Keira Dooley

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Bike Rodeo, 2006 Guache On Japanese Paper 35 X 44"
I Heart Bikes, 2006 Guache On Japanese Paper
Boys at the Bike Rodeo, 2006 (Collection of Todd Smith, Los Angeles, CA) Guache On Japanese Paper
The Mermaid and Her Magic Bicycle, 2006 Handcolored Woodcut 22 X 30"
Encino Velodrome No. 1, 2009 Watercolor 12 X 18"
Quick Facts
California State University, Long Beach, 2003, MFA
University of Florida, 1999, BFA
printmaking, bikes, pedalphilia, merrysaddles

A cycling enthusiast, Keira Dooley creates artwork that feeds the desire for jumping back into the saddle again. Her works of art are derived from her passion for the two-wheeled beast. Earlier works in the Pedalphila series, also known as Merry Saddles, explore historic and contemporary verses of feminism in relation to bicycles. These works were featured in the exhibition, Pedalphilia, at California State University, Long Beach. From a certain angle, the entire exhibition was an installation that served as a fine art, erotic cycling showroom with nasty bikes on and off the walls.

"Wth subtle transitions from one body of work to another, I enjoy using different styles and media to convey their conceptual shifts to the viewer."

Other works subtly tease the imagination with bicycles in relation to an icon of untamed, feminine sexuality—the mermaid. Dooley creates an additional body of work with a flat, graphic style that focuses on Southern California bicycle subcultures, again displaying the concept of a genuine passion for cycling.

Dooley received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from California State University, Long Beach and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing from the University of Florida. She currently resides in Long Beach, California.