Melissa Leslie

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Self Sacrifice, 2011-13 Oil 72x48 ©
Reversed, 2010 Oil 60x40 ©
Pigs & Pearls, 2010 Oil 36x48 ©
Vice Versed, 2012 Oil 60x40 ©
Gossip, 2011 Oil 48x36 ©
Quick Facts


Melissa was born in Indiana, from an Irish and German father and Filipino, Japanese, Italian and Spanish mother.  Although she grew up in Indiana, she truly began her artistic career in San Francisco. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has thrived and grown as an artist in this vibrant community.

Melissa has exhibited in galleries such as the 111 Minna, NOHO Gallery and The Artery. She has also shownand painted live at pop-up events for clubs and openings such as Cannibal Flower, Tiny Stage, Space Gallery, Sullen Art Show, The Light Gallery, Club Six, Takeuchi Gallery, The Abbey, The Conga Room LA Live and more.

She also collaborated in signature series projects with brands such as Hart and Huntington, Sullen, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Metal Mulisha, Carey Hart etc. 

Melissa's early years were drenched in interests in R&B and flowed into 70's music and neo-soul. A connection of soulful passion, liberation and symbolism are interweaved in her works and have deeper humanitarian undertones.

The inspiration for her work has morphed from bright bold colors to surreal collages of world disasters and currently into muted women with serious underlying issues.  Her recent pieces embodies a spiritual reflection that acts like a journal of visual poetry.


Creating art is my therapy to record my ideas, past experiences and the inner workings of my reflection process.  On the canvas I am able to take a step back from my emotions to contemplate my ethics and repave the ruts of past thought patterns.  While much of my work points back to my controversial beliefs, I remain honest.  I understand and have experienced offended viewers, I always enjoy sincere questions. I have learned so much about myself over the past decade and I think my art reflects that spiritual enlightenment and growth of immediate reaction to a calmer response

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