Renee Castro

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21 Grams  
Renee Castro, El Chamuco, Jacqueline Cooper, Ken Davis, Opal Essence, Amy M. George, Roberto Guerrero, Xochitl Guerrero, Miraiam Martinez, Montana Murdoch, Matt Ritchie, Michelle Ritchie, Carlos Villez at Autobody Fine Art October 31st, 2009 - November 29th, 2009
Posted 8/29/10
A few weeks ago we euthanized our cat Rebecca, who was nearly eighteen years old. Her kidneys were failing, she couldn’t walk, and she was suffering. We took her to the vet, stayed with her while the overdose of anesthesia was administered, and were with her when she died. One moment she was our beloved pet, and the next there was a lifeless body. The feeling of loss was palpable, as though suddenly there was a vacuum created when life left her. Rebecca 1991-2009   As I wrote in ”Being... [more]
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