Anuli Croon

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Invitation Bertjan Pot & Anuli Croon © @Anuli Croon, Bertjan Pot, Dudok de Groot, Rento Brattinga galerie Amsterdam
Mug & Phiz, 2016 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
overview duo exhibition Bertjan Pot & Anuli Croon Textile And Painting © Anuli Croon, Bertjan Pot
Blak Landscape, 2016 Painting 170 X 220 Cm © Anuli Croon
Mug | Tronie, 2016 Painting 40 X 30 Cm © Anuli Croon
Mug | Tronie, 2016 Painting 40 X 30 Cm © Anuli Croon
sitting figure, 2014 Painting 170x250cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Architectural landscape 03, 2014 Matte + Metallic Acrylics On Museum Carto 47 X 152,50 Cm © Anuli Croon
Architectural landscape 01 / Architectonisch landschap 01, 2014 Paper 63 X 193 Cm © Anuli Croon
studio Anuli Croon, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014 Painting © Anuli Croon
soloexhibition Rento Brattinga galerie, 2013 Paintings & Work On Paper © Anuli Croon
Tronies (7), 2013 Graffiti On Paper (7) 29,7 X 21 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie, 2012 Graffitti On Paper 29,7 X 21 Cm © Anuli Croon
overview gallery Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, 01 03 2013 - 13 04 2013 Paintings & Work On Paper © Courtesy of the Artist and Steendrukkerij Amsterdam B.V.
Fragment of a city, 2011 Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli Croon
Fragment of a city, 2010 Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli croon
Fragment of a city Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli Croon
Panaroma HiS Rotterdam, 2012 permanent situation 450 X 2200 Cm © Courtesy of the Artist
Panaroma HiS Rotterdam, 2012 permanent situation 450 X 2200 Cm © Courtesy of the Artist & Mariet Hendrikx
Wind's Up | Het Waait, 2010 Painting 170 X 270 Cm © Anuli Croon
EinDruck Ausstellung, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, DLD, 2013 Internationale Zeitgenössische Druckgrafik © Anuli Croon
het waait, 2010, 2011 Metallic.Matte.Acryl/Canvas 170x250 Cm © Anuli Croon
plant in pot , 2015 Acrylics On Paper ( 8 X ) 29,7 X 21 Cm © Anuli Croon
Flowers of Romance, 2007 Silcscreen 110 X 70 Cm © Anuli Croon
overview studio, 2009 Paintings (Privat Collections) © Courtesy of the Artist
Fragment of a city, 2009 Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli Croon
Fragment of a city, 2009 Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli Croon
Fragment of a city, 2010 Painting 30 X 40 Cm © Anuli Croon
tronie, stad & land, 2014 Studio Situation © Anuli Croon
plant in pot 1 - 8 // edition: 10, 2015 Acrylics On Paper ( 8 X ) 29,7 X 21 Cm © Anuli Croon
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Royal Academy for Art, Sculpture and Design, s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 1984, 1989
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Rento Brattinga gallery
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"Anuli Croon's colourful, severely structured paintings automatically activate the beholder's reservoir of associations: images and impressions of mysteriousness, ambiguity, references to primitive art, comic characters and commercials, everyday household items, fabric patterns and universal symbols for human gestures and body language are just a few of the elements of her imagery. On closer consideration, however, more signs of ambiguity pop up in the image: does the one figure in the series 'Mug & City' wrap his arms around the other to protect him or do we see the very opposite, a kind of hostile stalking, enforcing subjection? The word 'mug' in the title seems to refer to an unpleasant character, but at the same time the colourful, schematically represented faces of the figures call forth more amiable associations. All these paradoxical qualities of openness and mysteriousness, of decorative playfulness and profundity are typical of the work of this remarkable painter."  Anton Hoeksema, 2017


For both the paintings and the works on paper, I use a ruler, paint roller, tape, matt and/or metallic acrylic and/or crayon, but this rule may change dependent on the carrier: paper or canvas. My work can be divided into groups, each having its own subject, size and scale. These categories are by no means fixed series, but can be supplemented at any time. By and large my works can be divided into figures in a certain setting, and urban and landscape-oriented constructions. I approach each work as an autonomous identity in itself. There is a mutual exchange of information among the groups, which enables me to effect experiments and developments within the boundaries of those groups.

My paintings and works on paper show constructions that represent figures, interiors and parts of cities as autonomous identities. The figures as well as the urban fragments are composed of an assemblage of visual elements of different origins. In a painting I always take my departure from varying viewpoints / perspectives. This way the paintings are becoming constructions that are open to several interpretations. The body shapes, noses and hands are stylized, the ambient features are made up of evenly looking planes and patterns.

In my work I aim to combine different viewpoints in order to achieve a convincing picture. Basically everything is equally important and weighs equally heavily. I make no distinction in terms of time or style: classical, modern, folk art, fashion, textiles, architecture, art, comic strips - anything that comes to mind crystallizes out and I force it together in paintings to give it an individual identity.

My influences are diverse: Modern art, applied art, folk art; tapestries and textiles; comics and graphic novels; posters, stamps, book covers from various times and cultures; Giotto, Rogier van der Weijden, Philip Guston, Brutalisme, Malevich, Roy Lichtenstein, Cranach, Holbein, Seurat, Zurburán, Jean Brusselmans, Hendrik Werkman, Saul Steinberg, Eduardo Paolozzi, Charley Harper, Japanese woodblock prints, Patrick Caulfield, Matisse, Ikko Tanaka, Escher, Dick Bruna' bookcovers, Yrrah, Charles & Ray Eames, Alexander Girard and many more.

These influences have fostered my imagery and strengthened me in my ambition to find what I was looking for. My paintings relate to a crystallized reality, but not in the form of a story. It is rather a matter of interrupted narratives and connotations that resound in the space. The viewers can wander among the various painted layers, or via the tangent planes where the layers converge.

In the paintings there is no centre; everything seems equally important. They are intangible puzzles that do not allow repetition or unambiguous explanations. This way the paintings are becoming lucid and autonomous constructions that are open to several interpretations.


Material / transformation I make my paintings as well as my works on paper (including those in copies) with the help of paint rollers, small brushes, Scotch tape, ruler, home-made stencils and stamps. For materials I use gesso, matt acrylic paint, fluorescent paint, metallic paint and crayons. The handwriting has no touch. The material is framed by tape, stencils and ruler. The texture is matt - except where metallic paint has been applied - and looks more like textile than paint. This springs from the idea to develop my own imagery from an analytical and detached modus operandi, in which the diversity of my artistic interests can be incorporated. Patterns, hands, attitudes, objects, pieces of furniture, colours, gestures, mouths, clothing, hair styles, noses and eyes are disconnected and made autonomous. This way I can cause the elements with their antipodal meanings to move among one another. Contrasts such as stagnation and movement, reflection and stress, the great rhythm and detail are thus brought together.


Anuli Croon ( 1964 Leeuwarden, NL ) is a visual artist based in Rotterdam.


1984 – 1989 The Royal Academy of Art and Design, ’s-Hertogenbosch

1999 Erasmus University Rotterdam / Modern History of Art by Marlite Halbertsma - partial certificat

grants  2015 Mondriaan Fund Stipendium for Established Artists  

2009 Mondriaan FundBasic Stipend - Talent development grant

2003 Mondriaan FundBasic Stipend - Talent development grant

2002 Mondriaan FundWork Grant for Established Artists

1996 Mondriaan FundBasic Stipend - Talent development grant

1994 Mondriaan FundBasic Stipend - Talent development grant

1991 Mondriaan FundStipend for Emerging Artists

1990 Mondriaan FundStipend for Emerging Artists


now | upcoming

2018 Mint | London UK | Rock Paper Salt Air > 18 may - 30 June

2018 galerie dudokdegroot _ solo > 5 sep – 20 okt

2018 Windowlicker project | Leeuwarden > oktober

2018 Residency at VHDG, Leeuwarden, NL > 23 okt - 19 nov

2018 VDGH, Leeuwarden ' In search for ..' > 18 nov - 15 dec

2018 – 2019 Central Militair Hospital Utrecht commission design mural



- Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL > The Hague, Vienna, Dubai

- KRC collection

- citizenM Rotterdam

- UMCG Beatrixoord Haren

- Dela, Eindhoven/Nijmegen/Rotterdam

- Prentenkabinet, University Library

- VUMC, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

- Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam

- TU Technical University Eindhoven

- UMC University Medical Center, Utrecht

- Fries Museum Leeuwarden

- private collections NL, BE, UK, IL, CA



2018 Residency at VDGH Leeuwarden, NL

2017 Residency at Kimonos Art Center, Paphos, Cyprus

2007 AudaxTextielmuseum Tilburg / Mastercourse Akira Minagawa

2006 BerlinArtist in Residency / studio im Weissensee

2004 BerlinArtist in Residency / studio im Kreuzberg


exhibitions solo | duo

2017 galerie dudokdegroot Michiel Schuurman - Anuli Croon

2017 galerie dudokdegroot Anuli Croon- Sigrid Calon

2016 galerie dudokdegroot Bertjan Pot - Anuli Croon

2016 Galerie with tsjalling Anuli Croon - Nick Renshaw

2015 Rento Brattinga galerie | Amsterdam  solo

2013 Rento Brattinga galerie| Amsterdam  solo

2012 RAW ART Fair Rotterdam | Rento Brattinga galerie  solo

2011 Rento Brattinga galerie | Amsterdam solo

2009 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | The Hague  solo

2008 Dok Kunstcentrum | Delft solo

2007 The Frozen Fountain | Amsterdam solo

2007 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | The Hague solo

2005 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | The Hague solo

2004 The Frozen Fountain | Amsterdam solo

2003 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | The Hague solo

2002 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | The Hague solo


exhibitions group

2018 Mint | London UK | Rock Paper Salt Air

2017 Paphos, Cyprus, Municipal gallery 'In Search for the Common Myth' : Marianna Constanti, Marios Constantinides, Melita Couta, Anuli Croon, B.C. Epker, Eiko Ishizawa, Chiaki Kamikawa, Aafke Ytsma

2017 Bagagehal Loods 6 | Van Iwaarden Artwork & Kunstenaars

2017 The Frozen Fountain | Amsterdam Cassina & Dirk vander Kooij | Anuli Croon

2017 Fries Museum | 40-jaar-druk-met-kunst selection of prints printed by Rento Brattinga | Steendrukkerij Amsterdam

2017 TAC ( Temporary Arts Centre ) _ Eindhoven Buro - Beukorkest presents The Conductor Tales - City Walk

2017 galerie dudokdegroot | TWEE

2017 Etalageproject Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam Design non repetitive wallpaper XL - H 280 m x B 360 m

2017 Dordrechts Museum | Dordrecht Prints in Drawingkabinet curated by AppendiX

2017 Rento Brattinga galerie | Amsterdam

2017 Amsterdam Art Fair Museumplein _ Rento Brattinga galerie

2015 TAC ( Temporary Arts Centre ) _ Eindhoven Buro - Beukorkest presents Zomerzucht & other stories

2015 Amsterdam Art Fair _ Rento Brattinga galerie

2015 Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei | Leipzig, DLD EinDruck Ausstellung - Internationale Zeitgenössische Druckgrafik by Perennial Art

2013 Grafisch Atelier Daglicht | Eindhoven | G13 |

2013 Opperclaes | Rotterdam | APPENDIX

2013 KunstRai Amsterdam _ Rento Brattinga galerie

2013 Stichting IK | Hoekpaviljoen Collection Ditty and Aart Ketting

2013 Gemak | Den Haag | OPERANDI

2013 Secret postcards | Jan van Eyk Academie | Maastricht

2013 Grafische Werkplaats Daglicht 30 jaar | Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven . stickers designed and printed by the artists

2012 Grafiek Triënnale Novosibirsk 2012 | Russia

2011 Heden Den Haag | vide

2011 Rento Brattinga | galerie | artists of the gallery

2009 Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Den Haag

2008 PICTURA | Dordrecht

2007 GROOTGraFIEK | CBK Rotterdam

2007 De Cacaofabriek | Helmond | painting

2006 Galerie Phoebus | Rotterdam

2006 Galerie Maurits van de Laar | Den Haag | 1st SHIFT

2006 Atelier als supermedium #03 | Den Haag | the figure eight

2005 Grafiek manifesta Rotterdam | Arts Centre - CBK - Rotterdam

2005 De Salon Zwervende tentoonstelling no. 4 | MURAL 300 x 700 cm | Rotterdam

2005 De Salon Zwervende tentoonstelling no. 1 | Rotterdam

2004 DUENDE | Rotterdam

2001 TENT. Rotterdam STILET


a selection : commissions | work in situ

2018 - 2019 Mural H 19.650 cm x W 1.200 cm  CMH Central Militair Hospital Utrecht 

2018 Mural 420 cm x 300 cmRijnstate Hospital Zevenaar

2018 Mural ING Leeuwarden

2017 Design non repetitive wallpaper XL - H 280 m x B 360 m: Etalageproject Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam

2016 citizenM / societyM Meeting Rooms Rotterdam design for mural 1.500 cm x 300 cm

2015 Design Flag, Arte Concordia 2015  Boompjes, Rotterdam _ Avenue Concordia, Rotterdam

2014 Architectural landscape 01 | acryl + metallic on paper, 40 x 170 cm commissioned by Jef Schaeps | Leiden University Library | Prentenkabinet

2013 Sophia Children Hospital Rotterdam Design based on drawings by Stacy and Mylene for Mascot Sophietje at Central Hall of Sophia Children Hospital. Commissioned by Friends of Sophia Children Hospital – celebration 150 year - Artwork unveiled by Queen Maximá

2012 Panorama HIS Hillegersberg / Schiebroek, design for council and wedding chamber | commissioned by city counsel Hillegersberg – Schiebroek, Rotterdam Duplex printed on twenty panels of canvas, 2200 cm x 450 cm,

2012 New wing / The Children’s Eye Centre / Rotterdam Eye Hospital | commissioned by Bureau Van der Wijst Amsterdam                                                             1. design for glass wall 240 x 240 cm     2. Eyes, work op paper, 250 x 150 cm - New wing openend by the Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb.

2011 Design for a coin. Theme: The Netherlands and Painting | commissioned by Ministery of Finance, The Hague

2011 SOR Rotterdam Berlagecomplex, Rotterdam | commissioned by SOR Rotterdam, CBK RotterdamAnuli Croon/Glasswall, Petra Laaper/Light & Furniture

2010 Mural 'Wind's Up '| H 410 cm x W 190 cm | ornamentenlijst Rotterdam | commissioned by Arts Centre (CBK) Rotterdam

2009 – 2007 Pendrecht, Rotterdam . Windowstories | Raamvertellingen _ six glass applications (each) 200 cm x 200 cm, location: Melissantstraat, Rotterdam | commissioned by Van Schagen Architecten, Arts Centre Rotterdam