Leslie Lemberg

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The Effects of Light, 2007 Mixed Media And Copper On Canvas 48 X 36 Inches © leslie lemberg
Start with a Spark, 2008 Mixed Media On Canvas 2 Panels – Total 60 X 96 Inches © leslie lemberg
The Road, 2008 Mixed Media Assemblage On Canvas 77 X 96 Inches © 2008 Leslie Lemberg
Room to Dance - sold, 2009 Mixed Media And Gold Dust On Canvas 48 X 48 Inches © 2009 Leslie Lemberg
Late in the Day, 2008 Mixed Media On Canvas 48 X 48 Inches © lemberg 2008
Daring to be..., 2009 Mixed Media And Gold Dust On Canvas 72 X 60 Inches © 2009 leslie lemberg
Puerta-del-Sol, 2009 Mixed Media And Gold Dust On Canvas 60 X 72 Inches, 2 Panels, Each 60 X 36 Inches © 2008 leslie lemberg
Rogue One, 2007 Mixed Media And Brass On Canvas 48 X 48 Inches © 2007 leslie lemberg
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San Diego
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San Diego
School of Visual Arts New York (SVA), 1980, BS in Art
Skidmore College, 1980, Design
Tufts University, 1976, Liberal Arts
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highly textured, patina, glazed mixed-media painting

Lemberg's multi-layered and highly textured paintings are alive with organic, rich surfaces that combine to create works glowing with an ancient spirit. "I love Italian frescoes and buildings which have aged for hundreds of years. The interaction between nature and some of our most magnificent creations results in beautiful hues and light that reflects a depth of spirit. The lives and centuries of human touch that has worn away the painted surfaces -- and the stories that they evoke -- fascinate me. The historical and spiritual connection reflected in these ornamented and peeling surfaces has always captivated me".
Beginning with varied layers of bronze, copper and gold, Lemberg burnishes the textured surfaces with deep earth pigments and powdered metals. She ages it with transparent glazes and what she calls "decayed light,” developing surface and subtle color shifts that yield a rich multi-layered patina flush with golden light. "I'm working to recreate some of the mystery; the magic of time passed and the spirit that continues".
Lemberg grew up in Rye, NY on Long Island Sound. The textures of wild grasses, bark, leaves, water and the light were a strong influence early on. She attended Tufts University and the Museum School, and did postgraduate work at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Lemberg had her own design business for 10 years creating designs and fabrics for clients such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, MTV, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and a number of NYC boutiques.