Michael Halliday

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Happy New Year!
Hi, Please excuse my belated New Year Greetings. As I was traveling and have been continuously on the move for the last 5/6 months, I could not sit tight and send out my well wishes on time. But here it comes from the bottom of my heart not only for the year but also for the decade. May it be a colourful one. nav varsh ki subhkamna happy new year ein gutes neues Jahr / prost Neujahr bonne année С Новым Годом (S novim godom) عام سعيد (aam saiid) / sana saiida سال نو مبارک (sâle no mobârak) suba aluth avuruddak vewa chestita nova godina sun lin fi lok / kung hé fat tsoi xin nian kuai le / xin nian hao feliĉan novan jaron שנה טובה (shana tova) felice anno nuovo, buon anno boldog új évet akemashite omedetô Cheers! Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Friday 01/07/11 at 3:17 PM
In Grid
I love your work !
Comment by: In Grid on Tuesday 11/23/10 at 2:50 PM
Hi Michael
Colorful and amazing compositions. All the best. Good luck Michael!
Comment by: Esmeraldo Abalde on Wednesday 11/03/10 at 5:49 AM
great works
great works, amazing colors, all the best, do visit my profile
Comment by: M Lokeswara Rao on Saturday 10/16/10 at 12:48 PM
Michael, Just saw "Lost Horizon 2" love that one also. No sales for me here. I've had 5 sales of Print-on-demand items made from my art images on based in the UK. Otherwise no other online sales. No I don't mind you asking at all. In fact I would like to invite you to join my LinkedIN group of artists, where we discuss such issues. We have some sharp pros to offer solutions in the group too. The name of the group is Artist Marketing Resources on LinkedIN. All Artists are invited to join.
Comment by: Marie Kazalia on Thursday 10/14/10 at 4:00 AM