Dana DeGiulio

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I have been reading a lot of artist interviews as of late. The construction of call and response can be meaningful, but more often than not, I am drawn to the intangible. I read Italian art critic Achille Bonito Olivia’s Encyclopaedia of the Word: artist dialogues, 1968-2008. Reading his interviews with endless artists in succession was exhausting and revealed the idiosyncrasies of time and place. Most conversations were mere pages, and I thoroughly enjoyed Google’s inability to clarify the... [more]
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Dana DeGiulio at Julius Cæsar May 2nd, 2010 - May 30th, 2010
Posted 5/17/10
          Dana DeGiulio’s exhibition "Erect" is her second solo exhibition at Julius Caeser, which recently re-located to the Garfield Park neighborhood and is co-operated by the artist herself, Diego Leclery, Colby Shaft, Hans Peter Sundquist and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Comprised of sculpture and digital video, it’s a departure from previous work DeGiulio has shown, such as her 2009 exhibition at Carrie Secrist Gallery that featured chiefly abstract black and... [more]