Jeff Owen

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Collecteur de bruit et de silence - Sculpture Assemblage, January 2010 Steel Sculpture, Mixed Media 66" Tall By 28" Wide By 28" Deep 60 Lbs © Jeff Owen
Jack and Jill - Sculpture, October 2009 Steel Sculpture 82 X 42 X 15 70 Lbs © Jeff Owen
America Sculpture, September 2009 Steel 69 X 16 X 13 70 Lbs © Jeff Owen
Energy Sculpture, January 2009 Powder Coated Steel 86" Tall X 30" X 20" 60 Lbs © Jeff Owen
River Sculpture, 2008 Steel 83 X 16 X 9 52 Lbs © Jeff Owen
FORD Sculpture, 2007 Found Steel 57" Tall X 20" Wide X 20" Deep 27 Lbs © Jeff Owen
Struggle III Sculpture, December 2009 Steel 30" Tall © Jeff Owen - $1250
Verona Painting, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 48" X 60" $1600 © Jeff Owen
Palermo Painting, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 48" X 60" $1600 © Jeff Owen
Tree House with Swing Repurposed Metal, Found Objects © Jeff Owen
Avoidance of Chastity, 2014 Found Metals © Jeff Owen
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San Jose
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San Jose
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San Jose
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Museums of Los Gatos Gallery, Aunt Effie's Gardens
fine-art, metal sculpture abstract, contemporary, modern, mixed-media, figurative, conceptual, sculpture

Artist's Statement

My art is made of steel. My technique is brute force, decide-at-the-moment.

I have an affinity towards discarded metal. Weekly I travel to scrap metal yards throughout California, looking for interesting pieces of steel that have been tossed aside. When I find something special I grab it and take it back to my studio. It may take me only moments, or many months discover what that piece wants or needs to become, only then can I fulfill its destiny.

My creative process emerges with patterns. I incorporate patterns into all of my sculptures. Taking one piece, adding to it, or deleting from it, then ending when the work encompasses all of my creativity, this is what charges up my artistic energies. When my creative force is flowing, I work to completion. It is finished when the creative flow ends.

I strive to create art that is completely unique, to create something no one has created before. I resist conformity and mass production. My art is as individual as I am.

I have been an artist all my life. I am fascinated with engineering and architecture. The shapes of metal, its patterns, textures and grains; all entice me to create.

Jeff Owen