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Vermont Studio Center Residency

I have been awarded the Civil Society Institute Fellowship to particpate in a 4-week residency at the Vermont Studio Center.  The fellowship includes room, board, and 24-hour studio access.   I am honored and deeply grateful for this award and excited to particpate next summer. [more]
Posted by Kwadwo Adae on 5/1/11

Connecticut Creative Article

Kwadwo Adae: Paintings As Kinetic Sculptures Written by Elizabeth Antle in Art, Featured Articles on Jan 5th, 2010 | no responses Kwadwo Adae’s oil paintings are full of vibrant movement. His color palette as well as the depths of texture and form call to the viewer and pull us into each work. In XXVIII, for example, shades of bright green call out, since they seem to pulsate within the deep variations of brown underneath. Adae’s works then... [more]
Posted by Kwadwo Adae on 1/5/10

Kwadwo Adae at Artspace New Haven

Kwadwo Adae's eye candy canvases—the four-panel "Kwadrilateral Iterations I" and "Kwadrilateral Iterations II"—approach oil paint not just as a painting medium but also as a sculptural medium. Adae covers the base of his canvas with brash color designs; these are really eye-popping works. With some—"XXIV," "XXIII," "XVII"—he uses broad brush strokes that circle, swerve and roll. The bristles create grooves like a vinyl record. Other panels are notable for more precise design attention. In... [more]
Posted by Kwadwo Adae on 3/3/09