Marc Morrel

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"Thats How the Light Gets In", 25 April 2013 Acrylic Florescent Paint (black Light Sensitive) 120X150 Cm. © The Artist
Further than the I Can See, January 2012 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © artist
Dawn, December 2011 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © artist
Twilight, December 2011 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © artist
Soft white Chain, Febuary 2012 Canvas, Stuffing, Acrylic 300x50cm. © the artist
Blue Chain Red Link, 15 May 2012 Stuffed Canvas, Wood, Acrylic NA © artist
Red Streak II, April 2012 Stuffed Canvas, Wood, Acrylic 100x125cm. © artist
Kinetic Ring, March 2012 Stuffed Canvas, Acrylic NA © artist
Room view with ultra violet light, 2012 Stuffed Canvas, Wood, Acrylic Blacklight NA © artist
Earth from the Moon, 12/12/12 Acrylic on Canvas 150X120 Cm. © The Artist
Stratosphere, 2011 Acryl on Canvas 134X180 Cm. © artist
TOTEM, October 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 193 X 130 Cm. © the artist
Blue Moon, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 194 X 130 Cm. © the artist
Blue Eclipse, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 180 X 133 Cm. © the artist
Nova, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 75 X 60 Cm. © the artist
Once there was Snow, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 70 Cm. © the artist
Reflection, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 70 Cm. © the artist
Skyscape, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 75 Cm. © the artist
1999 France, 2007 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Where the Blue meets the Black, 2006 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Circle, 2006 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Lord of the Rings, 2005 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Beehive, 2004 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Pliedes, 2004 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Galaxy, 2003 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Eclipse , 2002 Acrylic on Canvas 75X75 Cm. © the artist
Slydancer, 2002 Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 75 Cm. © the artist
Pinwheel, 2002 Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 75 Cm. © the artist
Starbirth, 2001 Acrylic on Canvas 102 X 136 Cm. © the artist
Lest We Forget, 10 May 2013 Acrylic on Paper 48X64 Cm. © The Artist
Works on Paper* * * * * Study for "Totem", 2009 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 X 47.5 Cm. © The Artist
I, 2009 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 X 47.5 Cm.
Creatures, 2009 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 X 47.5 Cm. © The Artist
Calling the Spirits, 2009 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 X 47.5 Cm. © The Artist
Alone, 2009 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 X 47.5 Cm. © The Artist
Legion, 2010 Acrylic on Paper 63.5 Cm. X 48 Cm. © the artist
Hanging Flag, 1965 restored, 2010 Cloth, Rope, Pully, Foam Filling 150 X 80 Cm. © the artist
Flag in Chains/ Collection UCLA at Berkely, 1965 Cloth Flags, Chains, Filling 100 Cm. Diameter © the artist
Cassion, 1965 restored, 1970, 2010 Cloth Flags, Bicycle Wheels,wood, Perspex Filling 180 X 80 Cm. © the artist
Church and State, 1965 Cloth, Cord, Wood, Foam Filling 230 X 150 X 35 Cm. © the artist
Hand Grenade resting on American flag , 1966 / Private collection Perspex Box, Hand Grenade, Flags, Glass 41.5 X 26 X 13 Cm. © the artist
Green Box, 1966 Perspex, Flag, Fur 17X9X9 Cm. © the artist
When Will it Ever End, 1966 / Private collection Perspex Tube and Base, Flags, , Chains, Pully 45.5 X 15.5 Cm. © the artist
Atomic Bomb in a Box, 1966 Perspex Box, Flags, Plastic Tube 17 X 17 X 32 Cm.
Hanging, 1966 Mixed Media 150X75 Cm © The Artist
Blue Eclipse, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 180X133 Cm. © the artist
That's how the Light gets in, 2014 Acrylic on Canvas 120x150cm. © the artist
Totem, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 193x130cm. © the artist
Eclipse, 1999 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © the artist
Where the Blue meets the Black, 2000 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © the artist
Circle of Light, 2000 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © the artist
Roadrunner, 2012 Acrylic on Canvas 120x150cm. © the artist
"Blue Eclipse", 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 180x133cm. © the artist
Isla Blanca (with blacklight), 4 July 2014 Acrylic on Canvas 120x150cm. © the artist
"Red Balloon", 28/07/14 Acryl on Raw Canvas 65x75cm © The Artist
Balloons flying in the Wind...., 24/7/14 Acrylic on Raw Canvas 60x65cm. © artist
"nothing to do, nothing to be..... nothing", 08/15/2014 Acryl on Raw Canvas 38x36cm © artist
"Moon Eclipse over the Emerald Sea", 7/4/14 Acrylic on Canvas 120x150cm. © Artist
"Magic Circle", 12/2014 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © Artist
"Untitled lines in space", 11/2014 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm. © Artist
"Ibiza by Night", 12/2014 Acrylic on Canvas 75x75cm © Artist
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Philadelphia Pa. USA
Birth year
Lives in
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Amsterdam/NYC USA
Representing galleries
Gallery Spirit, amsterdam
filmmaker mixed-media video-art painting photography drawing sculpture mixed-media, painting, drawing, abstract, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, conceptual, realism, landscape, modern, photography

Marc Morrel   by Geoffrey Witte

    It is a difficult task pinpointing the mystique and diversity found in the work of Marc Morrel. Initial impressions can be misleading. Through a long history and a creative mind that has explored a vast spectrum of concepts the illusive character of Morrel’s work is somehow a combination of the earliest record of human activity; of breaking down and building up in nature’s changing evolution, images evoked through mythological and metaphysical concepts, and a far reaching vision into the future. The almost magical concepts are ever present for Morrel, and it is these concepts that dictate the material and approach. It is in the later and current work that the mystery and magical qualities become so apparent. We see in the monolithic photographs a meditative journey of questioning through visual participation. In the paintings celebrating the ancient records of Native Americans, we experience once again an invitation into another world yet still our world. Further on in the work we are taken into the far-reaching galaxies of the unknown  with which we are connected. Within these chapters of work we are exposed to the idea of, how can it be like that; or why is it like this? Where are we going? Where have we come from? Morrel goes beyond the idea of self-expression or art for the sake of it; his work is more an awakening through a visual meditation, almost an invitation into a spiritual world through visual experience. In the paintings, which came from close observations of the total eclipse of the sun, we see clearly that we are looking at a picture and beyond, perhaps the mirror of our sensations. In all the work of Morrel we see that the conceptual element is a very powerful one yet the paintings themselves remain works in their own right. The more you look the more you see, the more you question the greater the mystery.


1937 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA


1964  John Daniels gallery, NYC “Hard edge” group exhibition

1965   Van Bovenkamp gallery, NYC  Erotic Art” group exhibition.

           World House gallery, NYC  “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” group exhibition

           Van Bovenkamp gallery, NYC “Shaped canvas” group exhibition.

           World House gallery, NYC “Sculpture from all directions” group exhibition

1966    Stephen Radich gallery, NYC  solo exhibition

            Graham gallery, NYC  “Stuffed expressionism” group exhibition

1967     New York University, NYC,  group exhibition

1968 –1970 American federation of the Arts, traveling exhibition

                   “Patriotic Images in American Art”

           Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC,  group exhibition

1970  Camden Art center, London England  solo exhibition

          25th Edinburgh Festival  solo exhibition

1973   Camden council Library, London  solo exhibition

1975   Film podium, Radium cinema Zurich, Switzerland

           Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam  “UMO” group exhibition

           Van Abbe Museum, Netherlands  film showing

1981   Guild of Transcultural Studies London  "Lines and Circles"

1982   Schipol Airport Amsterdam  group exhibition

1983   Gallery de Zoeker,  Netherlands  group exhibition

1984   Ouderkerk Amsterdam  group exhibition

1985   Ouderkerk Amsterdam  group exhibition

1994   Atelier Eric, Utrecht Netherlands  group exhibition

1995   Gallery Spirit, Amsterdam  solo exhibition

1996   Gallery Spirit, Amsterdam  solo exhibition

1997   Leeuwenhorst Congress centrum, Noordwijk Netherlands  group

1999   Gallery Spirit Amsterdam   solo exhibition

2000    Het Getaal 0 Gallery, Amsterdam   group exhibition

            Video film, "Cochiti"  screened on Kunst Kanaal Amsterdam

2001    Gallery Spirit, Amsterdam Solo exhibition

            Gallery Onderhuis, Laage Zwaluwe HollandSolo exhibition

2005    Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam group exhibition

2006-2007  Biennale Argentina, AAVRA Project Patagonia

2010-2011 : "Freedom of Speech"  december - march, Kunstverein Hamburgecember - January,  Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Group Exhibitions

2014     Gallery Spirit Amsterdam Solo exhibition


"Venceremos" 1969

"Dreams" 1971

"Stuffed bandits" 1971

"Oz"  1971

"Cochiti" (studio, at work) (video 22min.) 1999 -2000

Kunst Kanaal, Amsterdam TV 1999

Books and Articles ;

"Minimal Art" A Critical Anthology, edited by Gregory Battcock 1968

"Blasphemy" Art That Offends, S. Brent Plate 2006

"Art, Politics and dissent" Francis Frascina 1999

"Artwords" Discourse on the 60's and 70's Jeanne Siegel 1985

"The Trials of Art" edited by Daniel McClean 2007"Freedom of Speech

" Marius Babias & Florian Waldvogel Kunstverein Hamberg & Berlin, 2011

 "Kill for Peace" American Artists Against the Vietnam War, Matthew Israel 2013

 "Flag in Chains"

 " Visual Shock" History of Art Controversies in American Culture, Michael  (Kammen 2006)

 "From the Gallery to the Streets" Dissenting Art and the Vietnam War, Rhiannon

Corby 2011


The Museum of Modern Art New York NY

University of California at Berkley

Camden council London

City of  Amsterdam, Holland

Brummelkamp galerie AMC, Amsterdam

and many other private and public collections