Shoichi Sakurai

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Ichi Ni San, 2012 Sumi Ink, Acrylic, Art Clay On Wood Panel (Lg.)H: 118cm W: 75cm D: 5cm (Sm.) H: 66 W: 47cm D: 3cm © Shoichi Sakurai
Unryu-no-zu, 2012 Sumi E Painting On Wood Panel From 100 Year Old House H: 94cm W: 47cm D: 3cm © Shoichi Sakurai
Sunbeam, 2011 Old German Milk Can From Nuremberg. © Shoichi Sakurai
"Ein Zeitzeuge der Geschichte" (A Vigor witness of History), 2010 Depiction Of The Borderline Between East And West Berlin Is Captured On An Original Piece Of The Berlin Wall. © Shoichi Sakurai
"The Door to Peace", 2010 Wall Sculpture, Old Basement Door, Barbed Wire, Japanese Helmet From W Wll With Bullet Hole Peace Mark, And A Quote From John Lennon's "Imagine." © Shoichi Sakurai
"Unryu"- Cloud and Dragon , 2001 Wearable Art, Sumi E Painting On Sashiko Hand Stitched Old Cotton Judogi Coat. © Shoichi Sakurai
"Peace", 2007 Illuminated Sculpture, Edo Period Samurai Warrior's Armor, Hand Made Washi H: 55cm W: 77cm D: 77cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Sakura Fubuki", 2005 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Old Grain Sifter, Hand Pounded Metal, Hand Made Washi H: 50cm W: 35cm D: 16cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Kaminari", 2007 Illuminated Sculpture, Carved Wood Shrine Dragon, Old Taiko Drum, Hand Made Washi H: 48cm W: 62cm D: 21cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Masu Media" - Mimasu,Iimasu,Kikimasu, 2009 Word Play Further...Opposite Meaning Of “Three Wise Monkeys” The Boxes (Old Measuring "Cups") Are Called "Masu," The Saying Then Becomes "Mimasu Iimasu Kikimasu" Or "See Speak Hear." "Masu Media" (Get It?) © Shoichi Sakurai
"A Thin Disguise", 2009 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Konebachi, Barbed Wire, Hand Made Washi H: 56cm W: 56cm D: 19cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Entrance", 2009 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Taisho Era Key Plate From Kura Door, Old Wooden Steamer, Shuro Nawa, Hand Made Washi H: 65cm W: 60cm D: 13cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Jiji's Andon", 1995 Illuminated Sculpture, Old, Original, Shoji Designs Adapted For Andon, Individually Cut, Four Sided Paneled Frames, Hand Made Washi H: 32cm W: 12.5cm D: 12.5cm Each © Shoichi Sakurai
"Buddha", 2007 Objet, Old Abandoned Iron Pipe, Broken Manhole Cover H: 29cm W: 20cm D: 20cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Web and Moon", 2002 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Hand Welded Spider Web, Old Sifter, Hand Made Washi H: 40cm W: 40cm D: 13cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Kobiki", 2003 Hand Forged Japanese Sawyers Saw, From Taisho Era, Washi, Light Bulb 88x38x10cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Origins", 2007 Chandelier, Shredded Oil Heater Scraps, Hand Carved Wood, Old Ship's Anchor Chain, Light Bulbs H: 84cm W: 100cm D: 100cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Kinchaku", 1996 Illuminated Sculpture, Pine Wood, Hand Made Pleated Washi Large: H:150cm W:90cm D:60cm, Medium: H:123cm W:69cm D:50cm, Small: H:70cm W:44cm D:25cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Treasure Box", 2009 Created From An Old Metal Tool Box. The Kanji Character's Translation Is "Treasure," Hand Cut In Shoichi's Distinctive Calligraphy. 28x40x8cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Te-Pee", 1995 Illuminated Sculpture, Hand Whittled Pine Wood, Patchwork Of Hand Made Washi, Light Bulb Large: H:182cm W:61cm D:56cm, Medium: H:136cm W:46cm D:42cm, Small: H:90cm W:31cm D:29cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Satelight" , 2007 Chandelier, Old Iron Japanese Rice Cooker, Oil Heater Coils And Scraps, Chinese Oil Strainer, Stainless Water Pipe, Hand Made Washi, Light Bulb H: 112cm W: 100cm D: 100cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Sakura" - Candle Shade, 2007 Objet, Hand Pounded, Hand Cut, Rusted Metal H: 45cm, W: 21cm D: 22cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Spirit", 1999 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Shoji Panel, Burst Tire, Sumi, Hand Made Washi, Light Bulb H: 108cm W: 90cm D: 19cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Boink-Boink", 2009 Wall Sculpture, Old Rusted Bed Springs, Hand Made Washi H: 84cm W: 47cm D: 25cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Choice", 2009 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Edo Period Samurai Warrior's Iron Armor, Wood, Plaster, Gold Leaf, Hand Made Washi, Light Bulb H: 92cm W: 92cm D: 26cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Live", 2009 Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Rusted Mortar Cycle Fuel Tank, Hand Mede Paper H: 59cm W: 32cm D: 23cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Re-Art", 2008 Wearable Sculpture, Recycled Aluminum From Electric Product Brooch, Necklace, Ring, Pendant, Hair Pin, Pierce Earrings, Cuff Link, Tie Pin, Key Holder, Etc.... © Shoichi Sakurai
"Funjou" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, 0.341 Carat Sa*Birth Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Very Good E Vs1, White Gold, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:8.3cm W:4.8 D:1.6cm, Weight:69g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Ring", 2007 Wearable Sculpture Ring, Recycled Aluminum H:3.0cm X W:2.7cm X D:0.7cm, Weight: 6g, Inner Circumference 52mm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Pin Wheel" ("Whir") , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Nail, Stainless Wire H: 7.9cm W: 7.6cm D: 1.3cm, Weight: 58g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Kanzashi" - Hair Pin, 2008 Wearable Sculpture Hair Pin, 0.362 Carat Sa*Birth Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Very Good E Vs1, White Gold, Recycled Aluminum H:15.8cm W:12.0cm D:0.5cm, Weight: 41g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Moon Rising" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:6.5cm W:5.6cm D:1.2cm, Weight: 62g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Cross" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Ball Chain H:8cm W:5.5cm D:1.2cm, Weight: 60g © Shoichi Sakurai
"The Current" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, 0.229 Carat Sa*Birth Princess Cut Diamond E Vvs2, White Gold, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:7.2cm W:6.9cm D:1.3cm, Weight: 55g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Sakura Petal" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Brooch, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Pin H:4cm W:7.5cm D:1.2cm, Weight: 25g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Lucky coin" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Ring, Recycled Aluminum, Botswana Coin H:3.0cm W:4.1cm D:2.2cm Inner Circumference 54mm, Weight: 10g © Shoichi Sakurai
"A Piece of Sky" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:8.1cm W:9.5cm D:1.4, Weight: 83g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Nozarashi" , 2007 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum H:7cm W:5.6cm D:1.3cm, Weight: 56g © Shoichi Sakurai
"De'Longhi" , 2007 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Sterling Silver 925, Stainless Wire H:5.1cm W:6.3cm D:1.4cm, Weight: 25g © Shoichi Sakurai
"High Voltage" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:10.7cm W:5.5cm D:1.3cm, Weight: 64g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Untitled" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:7.5cm W:5.9cm D:1.0cm, Weight: 43g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Square Ring on a Round Finger" , 2007 Wearable Sculpture Ring, Recycled Aluminum H:19mm W:16mm D:7mm, Inner Circumference 70mm, Weight: 7g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Dandelion" , 2007 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum H:6.6cm W:5.3cm D:1.7cm, Weight: 56g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Puzzle Piece" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Wire H:8cm W4.5cm D:0.8cm, Weight: 34g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Cosmos" , 2008 Wearable Sculpture Pendant, Recycled Aluminum, Stainless Nail, Stainless Wire H:6.2cm W:6.5cm D:1.3cm, Weight: 61g © Shoichi Sakurai
"Afloat I" , 2009 Abandoned Ship's Fuel Tank, Hand Made Washi Paper, Dock Line, Electric Light. H: 130cm W: 110cm D: 55cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Afloat II" , 2009 Hand Made Paper Created On The Ocean Surface, Made From Seaweed And Household Scrap Paper. A Natural Stone From The Beach Was Used As A Suzuri With Salt Water Sumi Ink And Applied With Fresh Sea Weed Brush. H: 220cm W: 140cm D: 2cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Dichotomy", 2010 Wall Sculpture, A Discarded Wheel Found In The Rubble Of An Old Stone Shed On Inish Turk Beg Property. One Side Sanded And Polished The Other Left With Original Paint. D: 85cm W: 85cm D: 11cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Riding on the Current 1" - "Nagare-ni-notte 1", 2010 Old Iron Buoy Used For Reading Ocean Current. Created On Inish Turk Beg Island, Ireland. H: 65cm W: 98cm D: 55cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Riding on the Current 2" - "Suusei-ni-notte 2", 2010 Old Iron Buoy Used For Reading Ocean Current. Acrylic Mixed With Rust Dust. H:65cm W: 98cm D: 55cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Low Tide / High Tide", 2010 Sumi E Painting On Cotton Bed Sheet At Old Stone Pier, With 7 Days Of Low Tide/High Tide Ocean Water Marks. Inish Turk Beg Island, Ireland. H:210cm W:135cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Question", 2010 Scythe, Beer Bottle Cap, Hand Made Japanese Paper, Sumi Ink, Old Air Duct Frame. H: 155cm W: 32cm D: 7cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"For Flowers", 2010 Wwii Japanese Cannon Shell Used As Base, Acrylic. H: 20cm W: 8cm D: 8cm © Shoichi Sakurai
"Carp", 2010 Wearable Art Taisho Era (Early 1900's) Tsutsugaki Dyed Cotton Koi Nobori (Carp Banner.) Recycled And Used As Material For Pants, Jacket And Matching Bag. All Hand Sewn. Designed And Fabricated By Shoichi Sakurai. © Shoichi Sakurai
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Tokyo, Japan
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Yokosuka, Japan
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wearable-art, Jewelry, japanese, light, calligraphy, recycled, Clothing, interior, mixed-media, conceptual, sculpture

"Nothing in life should ever come to an uninteresting end. There is always more to be experienced, more to be uncovered, more to be shared. Utilitarian objects are created to support people's daily lives but are too easily tossed aside when their job is done.

As a self taught artist, I have designed and fabricated everything from clothing to interior, and when searching for materials I have always felt that too many things were being wasted, that there was much more life still to be found in obsolete and discarded objects. Wonderful, unlikely, treasures were just waiting to be rediscovered, to be touched, to be used and given new life.

Recycling and "redefining" things from the past is also a viable way to connect us to the next generation. I hope that my work offers a shift in perception, where a different 'view,' a different aspect, of an object can be celebrated.



"In 1962 Shoichi Sakurai was born the son of a master tategushokunin in the downtown district of Tokyo. Growing up, he found himself unable to relate to the traditional Japanese world and was, instead, drawn to American culture. Adopting the American 50's as his own, he rebelled against Japanese tradition and in his late 20's, after successfully trying his hand at hotel man, musician and club manager, left Japan for the States.

After a few years of life in California, selling vintage memorabilia, he began to develop a growing appreciation and pride for his homeland.

Around this time, he met, who was later to become his wife, Colleen, an American jazz singer who had a love, and fascination, for Japanese washi paper. Those two events proved to be the turning point of his life. Together he and Colleen traveled throughout Asia and were deeply inspired by each countries unique cultures and native crafts. After returning to Japan, they began to create their own work. In 1995 they opened their workshop.

The Sakurai's express the beauty of recycling in works of art created from discarded materials around a theme of "Re-create." Their artistic endeavors involve melding innovative ideas with a Japanese aesthetic. They are widely active in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

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