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Guestroom, Mariano Mayer, nueans, Ojo, Gastón Pérsico, Public Holiday Projects, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Peter Rostovsky, Dexter Sinister, Cecilia Szalkowics, Olav Westphalen at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery July 5th, 2008 - August 16th, 2008
Posted 7/12/08
Multidisciplinary, collaborative, interactive exhibitions have the potential to be hazardous. Even those of us who are contemporary art world regulars tend to feel uncomfortable about touching artwork and we don’t always like to be asked to read a pamphlet or listen to a recording when we came to look. We, a cleverly energetic exhibition at Lizabeth Oliveria, Gallery, takes this problem on with gusto. Curated by Jen Lui, We includes work by nine international artist collectives. The exhibition... [more]