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Digital Photo © 2009
finding love , 2009
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shiping peace, 200- Digital Photo © copyright 2010
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Digital Photo © copyright 2010
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vision of life, 2009 Digital Photo © copyright 2010
my grind, 2009 Digital Photo © copyright 2010
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untitled, 2009 Digital Photo © rdallen
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untitled, 2009 Digital Photo © rdallen
perfectly lost , 2009 Digital Photo © rdallen
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thoughts , 2010 Digital Photo © rdallen
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My name Is Ralphie Allen, and I am an Artist. My medium is Photography. I grew up in Minnesota, I attended Studio Academy for High School then went to a community college for a few years. I then had to stop and spend my time working, I haven’t been privileged or had the opportunity to continue.


 about myself-

 I think that if we are going to be on this planet all together we need to help eachother. Every time I take a landscape picture I wonder, what has happened here?, who has cried here?, who laughed here?, who scraped a knee here?, and so on.. Every picture I take I wonder, I know I’m not the only person who has been here. Every portrait I take or even just every single person I walk buy I  wonder Are they happy are they sad. When I see a kid and knowing that 899,499 kids are victims of neglect, abuse, rape or living hungry and many more crimes, I wonder. Is that kid happy.  I always try to be positive but in the back of my head I wonder. So I capture that moment, sad or happy so others can see and maybe relate. We are all so extremely our own self’s,  but at the same time we are so exactly the same. I think u can find something that means something to you in almost anything. When I look at a picture it means something different to me than you!  For me it could be good for you bad, but it’s still a moment, a memory, an event, or maybe you have never even seen the object.  I think people should understand that it’s a different moment and that’s all. But that All of us see different things in life and we all have different thoughts, beliefs, haircuts , life experiences, and have all had different opportunities so far in life.. But I guess my point is, is to not judge or assume you’re better or worse off or people don’t understand you. Not everyone should. But we can all listen and look at something and like it even if it says something different to each of us.

             Also I try to use pictures as metaphors for things in life  like my picture entitled “finding love” it’s a fairly simple picture it’s just one car in focus on a highway and the other are speeding by and all you can see is there lights. For me it’s finding love or friendship or even just where you’re at in life. The other things fly by and you may not compare to them or have even been paying attention, or agree with the people around but you still stand there because it’s ok.. You don’t have to agree with any of it but we do have to accept that people are different and see different things. As  for the love stand point of It,  its like when you’re in love, that first date, the first kiss, the moment while laying together anything could be happening and you don’t care, because all you care about at that exact moment is that one thing in focus right by you even if they are a little blurry it’s ok because they aren’t you.  but they like you, or love you, or need you and threw all the chaos of this fast paced world. That moment is yours and no one’s taking it. That’s what I got from that moment. it only lasted about 2 sec in St. Louis Missouri as for taking  the picture but the meaning I got from it and how it relates to me is going to last forever. I sat back for a min n said hmm that is a good moment. Every picture I take I try and take for those kind of moments… the ones I take that are candid.. I wonder about the subject, what there thinking what’s there story? And it always amuses me everywhere I’ve been it seems like people are always doing something other people do.  From  drinking coffee to walking across a street. We all have these moments, the same ones simply ordinary moments, but what is going through each person’s mind is completely Different! So much it’s crazy. So when you see a picture of a man standing on the sidewalk drinking a coffee it makes me and maybe others wonder.. What is he thinking? What’s he going to do? Where is he going? Is he happy, is he sad? So many things we just pass by n don’t think about. You have to enjoy the little things and or at least the everyday things for they are so simply different that I think it is what makes us so alike even when we are different.

             I am not Lennon, I am not Gandhi, I am not Obama, I am Me,  I want to inspire and help open minds even if it’s just one person a day simply smile or laugh or even just simply remember that we are all the same so think before you yell at the kid who works at the gas station about the gas prices or think before you criticize what someone has said. It is your opinion but think about,  and what it means to say or think what you’re thinking about. And how someone would feel by what you’re thinking or by what you are about to say..

            I do not know if this helps you understand anything about my photos, but this is kind of a little bit on how I think and what I put into each picture and what I hope one can take form my photos … I think you should look at every piece of art whether it’s a photo, painting, sculpture just to give it a chance to maybe reach an old memory good or bad but somewhere in there head say something to them.



That was my attempt at Explain with the written word, (which I am not so good at using) what kind of messages and moments I try to expose in my art. ( so if anyone who is amazing with grammar and the written word would like to re write this ha so other can read it I would love it just give me an e-mail thanks for reading