Thamer Dawood

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13 X 13 Inc
Alone, 2009 13 X 13 X 1.5 Inches
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mixed-media, installation, photography, graffiti/street-art, sculpture

Thamer Dawood Sudani

Baghdad, Iraq 1966

Diploma Fine Arts Institute Painting Baghdad-Iraq 1986

Bachelor's Degree Collage of Fine Arts Painting Baghdad 2000

Member of Plastic Artists Society Baghdad

Member of Iraqi Scribers Association Baghdad

Member of Iraqi Artists Association in US & Canada USA

Member of Iraqi Canadian Artists Federation

Personal Exhibitions

The 1st Personal Exhibition in the Fine Arts Institute Hall Baghdad 1986

The 2nd Personal Exhibition in Darboona Art Gallery Jordan 2006

The 3rd Personal Exhibition in Darboona Art Gallery Jordan 2008

The 4th Personal Exhibition in Longwood Art Gallery, PA 2008

The 5th Personal Exhibition in 7 Arts Studio Wilmington, DE 2008

The 6th Personal Exhibition in Pomegranate Gallery, NY 2009

The 7th Personal Exhibition in Rosenfeld Art Gallery, PA 2010


Exhibition of fine arts institute and popular industries 1983

Exhibitions of young Fine Artists-Baghdad from 1984 -1986

Exhibitions of Fine Arts Institute-Baghdad 1982 -1986

National Exhibition of Iraq youth-Baghdad 1999 -2000

Exhibitions of National Arts Center-Baghdad 1986 -2002

Exhibitions of Iraqi Fine Arts Society-Baghdad 1986 -2002

Spring Annual Exhibition National Arts Center-Baghdad 1999- 2000

Nature Exhibition Ofuk Art Gallery-Baghdad 2000 -2001

Art Day Exhibition Aba’ad Art Gallery-Baghdad 2000

Opening Exhibition of Alwaan Art Gallery-Baghdad 1999

Summer Annual Exhibition Aqad Art Gallery-Baghdad 2002

Miniaturized Paintings Exhibition Hiwar Art Gallery-Baghdad 2002

The Artist Shaker Hasan Al Said Contest Exhibition Athar art Gallery 2002

Gathering of Iraqi Fine Arts Artists Exhibitions Asfar Art Gallery 2004

Iraqi Graphic Exhibition-Damascus-Syria 2004

UNESCO Exhibition Culture of Ministry-Baghdad 2004

Poster Exhibition Sumer Art Gallery-Baghdad 2004

A Dialogue in Nature Exhibition Hiwar art Gallery-Baghdad 2002

Common Sense Exhibition Al Dorubi Art Gallery-Baghdad 2004

Iraq Exhibition Inauguration of Qibab Art Gallery in Abu Dubai 2007

Arab artists Exhibition in Bushahary Art Gallery in Kuwait 2007

Joint Exhibition for a group of Arab Artists at-Saudi Arabia 2007

Exhibition for a group of artists, Cab Calloway School of Art, DE 2007

Joint Exhibition for a group of Arab Artists at Al Anda Art Gallery 2007

Arab Arts Exhibition in Japan-Osaka 2007

French cultural center Exhibition, Madarat Art Gallery 2007

Sunshine of Asia exhibition, Chuwa Art Gallery-Tokyo-Japan 2008

Modern Iraqi Arts Exhibition in Japan-Osaka 2008

Bridge of Hope exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum-DE 2008

Joint Exhibition for a group of artists at Longwood Art Gallery PA 2008

Exhibition of Iraqi Artists association in USA & Canada-Dearborn 2008

Reflections Exhibition for a group of Artists-Darboona Art Gallery 2008

Joint Exhibition for a group of Arab Artists at Orient Art Gallery 2008

Joint Exhibition for a group of artists at Pomegranate Art Gallery NY 2008

Joint Exhibition (small works show) Rosenfeld Art Gallery PA 2008

Joint Exhibition for a group of Arab Artists at Al Anda Art Gallery 2009

Joint Exhibition for a group of Artists at Foresight 32 Art Gallery 2009

Exhibition in the Music School of Delaware - Wilmington, DE 2010

Joint exhibition with artist Harriet Diamond, Massachusetts 2011

Joint exhibition with the artist Shakir al-Alusi New York 2011