Sandrine Hermand Grisel

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Somewhere... in Tonalea
Somewhere... in Cerrillos
Somewhere... in Flagstaff
Somewhere... in Stoveppipe Wells
Waterlilies#2280, 2010 Digital © sandrine hermand grisel
Waterlilies#2258 Digital
Waterlilies#4123, 2011 Digital
© courtesy of the artist and Rayko Photo Center
Prague Express, 2006 © Sandrine Hermand-Grisel
Nocturnes - Fabien, 2005
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Personal summary     Born and raised in Paris France, Sandrine Hermand-Grisel fell in love with photography at an early age but it was only after obtaining a degree in International Law that she decided to dedicate her life to her real passion. Influenced by her late mother's sculptures and her husbands paintings and films, she worked on several personal projects before her series Nocturnes was recognized in 2005 by Harry Gruyaert, Bertrand Despres and John Batho for the Prix Kodak de la Critique Photographique. In the footsteps of her grand father who was a filmmaker in the US Army during WWII, she moved with her family to the United States in 2006 and began experimenting landscape photography with her series Somewhere and On the road. In 2013, she created the acclaimed website All About Photo and now spends most of her time discovering new talents while still working on personal projects.


Awards                        2012 : 3rd Artslant Showcase Winner

2010 : International Photography Awards : Honorable Mention

2009 : International Photography Awards : Honorable Mention

2008 : 1st place Vis à Vis international

2006 : 3rd place Leica Les Indépendances

2006 : Prix Kodak Special Mention

2000 : 5th place Fédération photographique de France

2000 : Réponses Photo 2nd place « Vos photos à la une »

2000 : 1st place Prix Arc images

1999 : Bourse du Talent Picto-Kodak (major contest in France)

1997 : Prix Ilford du Jury

1997 : Réponses Photo 1st place "Vos photos à la une"

1997 : Honorary Mention10th Concours International de la Photographie pour la Jeunesse


Exhibitions                  2015: SeeMe Digital Exhibition at the Musée du Louvre, Paris 8

                                    2013 : Fotofever Photography Art Fair, Paris

                                    2012 : Fotofever Photography Art Fair, Brussels

                                    2012 : Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA

2011 : Limited Edition Square, Paris X

2010 : Le Pavé d’Orsay, Paris VII

2010 : City Hall, SFAC Galleries, San Francisco, CA

2010 : Viewpoint Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2009 : Arles, France

2009 : Centro, San Francisco

2009 : Nuit de la photographie contemporaine, Paris VI

2009 : Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA

2009 : Europ’art’09 Genève

2008 : Bateau Daphné Paris V

2008 : Centre Iris Paris III.

2008 : Red Union San Francisco.

2007 : Rencontres Leica, Espace Commines Paris III.

2006 : Salon des Indépendances, Enghien les bains. (Festival)

2005 : Mairie du 9ème arrondissement « Résolument 9 ». Paris

2000 : Picto Bastille. Paris

2000 : Espace Bontemps, Gardanne.

1998 : Espace Nesle Paris VI (Mois Bis de la Photo).

1997 : Maison de la Culture au Luxembourg (FIAP).

1997 : Prix du Jury Ilford, touring exhibition in France



Be-Art Magazine 2015, World Photography Network 2015, See Me 2015, Lost in SF 2013, Artslant 2012, ArtBusiness 2009, Mini Nude Bible (Book) 2008, Nude Bible (Book) 2008 Reponses Photo Magazine 2005, ELLE Magazine 2002, Photo et Video Numerique Magazine 2000, Reponses Photo Magazine 2000, Reponses Photo Magazine 1998, Ilford Agenda 1998, Reponses Photo Magazine 1997


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About the series Somewhere showcased at City Hall in San Francisco SFAC Galleries and Rayko Photo Center:


Somewhere… in the United States… As an emigrant, I am not a tourist, nor a total stranger, nor totally at home… 50 states… 3.79 million square miles to travel all over to discover it all. In other words an impossible task!

I decided to choose a glimpse of it… here or there… to proceed by strokes... by sensations… here or there… by impressions…

Los Angeles will remain for me a huge amusement park ride in the shape of a giant bean… Death Valley: ravens dancing on a dried tree… Las Vegas: a few palm trees lost in front of an immaculate blue sky… Unusual, timeless, irrational, my memories of America are not what we expect, not like others… my images are an elusive  vision of a country without limits…

Somewhere is my American testimonial… my testimonial from here, nowhere and elsewhere…