Erik Kucera

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Time for Passover, 2011 Marker And Colored Pencil On Paper
Heart of Nature, 2010 Marker And Colored Pencil On Paper
New Beginings, 2011 Marker And Colored Pencil On Paper
Start of the Future, 2002 Ink
Technology of Music
Womans World
Menorah, 2011 Marker And Colored Pencil On Paper
Olympic Area
Miss America
Hold on Tight, Let the flight begin, 2010 Marker And Colored Pencil On Paper
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Ilava, SK
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Palm Beach
mixed-media, surrealism, sculpture

Erik Kučera

Modernity Art is the main virtual gallery for the art works of Erik Kucera. Erik Kucera, known as the founding father of the style coined "Surreallations", has a unique and bold style all his own.    For years this artist has been testing the very boundaries of contemporary art, creating break through masterworks which currently span the Globe.


Artist's Statement

I am an artist because to be anything else would be untrue.  Through my art I hope to bring awareness to situations in the world which are not always so easy to talk about or even read about.  I enjoy also taking themes from the past and working them in a new and exciting way, a way in which people have never seen before.

When I create my art, I always see the images in all dimensions in my mind.  Every piece takes hours of thoughtfulness and consideration so that the art can tell a story and give the viewer a journey through a world created in a single piece.  Some concepts for work can be inspired from the weather or song, and then the ideas flow easily. Other works are themes which can require days of research, and investigation of symbols, history and literature.

When I first started seriously as an artist, I didn’t trust myself beyond a white sheet of paper and a black marker.  I created my first works on the basis of my black and white checkered pattern.  Over the years I discovered my love of colors and through much trial and error eventually developed the technique of “surreallations”. It is my own way of creating the illusion of depth and movement in a piece.  All my works today are carefully developed using a variety of tools and different mediums in order to perfect this technique.  However, in nearly every work I create you can still find the original black and white checkered pattern which was the seed from which my art has grown.

See more of Erik's works at or at his charitable cooperative website

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