Theo Edmonds

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Kandinsky's Spirituality & Caesar's Gold

“…a.” — Wassily Kandinsky. Art reminds us that life is stranger, more beautiful, demanding, joyous and painful than logic dictates.  Likewise, spirituality should be open, dynamic and lead us to the better parts of our true nature. In this sense both are the hope of a world so badly in need of transformation. Since ancient times, the arts (sacred symbols, chants, etc.) have been integral to religion. However, the art world today seems to be mostly secular at first glance. But, many modern... [more]
Posted by Theo Edmonds on 2/8/10

Watching Paint Dry: How I Learned Faith, Patience and Other Unseen Things

As a visual artist, there are many exhilarating, momentary challenges that come as part of the artistic process. There is the moment when the urge to paint comes over you. It can levitate you right off the couch or even wake you from your sleep. All of a sudden you find yourself in front of a blank canvas with brush in hand. Then there is the moment when, without any assurances of outcome, you hit the canvas with a stroke of color. Off you go! In the literal blink of an eye, that blank canvas... [more]
Posted by Theo Edmonds on 2/2/10