David Banegas

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Wild Horses, 2009 Acrylic & Charcoal 66"X118" Inches / Pulgadas
Piegan Bird Rattle, 2008 Acrylic & Charcoal 55"X36" Inches / Pulgadas
PAUL N., 2009 Acrylic & Charcoal
PRINT PAUL N., 2009 Print Paper & Giclee 24"X24" Inches / Pulgadas
ANDY W., 2008 Acrylic & Charcoal 76"X52" Inches / Pulgadas
FRANK S., 2009 Acrylic & Charcoal 48"X48" Inches / Pulgadas
JIM, 2010 Mix Media 52"X42"
PAUL, 2009 Mix Media 52"X40" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2009
THE JOKER , 2009 Mix Media 48"X48" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2009
CLINT, 2009 Mixmedia 42"X42" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2009
MARYLIN, 2010 Mix Media 43"X43" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2010
AUDREY, 2009 Mix Media 42"X42" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2009
HUMPREY, 2009 Mix Media 42"X43" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2009
LOUIS, 2010 Mix Media 43"X43" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2010
HENDRIX, 2010 Mix Media 32"X32" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2010
RATTLE, 2008 Mix Media 52"X36" Inches Or Pulgadas © DAVID BANEGAS 2008
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Representing galleries
Debilzan gallery, Diehl gallery, High Country Fine Art, John Turchin gallery, Tampa Emporium gallery
mixed-media, modern, figurative, gallery, exhibition/performance


David Banegas



David Banegas, a South American naturally born artist, began his artistic journey at a very young age.  At a mere 11 years old he had his first art gallery showing of his collective works in Campo Grande, Brazil.  Painting was easy as he created oil paintings using a variety of brush techniques.  Self portraits and images in their actual likeness were his main focus.  At age 12, he painted a self portrait of Bolivian President Hugo Banzer and sent it to him.  Fortuitously this gift awarded him the opportunity to study privately with Masaiko Fujjita, Old Master Art Teacher from Japan.  During his 2 year apprenticeship, David mastered paintings of landscapes, florals and buildings using unique brush techniques.

It was not until his teenage years that David started to create his own style.  Today his works combine, whether they are abstract, traditional or contemporary, a variety of textures and paints, the vivid colors of his youth with just a touch of modern Miami living.      

- Collective Exhibition, Campo Grande, Brazil.   (1988)
- First Solo Art Exhibition, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Sold 30 of the 42 pieces.   (1989)
- Moves to the USA to continue his education.   (1990)
- Participated in Art Courses at the Western Illinois University (1991)
- Attended the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute (1996, 1997)
- Barton G. million dollar party murals produced.   (2003)
- Private Solo Exhibition for Newstar Realty Developer, Miami Beach, Florida.   (2003)
- Exhibit with collaboration of Artist Eric Nord, Las Vegas Museum, Nevada. (2005)
- Solo Exhibition Artsonian Gallery, Miami Design District, Florida.   (2005)
- Private Exhibition for Principiato de Monaco, CEO of Liebherr Group, Hans Liebherr.   (2006)
- Solo Exhibition Diane Debilzan Gallery, Laguna Beach, California.   (2006)
- Solo Exhibition William Debilzan Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.   (2007)
- “Infocus” Magazine Award, Exhibition Miami Beach Convention Center Car Show, Miami Beach, Florida.   (2007)
- Solo Exhibition Debilzan Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida. (2008)
-Collective Exhibition with artist: Eric Nord. John Turchin Gallery, Banner Elk, North Carolina. (2008)
- Collective exhibition with artist: William Debilzan. Debilzan Gallery, Laguna Beach, California. (2008)



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