carmit haller

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"metafasa", 2005 Print On Cavas, 8/36 96"X32" / 48" X 16"
"Id", 6/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 39" X 30" © carmit haller
"Id—3D", 1/99, 2009 Print On 3 Layered Aluminum 48" X 30" © carmit haller
"Albido", 4/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 34" X 34" © carmit haller
"albido—3D", 2009 Print On 3 Layered Aluminum 34" X 34" © carmit haller
"Hole in the Moon", 2/8, 2009 Print On Canvas 96" X 34" © carmit haller
"Repetitions", 6/36, 2005 Print On Canvas 43" X 24" © carmit haller
"Foramen Magnum", 4/36, 2006 Digital Print On Canvas 44" X 54"
"Reaction Formation", 1/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 51" X 30" © carmit haller
"Fractures", 2/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 26" X 34"
"Sparks", 3/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 25.5" X 33"
"Aeris", 1/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 47" X 30" © carmit haller
"Untitled3", 1/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 26"X26" © carmit haller
"Autumn", 6/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 20" X 26" © carmit haller
"Nekyia1", 1/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 37" X 39" © carmit haller
"Winter", 1/6, 2008 Print On Canvas 20" X 28" © carmit haller
"Catharsis", 6/36, 2006 Print On Canvas 93" X 28" Or 46.5" X 14" © carmit haller
"Untitled6", 2/8, 2008 Print On Canvas 37" X 39" © carmit haller
"Untitled1", 4/36, 2005 Print On Canvas 68" X 30" / 90" X 40 © carmit haller
Quick Facts
haifa, israel
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carmit design studio
Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Representing galleries
bruno gallery, carribean islands
limited, edition, large, scale, prints, installation, modern, digital, gallery, conceptual, exhibition/performance

Originally from Israel, Carmit Haller is an emerging artist whose artworks are huge-scaled limited edition prints on canvas, enticing the viewer’s eye by their lavishing colors and intriguing compositions. Haller creates a new genre in her computer-based painting techniques, which are innovative, revolutionary and a breakthrough in the art scene.

Haller earned her BFA in Computer Arts/New Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where her work won several awards including “Best of Show.” After establishing a fruitful career as a senior graphic designer in San Francisco’s Bay Area, she decided to quit in order to fulfill her passion for computer arts. Haller is being represented by Bruno's gallery at the Caribbean Islands, and has had successful solo exhibitions in various places in Israel. Her work has also been published in several art magazines all over the world.


Artist Statement

“I gave her a soul, I bloomed out of her as a rose
Blooms out of a vase of not very valuable porcelain”

Sylvia Plath, “In Plaster”, 1961

How does one create a soul in his paintings, bringing life into his art out of nothing?  This is a challenging process every artist has to endure at any given time; for me—it’s a very intimate journey that often starts without knowing its end. I can take a piece of an old photograph, scan a fabric, a doodle or a texture into my computer, altering it into a completely new, abstract dimension. My screen, then, becomes my canvas, my paintbrush and my artist tools. The evolution of the works can either be based on a well-composed sketch in mind, rendered into layers, colors, textures and transparencies. Or it can be an outburst of emotions, resulting in strong, rupturing movements of brush strokes, striking colors and endless restlessness.

Whatever technique I use, the outcome is a collages of color and shape the equivalent of visual free verse. The result is a graceful and poetic arrangement of brilliantly colored abstractions, a kaleidoscopic world I have created. Indebted to the color-theory of the Neo-Impressionists, Fauvist color spectrum, and Cubist design principles, my pieces are every bit as much about formal skill as viewer experience. It’s only when the painting is starting to have a soul blooming from those raw pieces and materials it started from—that I know my artwork is complete.


Artist Resume

To intellectually challenge the viewer’s mind and imagination

• BFA in Computer Arts/New Media, Academy of Art University, San Francisco,
CA, USA. 1998-2001
• BA in Social Work, Tel Aviv University, Israel. 1992-1995

Art Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions
• Amalia Arbel's Gallery, “Total Saturation.” Tel Aviv, Israel, February 2009
• Ein Hod, Main Artists' Gallery, “Id.” Israel, June 2008
• T.A.L Gallery, “Repetitions.” Ramat Gan, Israel, July 2007
• Ein Hod, Main Artists' Gallery, “Metafasa.” Israel, June 2006

Group Shows
• Art Singapore, the contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore, October 2009

Representing Galleries

• Bruno Fine Art Gallery. The Caribbean Islands, November 2008 on

Art Dealers
• Bruno Fine Art Gallery. Israel and USA, November 2008 on
• Shorashim Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel, September 2009 on
• Hightouch, a Place for Contemporary Art, Herzelia, Israel, March 2009 on

Public Displays
Ana Furniture Interior Design Store. San Mateo, CA, USA, December 2008 on

Zman Digitali Magazine. Issue 24, Israel, August 2008
Mechira Pumbit (“Public Auction”) Ltd. Magazine. Issue 60, Israel, July 2008
Computer Arts Magazine. Issue 147, UK, April 2008
Computer Arts Magazine, Issue