Alexander Small

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Carbon Essence Blot # 8 Digital Print Variable © Variable
What You Could Have Won, 2012 Hardback Publication 7" X 7"
Quick Facts
mixed-media, installation, video-art, sculpture


Born in the UK, Alexander studied art and philosophy in Bristol and has been a practising artist for the past six years. He has regularly exhibited around the UK and travelled to Kerala India researching traditional art forms. He has been a resident artist and volunteer at the Artist Sanctuary in Northampton. He is a member of the Northampton Arts Collective and also volunteers at the Fishmarket gallery. He is currently studying at Camberwell College of Art for a Masters of art specialising in drawing, and has opened a small gallery in Northampton with Jonathan Alibone.


My work is a drawing based practice attempting to draw links between emotional, spiritual resonance and the physical resonance of sound. I’m particularly interested in visual resonance and audial resonance and visualising (materially) sound that has (attributed) meaning (psycho - acoustics). By using similarly meaningful materials that are essential elements to life I hope to bypass logical and analytical forms of consciousness and encourage the viewer to bring a communal, common or consensual meaning to the work. The pieces generally take the form of sculpture using sound to generate resonant harmonics which manifest visually in various materials.