Keith O. Anderson

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From the book of Tao, 2016 Archival Masking Tape, Burnt Marks and Black Wrap Aluminum Foil. 11 X 14 X 15 (sculpture), Black Wrap Aluminum Foil (38 X 39 1/2 In). © Keith O. Anderson
Playground closes at dusk, 2016 Plaster(prepared by Artist), Burnt Marks, Wood and Light Bulb. 13 X 15 in (sculpture), 17 3/8 X 23 1/2 in (wood Support) © Keith O. Anderson
Encircled by things we love, 2016 Burnt Matches and Ash. Dimensions Variable. © Keith O. Anderson
Disharmony, 2015 Acrylic Flat Paint, China Marker and Black Wrap Aluminum Foil. 42 X 71 © Keith O. Anderson
For Nico, because.... , 2015 Archival Masking Tape on Window. 79 X 117 In. © Keith O. Anderson
For Nico, because............. (Detail), 2015 Archival Masking Tape on Window. 79 X 117 In. © Keith O. Anderson
Eco in Italian, 2014 Archival Masking Tape, Wood, Spray Paint and Steel Wool. 37 7/8 X 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 In. © Keith O. Anderson
These things I do in the dark after...., 2014 Archival Masking Tape. © Keith O. Anderson
A few of the components needed for the re-interpretation of........., 2014 Ceramic Tile, Plastic Bag and Burnt Matches. 5 X 11 X 11 Inches © Keith O. Anderson
Over there, 2014 Archival Glue on Vinyl Floor Tile. 12 X 12 In. © Keith O. Anderson
L'ospite, 2014 Wood and Burnt Marks (each Letter). 11 X 23 X 1 1/2in © Keith O. Anderson
Hug Me.... ( A choker for her ), 2013-14 Match Heads, Sawdust, Archival Glue, Silk Fabric and Oil & Heat Resistant Rubber. 3 X 9 X 8 In. © Keith O. Anderson
I no longer write poems for her, 2013 Felt Pads on Skin of Artist. (silver Gelatin) Dimensions Vary. © Keith O. Anderson
I am not a Romantic she said (emphactically), 2013 Stencil Letters on Tree Trunk Dimensions Variable. © Keith Anderson
In this Box, 2012 Cardboard Box, Archival Glue, Primer, Powder Pigment, Staples and Saturated Cotton Material Used for Roofing. 16 X 18 1/2 X 19 in © Keith O. Anderson
Corps Sublime, 2012 Spray Paint on Light Bulb. 7 X 5 in © Keith O. Anderson
The rebuilding of Rome, 2012 Tee Shirt (artist), Plaster, Paint, Steel Bolts and Nails. 24 X 20 Inches. © Keith O. Anderson
Wedding Ring, 2011 Spray Paint on a Steel Nut. 1.5/8 X 1.5/8 X 1in © Keith O. Anderson
This is what I pray to Cowrie Shells and Wood. 20 X 8 X 4 Inches
Throne, 2010-11 Burnt Matches, Archival Glue and Chair. 36 X 16 X 16 In. © Keith O. Anderson
Reco que es ta is se llama...., 2009 Brown Eggshells, Cotton Gauze,vinyl Lettering and Archival Glue. 8 X 23 In. © Keith O. Anderson
Self Portrait, 2009 Acrylic Paint, MDF and Uncooked Black Eyed Peas. Dimensions Vary. © Keith O. Anderson
She says I don't kiss her everyday like I used to, 2009 Acrylic Paint, MDF and Uncooked Black Eyed Peas. 4 X 5 X 3 In. © Keith O. Anderson
Quick Facts
Miami. Fl
Lives in
New York
Works in
New York
sculpture, mixed-media, installation, photography



 1981-82  Parsons School of Design, New York, NY

 1981-82  Art Students League, New York, NY

 1986-87  Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY



 2014      Bronx Museum, Artist in the Marketplace, Bronx, New York   

 2008      Urban Artists Initiative/NYC Fellowship  



 2010     What Becomes of a Broken Heart, Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY

               Taller Boricua, Latino Cultural Center, New York, NY Curated by Christine Licata   

 2005      I Space, Chicago, Illinois

 2002      Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois

 1990      Galerie du Jour, Agnes b. Paris, France



2017        BEAT, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY, Curated by Stephanie A. Lindquist

2015        Approaching- 273 15°C, academic Gallery, LIC, NY, Curated by Michael Sarff 

                AIM Biennial, The Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY 

2014        Ten- 10 curators/100 Artworks, Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY

                KNOW WHO YOU ARE AT EVERY AGE,Curated by Q_Raider with BDGRMMR, Bronx Art Center, NY                        

2012        GET IT ON THE RECORD, Visceglia Gallery, Caldwell College, NJ Curated by Yulia Tikhonova

2010        Dreamtime overtones from a fantastic brown planet, Aljira, Newark, NJ Curated by Edwin Ramoran

                Slide Slam, Real Artways, Hartford, CT

2009        Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere... Powerhouse Memphis, Memphis TN Curated by Rehema Barber

                THE HAPPENING: Kinesics as Art Object, Rush Arts Gallery, New York Curated by Nico Wheadon

                SCOPE International Art Fair, Rush Arts Gallery, New York

                Glass Case Exhibition Series, Rush Arts Gallery, New YorkCurated by Nico Wheadon                            

2008        OTHER, OTHER...... Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx, NY Curated by Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz

2007        Material Culture, Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, Curated by Juanita Lanzo

2006        Flattened, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Illinois

2002        Transcending the Common, Klein Art Works, Chicago, Illinois

2002        Contemporary Abstraction, Klein Art Works, Chicago, Illinois

                16th Evanston and Vicinity Biennial Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Illinois

1999        Salon Montrouge, Paris, France

1997        Aeroports de Paris, Paris, France

1990        Art Junction International Nice, (Galerie du Jour, Agnes b.) Nice, France

1989        FIAC  International Art Fair, Galerie du Jour, Agnes b. Paris, France      



 2015       The Cool Conceptualism of Artworks at Absolute Zero, HYPERALLERGIC, Patrick Neal

                 Emerging Artists take the Bronx, Time Out New York, Dana Varinsky

 2013        Peripheral ARTeries online Magazine, November 2013  

                 Reading and recording of On Kawara, "One Million Years", Dia Art Foundation      

                 American Academy in Rome News Features, Glendalys Medina Draws a 

                 Alphabet inspired by Graffitti

 2009        Powerhouse exhibits shows global impact of pop conventions, The Commercial

                 Appeal, Bill Ellis

 2006        Flattened, Time Out Chicago, Lauren Weinberg

                 WEEKEND, Chicago Sun-Times, Margaret Hawkins

 2005        ON THE TOWN, Chicago Tribune, Alan G. Artner

                 Chicago Home & Garden, Linda Clipton

 1999        A Contre-Pied (Salon Montrouge), Le Figaro, Michel Nuridsany


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