Lauretta Lowell

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king queen chairs © Lauretta Lowell
Puff the Magic Dragon, 2011 Assemblage 18"H X 20"L X 8"W © Lauretta Lowell
Half Breed, June 2010 Assemblage Sculpture © Lauretta Lowell
Possum and Catfish Pie, June 2010 Assemblage 22 X 14 X 7" Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Eco Warrior, April 2010 Assemblage Sculpture © Lauretta Lowell
Monkey or Man, May 2010 24" X 15" © Lauretta Lowell
Palace of Pearls, February 2010 Mixed Media Assemblage 20" X 12" © Lauretta Lowell
King Me, May 2010 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Special Edition, June 2010 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Money toBurn, May2010 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
I'm Just A Bird In A Guilded Cage, 5/2010 Assemblage 17" H X 5" W X 6" D © Lauretta Lowell
Good Dogs, February 2010 Mixed Media Collage 14" X 14" © Lauretta Lowell
Jerry Mahoney Box, 2010 Mixed Media Assemblage 16"H X 10"W X 7"D © Conrad Lembers
Roller Baby, Sweetie Pie, Fly Girl, 7/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Wile E. Coyote, 2010 Assemblage Art 14"H X 6"W X 5"D
Phantom, 2010 Mixed Media Assemblage 16" H X 13" W X 6" D © Conrad Lembers
Sue Felt Trapped, 3/10 Assemblage
Smile for the Birdie, 2010 Assemblage Art 12" H X 6"W X 9"D © Conrad Lembers
Betsy's Box, 2010 Mixed Media Assemblage 10" H X 8" W X 5" D © Conrad Lembers
Zora the Fortune Teller, 5/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, 10/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Red Head Necklace, 10/09 Jewelry © Lauretta Lowell
Fly, 10/09 Jewelry © Lauretta Lowell
Lizard Eye Necklace, 10/09 Jewelry © Lauretta Lowell
Hungry Hill, 10/09 Mixed Media Assemblage Altar © Lauretta Lowell
My Heart Has Wings, 10/09 Mixed Media Assemblage Altar © Lauretta Lowell
Stepford Monkey, 8/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Giseppi, the Organ Grinder's Monkey, 7/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Frisky, 1/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Garden of Good and Evil, 5/09 Mixed Media Mosaic 12" X 12" © Lauretta Lowell
Princess, 5/09 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Madam Butterfly, 6/09 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Door Knob Box, 6/09 Cigar Box Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
In Sync, 12/08 Assemblage 48"H X 24"W © Lauretta Lowell
Bulldog Box, 11/08 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Asian Tranquility, 1/09 Mixed Media Mosaic 12" Round © Lauretta Lowell
Wish, 4/09 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Zebra Box, 2/09 Collage, Mixed Media © Lauretta Lowell
Frida Kahlo Totem, 11/08 Mixed Media, Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
#13 Eyes in the Back of my Head, 11/09 Assemblage 12"H X 7"W X 6"D © Lauretta Lowell
Wild Abandon Necklace, 11/09 Jewelry 16" Long © Lauretta Lowell
Song Bird in the Wild Necklace, 11/09 Jewelry 17" Long © Lauretta Lowell
Queen of Hearts, May 2010 Assemblage Art 12" X 5 " © Lauretta Lowell
I Think I Have a Frog In My Throat, April 2010 Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Happy Trails to You, 3/09 Mixed Media Mosaic 12" X 12" © Lauretta Lowell
Lunch with a Crow, 5/09 Mixed Media Mosaic © Lauretta Lowell
Early Bloomer, 5/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Imagine Altar, 3/09 Assemblage Altar © Lauretta Lowell
Lily Altar, 10/07 Assemblage Altar © Lauretta Lowell
Gardenia Altar, 10/07 Assemblage Altar © Lauretta Lowell
Sally Sells Seashells, 4/09 Mixed Media Assemblage © Lauretta Lowell
Ha Cha Cha, October 2010 Assemblage 14 X 9 X 6 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Rosebud, October 2010 Assemblage 16 X 7 X 5 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
The Gypsy in Me, September 2010 Assemblage 26 X 18 X 12 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Cloverland Circus, September 2010 Assemblage 8 X 4.5 X 13 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Later ~ It's About Time, October 2010 Assemblage 17 X 6 X 6 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
The Aviator, 4-8-11 Assemblage 9"H X 10"L X 3"W © Lauretta Lowell
Frida Kahlo Teak Chair, September 2010 Mixed Media 38 X 24 X 24 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Frida Kahlo Mosaic Sculpture, October 2010 Mixed Media Sculpture 20 X 7.5 X 7.5 Inches © Lauretta Lowell
Carnival Cabaret, April 2011 Assemblage 18"H X 12"W X 4"D © Lauretta Lowell
Caprice, Patron Saint of Whimsy, April 2011 Assemblage 18" Tall X 4"Wide © Lauretta Lowell
Quick Facts
Jacksonville, FL
Birth year
Lives in
Palm Desert, CA
Works in
Palm Desert, CA
Representing galleries
Whimsical Curiosities ; Art & Soul Gallery ; Gallery 873 , Sm’ART Gallery & Studio, Gracie’s Emporium
Lauretta Lowell Assemblage Artist, assemblage art, arts-education sculpture, collage/assemblage mixed-media, California Assemblage Artist Lauretta Lowell, mixed-media, surrealism, digital, sculpture

Palm Desert’s Assemblage Artist, Lauretta Lowell, first became addicted to treasure hunting and collecting odd things at the young age of 7 years old, while living on military bases in Japan where her father was an Army Major. She would keep herself busy by collecting discards from other family’s trash containers (when they were relocated) and built sculptures and “tree forts”. 

 Growing up, her mother, a fashion designer and painter, was a great source of inspiration for Lauretta. She spent her high school and college years living on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii surfing, batiking and designing bathing suits. Her artistic sense was also influenced strongly by the beauty of the islands, and the many local superstitions.

 Leaving the islands in 1976, Lauretta moved to Santa Barbara, California where she started a career in marketing and a family.  She became interested in collecting unusual antiques and machine parts for her home, a converted horse stable on three acres.   Her 28 year marketing career took her to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Peru, Paris, England, Wales, Tahiti, and Australia. 

After the stress of her divorce, raising her two boys, and working 10 hour days, Lauretta had a stroke that took her short term memory, her ability to walk, talk, and write from her.  After five years of physical therapy, she began visiting junk stores, antique stores, and warehouses again waking up her creative juices. She found that she was drawn to vintage items from the 1930s-1950s. Her sense of humor and her self-imposed art therapy helped her heal greatly as she began creating mixed media collages and assemblages. 

In 2004 she moved to Palm Desert and in 2008 she started her business Whimsical Curiosities, showcasing her assemblage creations. Her assemblage sculptures, shrines, jewelry, mosaics are designed with the intention to capture your curiosity, make you smile and feel you are experiencing something you have never seen before.

Lauretta sells her work in local and coastal fine art festivals. She has been in galleries in Palm Springs, Fallbrook and Santa Barbara, California; Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, Michigan, and Seattle. You can see her work on her website at



Art Under the Umbrellas - January 12, 2013, La Quinta, CA,

Southwest Arts Festival - January 25-27, 2013, Indio, CA,

Art Under the Umbrellas - February 9, 2013, La Quinta, CA,

ARTWALK at the Wells - February 23 - 24, 2013, Indian Wells, CA,

Indian Wells Arts Festival - April, 5, 6, 7, 2013, Indian Wells, CA,


Art From Scrap Gallery – One Person Show – Santa Barbara, CA July-August 2011

Brandon Gallery – Jewelry Collection ~ Fallbrook, CA, September-December 2010

Brandon Gallery (Two Person Show with Richard Freund) – Fallbrook, CA, August-September 2010

Art & Soul Gallery - Bothell, Washington, 2009-2010

Metal Art Gallery 873 - Ivins, Utah, 2009

Heusso Gallery - Palm Springs, CA 2009

Wentworth Gallery - Indio, CA 2006-2008

 Juried Fine Art Festivals:

La Jolla Festival of the Arts, La Jolla, CA - June 18-19, 2011

Art Under the Umbrellas, La Quinta, CA - 2009, 2010, 2011

Palm Springs Art Festival, Palm Springs, CA - 2011

Malibu Fine Art Festival - 2010

Hermosa Beach Art Festival - 2010

Calabasas Fine Art Festival - 2010

Brentwood 15th Annual Art Festival 2009

 Non-Juried Shows:

Rancho Mirage Library, displaying assemblage art in two windows December-January, 2011

Art in the Hall, Rancho Mirage, CA – December 2010

 Art Competitions:

Palm Springs 2010 Stoke Recovery Center’s 4th Annual Art Competition

You Can Tell a Book by Its Cover, Rancho Mirage Public Library, November-December , 2010

Palm Springs 2010 Annual Juried Art Show, “Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.” Won Commissioner’s Award for “Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.”

Palm Springs 2010 Stroke Recover Center’s 3rd Annual Art Competition.  Won Honorable Mention for “Money to Burn.”

 Home Design Stores:

La Quinta’s Old Town Antiques, Design and Consignment - La Quinta, CA 2010-2011

Lulu’s Home Accessories - La Quinta, CA 2010-2011

PK’s Place - Alden, Michigan, 2008-2009

 Charity Involvement:

Whitewater Park Art Celebration and Benefit – April 10, 2011

Big Hearts for Little Hearts, fundraiser for children at Loma Linda Hospital 2011

Sun City Palm Desert Annual Hadassah Luncheon 2009-2010

Gilda’s Club (cancer research) 8th Annual Fashion Show and Boutique – 2009

Desert Arc, Judging Annual Art Shows and teaching art classes – 2007-2009


The International Society of Assemblage & Collage Artists


University of Hawaii – Art & Business

University of California Santa Barbara – Interior Design

Santa Barbara City College - Journalism