Michael Lownie

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"Summerman", 2009 Mixed Media 8x6x3" © M. Lownie 2009
"Drifter", 2010 Copper And Silver Leaf With Acrylics On 12" Diameter Globe 16"X13"X12" © M. Lownie
"Kabuki", 2010 Silver Leaf With Acrylics On 12" Diameter Globe, Mixed Media Inside 16"X13"12" © M. Lownie
Open Studio invitation, 10-1-2011 Mixed Media © m.l ownie
Nosegay, 2012 Acrylic Resin, Globe, Acrylics, Mixed Media 15" X13" X12" © M. Lownie
Vitruvian Mandala, 2013 Mixed W Copper Leaf, Acrylic Resin, Wood 15" Diameter © M. LOwnie
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diorama, mixed media, Paintings. mixed-media, surrealism, modern, conceptual, sculpture

Michael Lownie, Artist’s Statement:

The challenge of developing visual vocabulary through abstract images gives me purpose, creative direction and strength of spirit.  It’s an innate sense of abstract relationships which I employ to take the viewer to both somewhere new and somewhere in the subconscious at the same time.

My love of color, which has been a life long passion is nurtured in airy atmospheres contrasted by graphic elements.  A strong influence is evident in the works of minimalism and the colorfield painters.  I morph some of these qualities into a new generation of explorative works with personal vision and sensitivity.
The visual textures provided by a variety of spray methods suggest molecules and atmospheres, while portal inspired elements bring my feet back on the ground.

I am seeking a quiet strength which transcends the everyday, honoring the peace and thoughtful clarity of my inspirations.


Working with multi-layered transparent sprays and washes I create unfamiliar and sometimes ambiguous atmospheres to explore.  An approach that I employ in my work is the restrained layering of thin transparencies, which gives the canvas a smooth finish, and highlights the abstract imagery.
The recent addition of silver and copper leaf has added a dimension in light play, as tones change from different vantage points.
Copper Colorfield 2; silver and copper leaf with acrylics on 12" diameter globe
Copper Colorfield 2;  copper and silver leaf on 12" diameter globe  2010

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