Anuli Croon

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Mug & Phiz, 2016 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Tronie & Stad, 2014 Painting 180 X 150 Cm © Anuli Croon
Panaroma HiS Rotterdam, 2012 permanent situation 450 X 2200 Cm © Courtesy of the Artist
Panaroma HiS Rotterdam, 2012 permanent situation 450 X 2200 Cm © Courtesy of the Artist & Mariet Hendrikx
overview studio, 2009 Paintings (Privat Collections) © Courtesy of the Artist
Column CMH 2019, completed 5th of February 2019 Mural On Concrete Column H 1.956 X W 600 Cm + (4x) H 270 X W 625 Cm © Anuli Croon
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Anuli Croon is a visual artist based in Rotterdam.


"Anuli Croon's colourful, severely structured paintings automatically activate the beholder's reservoir of associations: images and impressions of mysteriousness, ambiguity, references to primitive art, comic characters and commercials, everyday household items, fabric patterns and universal symbols for human gestures and body language are just a few of the elements of her imagery. On closer consideration, however, more signs of ambiguity pop up in the image: does the one figure in the series 'Mug & City' wrap his arms around the other to protect him or do we see the very opposite, a kind of hostile stalking, enforcing subjection? The word 'mug' in the title seems to refer to an unpleasant character, but at the same time the colourful, schematically represented faces of the figures call forth more amiable associations. All these paradoxical qualities of openness and mysteriousness, of decorative playfulness and profundity are typical of the work of this remarkable painter."  Anton Hoeksema, 2017


Material / transformation I make my paintings as well as my works on paper (including those in copies) with the help of paint rollers, small brushes, Scotch tape, ruler, home-made stencils and stamps. For materials I use gesso, matt acrylic paint, fluorescent paint, metallic paint and crayons. The handwriting has no touch. The material is framed by tape, stencils and ruler. The texture is matt - except where metallic paint has been applied - and looks more like textile than paint. This springs from the idea to develop my own imagery from an analytical and detached modus operandi, in which the diversity of my artistic interests can be incorporated. Patterns, hands, attitudes, objects, pieces of furniture, colours, gestures, mouths, clothing, hair styles, noses and eyes are disconnected and made autonomous. This way I can cause the elements with their antipodal meanings to move among one another. Contrasts such as stagnation and movement, reflection and stress, the great rhythm and detail are thus brought together.




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