Ann Stoddard

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"water map one", 2011 Mixed Media 22" X 20" © 2011
"water map two", 2012 Oil On Linen 20" X 20.5" © 2012
"near the marsh", 2012 Oil On Linen 30" X 27" © 2012
"octopi", 2012 Oil On Linen, Mixed Media 30" X 36" © 2012
"green river", 2012 Oil On Linen 30" X 37.5" © 2012
"wave", 2012 Oil On Canvas 22" X 18"
"bog", 2011 Oil On Canvas 28" X 30" © 2011
"breaking dormancy", 2011 Oil On Canvas 20" X 40" © 2011
"turning point", 2011 Oil On Canvas 58" X 50" © 2011
"phenomena", 2009 Oil On Canvas 19" X 132" © 2009
"graft" Oil On Canvas, Mixed Media 18" X 24" © 2011
"crypsis", 2011 Oil On Canvas 20" X 30" © 2011
In Darkness there is Light, 2014 Acrylic, Paper, Paper Wasp Nest Collage 10 X 13.5 Inches © 2014
Le Spectacle, 2014 Acrylic, Printed Organza Collage 10 X 10 Inches © 2014
Polkadot, 2015 Acrylic, Printed Paper Collage On Canvas 13 X 10 Inches © 2015
Plethora, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 11 X 14 Inches © 2015
Blue, 2014 Acrylic, Leaf Collage On Canvas 10 X 10 Inches © 2015
The River Still Flows, 2013-14 Wooden Box, Foil, Linen Tape, Paint 9.5 X 6.75 X 2 Inches © 2014
The River Still Flows interior, 2013-2014 Wooden Box, Foil, Linen Tape, Handmade Book 9.5 X 6.75 X 2 Inches; Book 7.5 X 5 Inches © 2014
The River Still Flows interior, 2013-2014 Wooden Box, Foil, Linen Tape, Handmade Book 9.5 X 6.75 X 2 Inches; Book 7.5 X 5 Inches © 2014
Daily Script/Journals I - IV, 2013-2016 Ink On Handmade Paper/Handmade Book 7.5 X 5 Inches © 2014, 2016
Jest A, 2015 Acrylic, Printed Paper Collage On Canvas 14 X 16 Inches © 2015
Jest B, 2015 Acrylic, Printed Paper Collage On Canvas 21 X 17 Inches © 2015
Jest C, 2015 Acrylic, Printed Paper Collage On Canvas 18.5 X 17.5 Inches © 2015
Jest D, 2015 Acrylic, Printed Paper Collage On Canvas 15 X 12 Inches © 2015
Jest Gee, 2015 Acrylic On Cardboard, Canvas, Clothespin 20 X 11.75 X 4.5 Inches © 2015
Jest Eye, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 12 X 7 X 3 Inches © 2016
Jest Jay, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 12 X 7 X 3 Inches © 2016
Jest EL, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 24 X 10 Inches © 2016
Jest Em, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 11.75 X 7.5 X 2.5 Inches © 2016
Jest In, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 14 X 10 Inches © 2016
Jest Oh, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 11.75 X 7.5 X 2.5 Inches © 2016
Jest Zee, 2016 Acrylic On Cardboard 16.75 X 19.25 X 3 Inches © 2016
Quick Facts
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Birth year
Lives in
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Works in
Spartanburg, South Carolina & Clinton, South Carolina
Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1990, MFA
University of South Carolina, 1975, BFA
Converse College, 1971
Colors, sculptural paintings., sculpture, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, modern


Master of Fine Art, 3 YR./ Sculpture/Printmaking, Cranbrook Academy of Art

Bachelor of Fine Art, Printmaking/Painting , University of South Carolina

Converse College, Art Studio


Instagram: @anstoddard

Selected Exhibitions:

2017    - IN HOUSE, MIchelle Grabner, Curator; Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College

2017    -Womens March on Washington poster selected for installation of anonymous poster pile in exhibit SPEECH  at Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York City

2016    - International Juried Exhibition, Jonathan Goodman, Juror, The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster, NJ

            - Arising, Yoko Ono Open Call, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

            - Again & Again: The Art of Repetition, 701 Center of Contemporary Art, Columbia, SC

2015    -Art in America, Invitational, Julie Torres, Curator, Tiger Strikes Asteroid: The Satellite Show Miami, Miami, FL

2014    -X, Y + Z: Dimensions in Sculpture, Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC

                         - Exhibition for BalletX, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2013    - One person Exhibit ,The Guild Gallery, Chapman Cultural Center, Spartanburg, SC

            - Mail Art Invitational, Gary Bibb, Curator, Buffalo Brothers Gallery, Carlsbad, California

            -Mind over Matter, Invitational three person-exhibit, Upstairs Artspace, Tryon, NC

            -One person Exhibit, Elassal Gallery, Falafel Café, Cleveland, Ohio

2011    - One person exhibit, Carolina Gallery, Spartanburg, South Carolina

            - Two person Exhibit, Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

            - A Book About Death: Life, Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC

2010    - A Book About Death, The Tabernacle, MOMA Wales, Machynlleth,UK ;

               Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, San Paulo, Brasil; US Locations include Art venues in Phoenix, Arizona; Long Island , NY; Austin , Texas and more.

2009    -Axis Gallery, Invitational, Koan Jeff-Baysa, Curator, Sacramento, California

            -ArtPrize Exhibition: Fred & Lena Meijer Heart Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan

                 -A Book About Death, Group Exhibit, The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York City; Queens Museum of Art; Otis        College of Art & Design, LA ; Mobius  Gallery, Boston; River Mill Art Gallery, Westfield, NJ; museums and galleries across the US and in Brazil, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Sarajevo, and the United Kingdom.  Permanent Collection: Museum of Modern Art; LA County Museum of Art Research Library; the MoMA Wales

2008     - One-person Exhibit, Wofford College Spartanburg, South Carolina

              - One-person Exhibit, Artist in Residence, Art Gallery, Guizhou University, Guiyang, China

              - Invitational Chinese Biennial, KU Arts Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing

              - TransCulture Exchange, The Wall, Chaoyang District, Beijing

              - Four-Handed Lift: Advocacy, Art, Spirit & Community, David Krut Project, NYC

2007      - Footprints, Temple Gallery, Decatur, Georgia

              - Group Invitational, The Upstairs Artspace, Tryon, NC

              - International Peace Postcards, 3TEN Haustudio, Atlanta, GA

              - Group Invitational, Art Gallery, Shorter College, Atlanta

              - Turnout, WCA Invitational, The DeFoors Centre, Atlanta, GA

              - art::pulse launch of art::pulse, Online Art Magazine; PEC, 500 East 63rd St., NYC

2005      -  Ann Stoddard: Conduit, Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC

              - Gender in Motion, Juror, Emma Amos, Women's Caucus for Art Exhibition, 3TEN Haustudio, Atlanta

              - Southern Bent, Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

2004      - TRIBUTE TO TREES , North Carolina Aboretum, Asheville, N.C.

2003      - Southern Bent, Invitational, Washington University, School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

                       - Group Invitational, Macy Gallery,Teachers College,Columbia University, NYC; NY Arts   Space, SOHO, NYC; Art Centre,  Mumbai, India;

                              Majlis Cultural Center Mumbai, India

                       - Sculpture Invitational, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

                       - Invitational, Picollo-Spoleto, Visitors Center, Charleston, SC

                      2002     - Sculpture Invitational, Milliken Gallery, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC

                        - The Land Project, http//

          2001    - Moja Festival Art Exhibit, Celebrating African American & Caribbean Arts,

                        The Water Walk Gallery, Charleston, SC

                      - Arts Festival Center, Cesta Talvec, Domzale, Slovenia

                      - Ann Stoddard, Voilà Gallery, Charleston, SC

                      - Pulp Fashion Show, Coats for Modera, Xpedx  sponsor, Palmetto ExpoCenter, Greenville,SC

2000    - Piccolo Spoleto Festival Exhibit, US Custom House, Charleston, SC

                       - A Collision of Cool Invitational, APS & FOB Building, Pontiac, Michigan

1999    - Ann Stoddard & 8’ Repertory, Modera: An Interdisciplinary collaborative /performance,Hazel Abbott Theater,

               Converse College, Spartanburg, SC

                       - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg, SC

            1998   - People, Shape, Fire, Traveling Exhibit, Prantl Arts Gallery, Lagenfeld, Austria

                       - Agitating Utopia, Invitational, Craft & Folk Museum, Los Angeles

                       - The Herman Miller Project, Cranbrook Alumni Art Collection, Invitational, Herman Miller Design Yard, Michigan

                       - Abstract Painting, Invitational, The Upstairs Gallery, Tryon, NC

                       - Diverse Approaches, Art Department Faculty Exhibit, Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College

                       - Holocaust, Invitational, Las Vegas Museum of Art

                       - Voices, Invitational, Gallery 701, Columbia, SC

            1997    - Suspended in Space, Group Exhibition, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester, MI

                        - Group Exhibition, Donald Kuspit, Juror, Pleiades Gallery, NYC

                        - Invitational Group Exhibit, Las Vegas Museum of Art

           1996     -The River, Invitational: window installation, Zone One, Asheville, NC

                        - Lewis & Clark Gallery, Columbia, SC

                        - Ann Stoddard, Gallery 522, Spartanburg, SC

            1995    - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Common Ground, collaborative/installation, Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College

            1994    - Ann Stoddard, Coffee Underground Gallery, Greenville, SC

                        - Night of the Child, Community Outreach, Flor Daniel Building, Greenville, SC

                        - 19th Annual Juried Exhibition, Katherine Carter, Juror, Anderson County Arts Ctr, Anderson, SC

            1993    -Upstate Invitational, Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC

                        -Lewis & Clark Gallery, Group Show, Columbia, SC

                        -Reunion XII, Group Invitational, The Upstairs Gallery, Tryon, NC; Spartanburg Art Museum       

            1990    -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, ERAWA/ERA WAS,  collaborative/installation, Artists Space, NYC

             -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, They Inherited the Earth, collaborative/installation, the Cyclorama, Boston

             -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Visiting Artists, collaborative/installation, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University

             -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Visiting Artists, collaborative/installation,Warehouse site, The Ohio State University

 1988   -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, r-e-m-o-t-e, collaborative/installation/performance,

                             Residency Program, List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

             1986    -Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin,The Journey: Chapter Two: When Mountains were made of Metal, collaborative/installation/performance,                         University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

                        -The Artists Foundation Fellows, Federal Reserve Bank Gallery, Boston

             1985    - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Animals, Collaborative Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan

        - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Memories Like Forests, Future Loves Uncertainty,

                 collaborative/installation/performance, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA

        - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Da Sto, New Bedford, MA

        - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Sweeping Generalizations, collaborative performance, Boston Commons

              1984    - Factory for Man II, collaborative/installation/performance, Riker Hill Art Park, New Jersey

                                     - Ann Stoddard & Ralph Pàquin, Social Interference, collaborative/installation/performance,

                         Bristol Community College, Fall River, Massachusetts

   1983    - Factory for Man I, collaborative/installation/performance, Riker Hill Art Park, New Jersey

                          - Ann Stoddard, Out of Situ, Saginaw Museum of Art, Saginaw , Michigan

                          - Ann Stoddard, Sixth Street Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan

             1982    - 1’x1’x1’or less, Group Invitational, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit;

                                   Saginaw Museum of Art,  Saginaw, Michigan; Milliken Gallery, Converse College

                                     - Ann Stoddard: Sculpture in Wood, Invitational, Detroit Focus , Detroit

                                     - Ann Stoddard, Crates & Pallets, Detroit Arts Market, Detroit

                          - Ann Stoddard, window installation, Super Bowl Week, Pontiac, MI

          - Tunnel Vision, Hart Plaza, Detroit; University of Windsor, Canada

          - Drawings, Invitational, Detroit Focus Gallery, Detroit

                          - Ann Stoddard, Russ Gallery, New York City

                          - Paperworks, Invitational, Detroit Focus Gallery, Detroit



              The Art College, Guizhou University, Guiyang, China

              The Confucius Institute, Guizhou University, Guiyang, China

              Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

              Community Center of Burgstein, Burgstein, Austria

              Saxonia-Franke of America, Inc., Spartanburg, South Carolina

              Piedmont Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Greenville, SC

              Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island

              Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island

              The Governor's Mansion, The Lace House, Columbia, South Carolina

              Palmetto Spinning Corporation, Laurens, South Carolina

              Children's Ward, Spartanburg Regional Hospital, Spartanburg, SC

    Private Collections:

    George Dean and Susu Johnson Collection

    Mark B. Coplan Collection

     works included in many private collections across US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, China






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