Mehran Zamani

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Mixed Media 160 X 110
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Art university of Tehran, 1992
School of Art, Tehran, 1986

In different stages of my art career, I have been in search of a way in art that can be more fully expressive of the truth of subjects. I have tried to paint in accordance with my definition of it.

In the first stages, I was attracted to the apparent reality of nature and after executing a number of artworks in this field, other aspects of truth such as movement and time inseparable from the materiality of objects attracted my attention and I thought focusing on the material surface of objects without considering time and place is an incomplete definition of their reality. Thus, I distanced myself from an absolute photographic approach and worked with themes in which man and life were present.

After a while, I was confronted with another question which was the presence of an inner meaning and the unity of subject, devoid of time and place. Therefore, I abandoned exact naturalist approach and thus, the process of deformation in my woks commenced.

In the next period, the fact that the expression of subject from the viewpoint of the artist conveys his feeling and perception in a particular time and place changing according to his understanding made me think whether other truths were in action in nature. Little by little I abandoned the figurative approach in order to reach a closer and deeper definition of the subject. At first, this started from deformation later resulting in the removal of time, subject, narration and finally scientific thinking.

The continuation of such path usually results in removal of thought and human culminating in pure abstraction yet my belief in a different and more personal way of thinking induced me to experiment with a different kind of notion differing from usual abstract approaches.

Considering the questions and experiences I had regarding different perspectives to truth, today I think categories are not necessarily definable from one single viewpoint and maybe an oscillation in the void between different systems of thinking can be a solution for concentrating on a whole meaning. Probably exactly at the centre of two opposing poles there is a suspended and thoughtless place were all thought and truth exists; a point through which the intersection of all meanings cross; a point which I try to reach.

Mehran Zamani

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