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Enz interview for the Chinese public  
Monsieur Enz (+33 (0)6 98 07 20 52) at Les créations de Enz _ 66370 PEZILLA LA RIVIERE _ FRANCE December 4th, 2009 - January 1st, 2011
Posted 10/21/09
1) - Is Enz a pseudonym?  - Chose this name in 1978, while being psychologically wuxing (Japanese mushin), for phonetics: the noise which an object launched in l' could make; space. Then domiciled with Antwerp, j' noted qu' in Dutch the Enz orthography was the diminutive of and will cetera. Taking into consideration my successive existence in this life, this name corresponded to me perfectly.   2) Why Art of Self? - In 1974, I noted by reading Essais on the Zen Buddhism, of Japanese Daisetz... [more]