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The Green Zone, 2007 Maple Burl, Glass, Paper, Clay, Epoxy, Electronics, Motion Sensor, Pj Harvey Track © Steven Fujimoto
The Gold Dress, 2007 Redwood Burl, Gold Leaf, Epoxy, Star Sapphire © Steven Fujimoto
Lair, 2006 Spalted Maple, 24k Gold Over Machined Aluminum, Clay, Cloth, Acrylic © Steven Fujimoto
Founding Fathers, 2005 Quilted Maple, Pre Columbian Terra Cotta Figures From The Americas © Steven Fujimoto
Friend's Crack, 2006 Quilted Maple, Steel, Gold Leaf © Steven Fujimoto
Desert Bloom, 2006 Spalted Maple, Cloth © Steven Fujimoto
Fool Me, 2007 Quilted Maple, Banksia, Silver Leaf, Epoxy, Electronics, Motion Sensor, Voice Recording © Steven Fujimoto
The Octopus, 2007 Eucalyptus, Copper Leaf, Epoxy, Crutches, Cpa Dinar, Electronics, Motion Sensor, Voice Recording © Steven Fujimoto
Food Chain, 2006 Redwood Burl, Silver Leaf, Epoxy, Glass, 16oz Mercury © Steven Fujimoto
Ode To Yam, 2007 Walnut, Hardwood, Gold Leaf, Epoxy © Steven Fujimoto
Eden#2, 2008 Plywood, Hardwoods, Lead, Epoxy, Stone, Acrylic © Steven Fujimoto
Moab, 2008 Mixed: Plywood, Hardwood, Gold Leaf, Epoxy, Mercury..... This Piece Will Be At The Gem Exhibit At Gallery 825. If You're In The Beverly Hills Area On 11 April 09, Pls Drop In Between 7 And 10pm For Their Annual One Night Fund Raiser. All Artworks Will Be Priced No Higher Than $1000. Come! © Steven Fujimoto
Mrs O'Leary's Rooster, 2009 Plywood, Hardwoods, Acrylic, Enamel, Epoxy, Electronics, Metal © Steven Fujimoto
Pt. Conception, 2008 Mixed: Plywood, Maple, Epoxy, Mercury 20" X 20" X7" © Steven Fujimoto
Mother Earth, 2010 Mixed: Maple, Gold Leaf, Epoxy, Faux Fur, Amulets, Glitter 20" X 14" X 1.5" © Steven Fujimoto
Gusher5000 (VroomBlamBlamSploosh), 2010 Mixed: Maple, Epoxy, Mercury, Automotive Enamel 22" X 13 X 6" © steven Fujimoto
Retreat of the Lucia Glacier, Patagonia, 2008 Mixed: Plywood, Hardwood, Epoxy, Gold Leaf 24" X 24" X 6" © Steven Fujimoto
Expecting to Fly, 2011 Mixed: Plywood, Epoxy, Glitter, Twigs, Birds Nest, Silver Eared Leiothrix 24 X 24 X 9 © Steven Fujimoto
Gusher5000, 2010 Mixed: Maple, Epoxy, Mercury, Automotive Enamel 9 X 12 X 16 Inches © Steven.R.Fujimoto
The Octopus, 2012 Mixed: Steel And Plastic Panels, Yarn, Lumber, Closed Circuit Tv, Found Objects 8' X 6' X 8' © Steven.R.Fujimoto
The Octopus - detail, 2012 Plywood, Recycled Lumber From Previous Exhibit, Led Lights, Noaa Weather Broadcaster, Closed Circuit Tv, Epoxy, Lenses 5' X 4' X 4' © Steven.R.Fujimoto
The Octopus - detail, 2012 Mixed: Yarn, Plastic And Steel Panels, Found Objects. © Steven.R.Fujimoto
Request for Deviation/Waiver, 2013
Lair Mixed Media
Quick Facts
Birth year
2nd Mil.
Lives in
Boxy structure
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Garage studio, brother's loft
BunsNotBombs painting, GlobalVillage, works-on-paper, assemblage, laaa, UCS mixed-media drawing, conceptual, sculpture





"Few people possess true artistic ability.  It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort.  If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass."

- Fran Lebowitz

"An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have but that he -- for some reason -- thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

- Andy Warhol

"You're sitting there with your muse and your muse is telling you something and you're following it, and you end up the next day looking at it and thinking 'what the hell was the muse saying to me?'"

- Nathan Oliveira

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Greenie in repose, Pershing Square, LA

Graphite on paper w/ matte cut-outs, etched glass

Graphite on paper w/ matte cut-outs, etched glass

Greenie enjoying a meal at LACMA

Watercolor sketch of a tractor in Oak Glen

Greenie on the march!! (sorta)

Oil sketch of a farmhouse painted from a photo found in an old calendar.  Lazy dogs adorn the frame.

Entitled "Homeland In Security"

Greenie enjoying a parade in Chinatown, 2009

Angular momentum = r x p = r x mv =  Chris Burden2011 Culver City Artwalk            

                                         2011 Culver City Artwalk - Gary Baseman Style

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