeper understanding of the organic spontaneity of creativity, and of the balance within diversity. I feel that the natural world has a power to center the mind and spirit and I often create outdoors to embrace a natural vibration. In my art, found object becomes media and recycled materials are like recycled ideas, weathered over years of artistic contemplation. Action painting creates a layer of abstraction in an artistic process of plasticity and the plane of color and movement that evolves is like a proton sea in a quantum landscape. Further expressionist techniques like automatic writing provoke an unearthing of the visual language of icon and symbol, while stimulating a newfound interest in ancient art and esotericism.
My current artistic focus examines the Hermetic Arts and the narrative of cosmic creation. Further focus on sacred geometry provokes a desire to become more sculptural in my artwork, creating a symbolic, structural element that acts to contain and direct the flow of energy throughout the piece. I am driven by entropy and regeneration so I design modular, somewhat architectural pieces that can be rearranged and modified. I want to create a system of expressing the multiple dimensions of existence through a mixture of media, technique, and process. Philosophy and ritual become style, metaphor and abstraction become meditation and a work is most successful when it is mesmerizing.

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