john alcock extraordinaire

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my beauty glows in the morning light , 2013 Photograph © artist
The river flows through the land of the ancients , 23-10-10 Photo © artist
i hid in the early morning light , 12-5-2013 Photograhy © artist
i am here with my friend , !0 /5/2013 Photoghrapy © artist
i am here with my friend , !0 /5/2013 Photoghrapy © artist
their eyes no 1, 11-10-2013
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chisholm insitute, 1994, associate diploma in vistual arts
chistolm insitute, 2001, associatediploma in ceramics
landscape, surrealism, modern, photography, conceptual, sculpture


statement of influencesSituated

   I grew up in the small Mallee town of Walpeup .Situated in the north-west corner of victoria,between the little desert to the south and the sunset country to the north , to some it is indeed god's own country . At a early age my father in particular shaped my interest in the arts and the great australian bush ( bush a generic to describe the native vegetation in its natural condition and can include the animals as ).I remember as a small child sitting around the breakfast table with the sun streaming in though the split bamboo blinds , my father listening to the A B C  breakfast show with Russ Tissane, when Romeo and Juliet  came on the with the balcony scene and my father explaining with great care the scene as it unfolded . ( there was no t.v and no record player  at that time in our house )As a child i played in the bush straight out side the door , gaining a great love and understanding of the nature of things .My father had a great love  of the arts and photography , keeping much treasured art books . later when away at high school i was influenced by different schools of art and later went on to develop my own style of painting and photoghy

I have long been inspired and influence by australian john Williamson who sings about bush, with same love and passion i have for the australian bush and it,s hero's


I am an Environmental Contemporary  with a truly unique style  which comes from my true love of nature  ,i feel a strong and propound spiritual connection with the land .i have always been influenced by the rhythms of nature and the universe . The shapes, lines and colours draw you into a world of light and color of the australian lands .Describing the australian flora and fauna from the many mirrored moods , from the most delicate and fragile elements to the rugged and bold extremes, i try to capture them all. My image as are often mufti-layered as i try to capture those delicate changes in season that bring about the explosion of colour , the soft colours of early morning , to the deep rich  fiery colours of the fading evening light .So with the changing seasons , so the light and colours changes yet again , i feel my works are about our existence in this very ancient land that we inhabit in australia. i want you to come know her , love and understand her as we do .

Good art is a window to the soul of the artist ,a reflection of the true inner self .It should reflect or reflect on community standards .For the observer good art should touch the soul and reflect on ones values.

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