Beth Robinson

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Albino, 2007 Polymer Clay, Fabric 14 Inches Tall © 2007
Dr Scops, 2007 Resin Skull, Wood 24 Inches Tall © 2004
Cat Girl, 2007 Polymer Clay, Cat Whickers 15 Inches Tall © 2007
Mistress Scops, 2009 Resin Skull, Fabric, Wood 18 Inches Tall © 2009
Albino Boy, 2008 Polymer Clay . Magic Sculpt 15 Inches Tall © 2008
William Burroughs, 2008 Cernit, Apoxie Sculpt, Mohair 20 Inches Tall © 2008
Bones, 2007 Fimo . Magic Sculpt . Dog Teeth . Antique Linen 17 Inches Tall © 2007
Hortense, 2008 Polymer Clay . Magic Sculpt 18 Inches Tall © 2008
Daisy and Violet Hilton; the conjoined twins, 2006 Polymer Clay, Magic Sculpt, Wood 15 Inches Tall © 2006
Despair, 2006 Polymer Clay . Antique Linens 6 Inches Tall (Sitting) © 2006
Fruits of our Labor, 2005 Polyer Clay, Plastic Fruit 5 X7 © 2009
Lea, 2008 Polymer Clay, Magic Sculpt, Fabric 15 Inches Tall © 2008
Broken Heart (for Valentines Day), 2007 Polymer Clay, Wood 15 Inches Tall © 2007
Venetian Mask, 2008 Polymer Clay, Magic Sculpt, Mohair, Vintage Fabrics 14 Inches Tall © 2008
Wraith, 2007 Fimo 12 Inches Tall © 2007
Wraith (closeup), 2007 Polymer Clay 12 Inches Tall © 2007
The Naturalist, 2008 Cernit & Super Sculpey . Wood Base . Feathers 11 Inches Tall © 2008
The Naturalist (closeup), 2008 Cernit & Super Sculpey . Wood Base . Feathers 11 Inches Tall © 2008
Dr Scops, 2009 Wood . 2 Part Resin . Resin Skull 24 Inches Tall © 2009
Harold and Henrietta, 2006 Magic Sculpt. Resin Peacock Skulls 15 Inches Tall © 2006
Ringmaster, 2009 Mixed Media 17 Inches Tall © 2009
Day of the Dead Doll, White Mixed Media 12 Inches X 3 Inches
Quick Facts
Representing galleries
Lazy Pear Gallery (Vermont) & Strychnin Gallery (NYC, and London), Berlin

These odd dolls are not something you will find in a toy store. They are hardly something you would buy for a child. They are misproportioned, strangely dressed, and they have a story and character uniquely their own.

Each doll is entirely hand made using polymer clays, vintage fabrics, acrylic paint, and sometimes real human hair or teeth. Each piece is one of a kind.

Beth Robinson began making and selling hand made dolls in 2003. Since then she has made over 300 dolls for fun, for galleries, and by commission. From Alaska to Sweden her dolls have become a favorite amongst photographers and animators, artists and art collectors.

She has received international notice from the magazines: SPIN, "Stuff" in the US, "Maxim UK" and "Maxim Hong Kong," "Rue Morgue" in Canada, and "Nokia CP" in Turkey. Her dolls have appeared in galleries throughout the USA as well as internationally. She is currently represented in the Netherlands by, in Berlin & NYC by Strychnin Gallery, and in Vermont by The Lazy Pear Gallery

"Now here's a doll May Canaday would make if she watched The Brothers Quay Collection while listening to Nightmare Picture Theatre and hadn't slept in a week. Weird, misshapen and tortured, these unusual handmade dolls are...definitely not for children, unless you want them to have nightmares." -Rue Morgue, 2005


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