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Alice, 2005 Collage 9 In X 12 In © PaperCutArt
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christine, young, collage

Christine Young creates darkly imaginative, beautifully unusual images of placidly content characters in their imposed worlds.  Suspended from chains, submerged underwater, or displayed in dollhouses, her figures are a melding of fairy tale, circus, and punk sensibilities.  Her collages are detailed constructions of paper, glue, and charcoal which draw heavily on the creepy and romantic experience of the world.  These aspects continually present themselves in her dreamlike images, which draw inspiration from the works of Poe, Bukowski, Tom Waits, Tim Burton, and Jan Svankmajer.  Her work has been shown in London, New York, Los Angeles, and New Mexico, and has been represented by the punk-cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls.

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