Michael Bocok

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Anonymous Vernal Laughter, 2005 Oil On Canvas 74"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
A Hazy Blue View, 2007 Oil On Canvas 66"X60" © Michael Bocok Studios
The Clarity of All Her Movements, 2006 Oil On Linen 72"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
Essential Vison, 2007 Oil On Canvas 70"X38" © Michael Bocok Studios
Hideous Alertness, 2006 Oil On Linen 72"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
Jazz on the L Train, 2006 Oil On Linen 72"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
Kong, 2007 Oil On Canvas 64"X56" © Michael Bocok Studios
Long Island Oceanside Arrangement, 2006 Oil On Linen 72"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
The Montauk Gatekeeper, 2007 Oil On Canvas 66"X60" © Michael Bocok Studios
One Crowded Morning, 2006 Oil On Linen 72"X72" © Michael Bocok Studios
Accidental Strength, 2007 Oil On Canvas 56"X64" © Michael Bocok Studios
The Feast, 2007 Oil On Canvas 52"X52" © Michael Bocok Studios
The Key Game, 2007 Oil On Canvas 62"X58" © Michael Bocok Studios
What if I Had to Lose Everything Just to Find You, 2007 Oil On Canvas 64"X64" © Michael Bocok Studios
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mixed-media, modern, figurative

Artist Statement

The concepts behind The Clarity of Movements have their roots in the time I spent studying medical sciences. While dissecting in the Anatomy lab, I relentlessly produced small detailed reference drawings that simultaneously clarified anatomical structures and scientific theories for me. Equally important, these drawings considered purely as visual aids, sparked a change in me. Moments too often overlooked, a breath, a heartbeat, a touch, were all absent from the entangled lifeless tissues. Yet surprisingly, life willingly manifested itself in the drawings. What were once commonplace structures emerged as new forms. In turn, a natural process bridging the gap between Art and Science began for me. Inevitably both require you question everything and take nothing at face value. These recent large scale figurative Paintings are an Oasis where Anatomy and Theories are not bound to or limited by nature. Here in this refuge, they play, they interact, they create new communities and form new shapes. Without restrictions something happens, something original. Moreover, in these environments, abstracted and fractured elements recontextualize. Similarly, the deliberate and the vague fuse; they begin to coincide.
Meanwhile,a journey begins where coarse surfaces vibrate with thick heavily impastoed passages. While gnarly anatomical layers unravel in front of you revealing unobserved moments and obscured memories. Next, vibrant colors and bold gestural marks initiate a series of natural potentials. As such, lurid colors enclose forms yet surge beyond the surface.
Here, the viewer may eventually find themselves breaking any illusions of control. Causing Anatomical and Sociological systems to break down. Above all, allowing the gestural and fractured elements to establish anew. A new whole where moments capture states of change.
Ultimately, this series comments on the way I see the world around me, as an interconnected balancing act between the predictable and unpredictable.


As a kid I developed passions for Painting, Drawing and Photography, which remain mainstays throughout my life. But, combined with interests in Organic Life and Theoretical Sciences, and with rigid influence from family members, I moved on to study Medical Science throughout high school and early college. Until one day when, I realized that most of my time was focused not on Pure Science, but rather on integrating and transforming images and concepts acquired in Anatomy and Physics courses into Drawings and Paintings. This was the spark that propelled me to fully engage The Arts. In 2002 I decided to pack a couple of suitcases... so I did... and moved to New York City to pursue a BFA in Painting which I eventually received from Pratt Institute. I’ve exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, and have several works in private collections.