Neema Lal

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pravah, 2016 Steel Metal 18"X9"X0.3"
my moon in my lap (imagining presence), 2017 Digital Art, 900x 400 P
metro aadya, 2016 Pastel,Water, Dry Pigment Color And Acyrlic Color On Paper Board 24" X 12" X 0.01"
memmoire 2, 2017 Rust Metal , Acrylic On Wood 38"X 28"X 1,18"
memmoire, 2016 Rust Metal And Wood , Acrylic And Texture White On Center Line 40"X 26"X 1,18"
two sides of life Optical Glass With Lamination
Situation , 2016 Changing Lights Effect On Acrylic Sheet , Lights Led 32" X 30" X 2.5"
Jeu in Hamlet, july 2015 Red Velvet Balls, Velvet Fibre And Paper Peices ,Board On Panel 33" X 25"
where is happiness, 2016 Board, Wood ,Resin And Beads 35"X21"
jeu in hamlet 4( like halloween game), 2015 Cut Paper On Board , Velvet Fabric And Velvet Balls On Wood . 24" X 35"
jeu in hamet 2, sep 2015 Board, Wood,Papers, Fibre Balls And Fibre Cloth 29" X 24"
blue crystal , 2015 Optical Glass, Glass Color 4.5" X3.5" X 3"
glass with blue, 2016 Hot Glass , Cold Worked 6.5" X 5" X 4" © no
side view of blue crystal glass, 2015 Optical Glass , Glass Color 4.5" X3.5" X 3"
rose in crystal, aug 2015 Optic Glass 9"X2"X8"
rose in crystal (side) , aug 2015 Optic Glass 9"X2"X8" © no
blue in glass, 2016 Hot Glss , Cold Work 7.5 " X 4.5" X 3" © no
glass work 1, june 2015 Hot Glass,Glass Color 9"X7'x 4" © no
glass work p 2 Hot Glass © no
Memmoire 2
hidden love, 2015 Velve Fibre , Copper Resin Fibre,Styrene Foam On Panel 33" X 29"
Love all, 2015 Velvet ,Resin Fabric, Styrene On Panel 35" X 29"
see all 4, 2015 Gold Metallic Mirror Paper ,Velvet Fibre, Foam Board On Panel 37" X28"
see all, 2015 Mirror Metallic Paper, Velvet Fibre Cloth,Foam Board On Panel 35" X 25"
see all 2, 2015 Mirror Paper , Japenese Paper ,Foam Board On Hard Board 36" X 26" © no
celebrations memory, 2015 Acrylic And Mix Media On Hard Foam Board 25" X 19" © no
Childhood memory, 2014 Acrylic And Mix Media On Hard Foam Board 24" X 18" © no
experiencing on way 2, 2015 Mix Media On Plastic Board 31" X 21" © no
experiencing on way 1, 2015 Mix Media On Plastic Board 27" X 20" © no
opportunity ( figure), 2014 Mix Media On Canvas 40"X35" © no
planning (sitting figure), 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 28" X 37" © no
lost in fields 1 , 2014 Acrylic On Hard Foam Board 14' X 21" © no
lost in fields 2, 2014 Acrylic On Hard Foam Board 12" X 19" © no
loud, 2014 Acrylic Color On Black Paper 18" X 8"
sleep, 2014 Drawing ,Minimal 18" X 8" © no
experience(wall inst), 2015 Board And Mix Media 55" X 48' X 1'' © no
entering new phase, 2014 Pen And Acrylic On Paper 12" X 23" © cover
charming moment, 2014 Acrylic ,Pen ,Ink On Paper 14" X 22" © cover
experience 1, 2014 Pen On Paper © cover
converse in emptiness 1, aug 2014 Pen And Ink On Paper 8" X22" © cover
welcoming new members, 2014 Pen And Acrylic On Paper 11" X 23" © cover
experiience 2, 2014 Pen On Paper © cover
converse in emptiness, 2014 Pen And Ink On Paper 20"X14" © cover
solace sorrow, 2014 Pen ,Ink On Paper 22" X 14" © cover
experience 3, 2014 Pen On Paper © cover
studio 510 Efa Center
Intro in NY (installation)(figure), 2015 Acrylic ,Pen On Door Foam Board 51"X 36" X 2" © no
Intro in NY 2(installation)(figure), 2015 Acrylic ,Pen On Door Foam Board 39" X 40" X 2.5" © no
confession 1 (installation), 2014 Acrylic On Door Foam Board 56"X 38" X1" © no
confession 2 (installation), 2014 Duck Tape On Wall 108" X 108" © no
nars studio front view
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Brooklyn and Gurgaon
Works in
Sculpture,Installations ,drawings ,mix media, in different materials
Gallery artist ,Roaskildegalleriet,Denmark, 2001, solo and group exhibitions , only for Gallery
International workspace program,NARS Foundation ,NY, 2014, Studio workspace program, 7 months
UNESCO Bursary, Camac ,France, 2013, 2 months , Residency Bursary
Camac Residency,France, 2012, 1 month, Residency Brusary
B.A (fine arts),Gold medalist with distinction, 2001, 3 years, Rajasthan University
M.A(fine arts) ,U.C.A canterbury &Farnham ,U.K, 2008, selected
corning museum of glass,workshop, 2015, workshop
Pilchuck glass workshop, Washington, 2015, 1 month workshop
The Art Students League of New York, 2014, Residency Bursary
efa,studio for arts ,studio 510,Manhattan ,New York, 2016, studio workspace
Representing galleries
Gallery Garvey and Simon art access , Gallery Quill and Canvas, Marwah Studio MEC Gallery, Gallery Roskildegalleriet, Gallery art Etern
minimal, exhibition/performance
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Artist Statement

My work speaks the language through lines and shapes, presenting language of confession, representation, feelings and contemplation, done after meditation. It generally attracts viewers, to compare it with their everyday reality, showing truth including feeling and vision.

Moreover, drawings, mixmedia, metal works, glass sculptures and installations represent confessional, conceptual, representational art with minimum lines in different colors and different texture on different shapes, in the form of minimal art.  

Planning. I generally store thoughts as a purpose of new creation and when I start depicting, I do it with blank mind (influenced by meditative mind), the meditative mood promotes the flow of feelings with expressive moods in particular moment. Sometimes line decides the shape and sometime shape promotes the lines. I can say, conditions are effecting thoughts and sometimes thoughts are making their own mood, during particular moment in time.

Why to consider lines? As lines are the foundation of every art school and bringing lines into feelings helps presenting expressions in a simple way. Somehow, I ve found viewers had started correlating their own perceptions with the works.

While working, it takes hours to days and weeks in studio to bring out the best results on any predecided base. As, I am using 2D base and 3D space, to get more projection on work. Including the work on glass with more facets, helping style to move forward.

Expressing how brain and body involve, while projecting feelings and thoughts. Considering feelings, my mind follows these questions such as how thoughts are generating in mind?  Why thoughts are changing mood? There is always influence of social, political ,cultural and personal experience, considering these, how the mind is reacting and generating feelings?  More how are conditions of daily situations generating feelings inside? How are feelings dominating  minor conditions? How's the situation effecting conscious mind? How's unconscious mind dominating the situation? Why thoughts are making different moods? 

Considering these questions, help inside lines to flow with the feeling in the voluminous shape. Angle between the lines gives particular expression as per feeling or depending on situation and dimensional lines give flow to the expression. Most of the feelings and conversation can be expressed by just angles with lines, this action is in sideby process with multimedia, digital work and probably installation with art performances. It will also help to reveal the secrets of brain, generated thoughts and  meditative empowerment on brain .

Inspiration, preconditioned mind in conscious level, follow the path of inspiration from childhood to adult for growth and direction, since childhood , I got fascinated by the culture, colorful cloths, folk art, tribal art and different type of art of Rajasthan (state of India) and my belongings with Northern part of Himalayas keeps me spiritual, simple and following himalayan tradition is also helping, to have the knowlege of Sankhya language (a languge done by triangles, lines and points, like Sri Yantra). Focusing on childhood visual  memories which direct me towards the tribal art of India, where rural ladies draw figures and features by using triangles, lines and circles on the walls, floor and courtyards. Moreover being a intermediate student of mathematics with science, always keep my influences effected by geometry, architecture and science.

As far as artist's motivation is concern, I would say earlier Indian artists such as S.H Raza, F.N Souza and M.F Hussan motivate me. Considering earlier international artists Picasso, Dubuffet and Pollack inspire me. More abstract contemporary Danish artists (worked and did residencies for 5 years) also influence me. Among all, Picasso, his techniques encourage me the most, concerning expressive signature to rhythmic flow in lines and shapes. Not limited to earlier artists , incitement is necessary for progress, as this era's contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt, Donald Judd, Brice Marden, Robert Morris, Richard Tuttle and more are inspiring me. 

Motivation through life experiences, learning from Himalayan masters and continuing meditation from last 14 years is bringing changes in me. As a result, I feel, loving all creatures and believing in mother earth with no boundaries of countries. Basically, these feelings are making a bridge between me and viewers, through easiest way of lines. I would say, evolving this nature is promoting my visual and inner inspiration, more keeping me always on.

Four years back, I was doing abstract figurative with expression, but it was based on other subjects rather than myself. The quest of bringing self feelings on toile and to convey with others, brought the stage of minimal art, moreover, this art perfectly matches my spiritual nature. This became the reason of bringing lines into form and presenting self, through own nature.

Considering future projects, this work is progressively adopting dimensions with traditional textile, modern fabric/material, natural substances inclusion of scientific involvement, crystal lead glasses, multimedia, giant sculptures/installation and more so that the work could come in notice of masses through internationally renowned platforms of art and can be reviewed by internationally renowned art professionals.

I got identification of work by presenting different shapes which represent different moments and lines which indicate the situation of my mind in  particular moments. The shapes are voluminous and lines are presented in dimensional way, to give flow of feelings. Impressions of visual image inspire me to give complete figurative expressions as per required subjects, these effects are visible in two paintings "opportunity" and "planning". I believe these points make my work unique and different. Moreover the projection with different texture, color, different material and using different bases, reflects the vivid culture of my birth and living place.

As an artist, representing lines with minimum usage and dimension, and to bring out feelings, it makes the work challenging. Moreover, this foundation of art (line), forcing my innerself  to generate more and more in a expressive and broad way.

[ Key purpose, unknown, untold, unseen inner happenings, energy waves like thoughts in human body, can be visible through art]


Neema Lal



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