Javiera Estrada

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Buffalo Skull, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 40 X 40 © Javiera Estrada
Beetle, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 44 X 34 © Javiera Estrada
Tree of Life, 2014 Mixed Media 68 X 67 © javieraestrada
ME, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 44 X 42.5 © Javiera Estrada
Apple Study, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 44 X 43 © Javiera Estrada
Horse Study, Dec. 2013 Mixed Media 21 X 33, 21 X 33 © Javiera Estrada
Flower Study, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 43 X 43 © javiera Estrada
LIGHT, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 25 X 35 © javiera Estrada
The Bird, 2009 Mixed Media Photography 35" X 57" © javieraestrada
Solder of Love, 2010 Mixed Media Photography 53" X 79" © javieraestrada
Goddess of Power, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 34 X 44 © javiera Estrada
Goddess of Faith, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 44 X 34 © Javiera Estrada
Kalu, Jan. 2014 Mixed Media 39 X 52 © javiera Estrada
Feathers, 2009 Mixed Media Photography 36" X 48" © Javiera Estrada
Embrace, 2013 Photography © Javiera Estrada
El Matador, Jan. 2014 Photography © javiera Estrada
Salt + Sea, 2013 Photography © Javiera Estrada
Seaweed, Jan. 2014 Photography © javiera Estrada
Union, 2013 Photography © Javiera Estrada
Goddess of Beauty Mixed Media
Night in Gale
Ophelia's Dream
Sea Star, 2015 Photography 32 X 40 © Javiera Estrada
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Acapulco, Mexico
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles

   Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico on Aug. 6.  making her a Leo Rooster with a Scorpio Moon.  Creative from day 1, she was always getting into trouble for drawing on the walls and sometimes on her face with nail polish. 

   Throughout her educational years she was classically trained in piano and violin, an influence which can be glimpsed in her work if you squint hard enough.  Her track record of exploring a cacophony of arts from dance to healing eventually led her to the art of photography.  Living at the time in the mayan village of Tulum, Mexico, Javiera's hours of hammock dreaming came to a halt with a a little encouragement from Sheila Metzner to obtain formal training.  She packed her bags and headed to L.A enlisting in Santa Monica College's photography program, ranked one of the top photography schools in the country.  In school she was one of 3 chosen to receive a grant as an award of excellence.  In addition she was honored a coveted mentorship program given to one student every 3 years.

   Javiera has exhibited in numerous galleries such as the Robert Berman Gallery, Ethos and 508 Gallery.  Recently Javiera exposed new work in a juried show at SmashBox Studios among some of L.A's top photographers and won second place.

  She currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog-cat names LOVE.

Selected Exhibitions:

2014 Javiera Estrada + Emma Ferreira (Feb.-March) “Union” Silent-Gallery, SM, CA

2014 Group Show (Feb.15) “I Art You” Create Fixate, L.A CA

2013 Group Show (Oct. 12-Nov.12) “Buddha”  508 Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Group Show  (April 11-May 11) “Horses” Ethos Gallery, L.A CA

2013 Mopla Group Show (April 10-June 10) “Pin-up” Robert Berman Gallery, SM, CA

2013 Photo L.A (Jan. 17-21) Smashbox Studios, L.A CA

2012 Photo L.A  (Jan. 17-21) Art Capitol, L.A CA

2012 Juried Group Show (April 28th) "Snap Flash" Create Fixate, L.A, CA

2011 Juried Group Show (Dec.8)"Face-Off" Smashbox Studios, Hollywood, CA  2nd Place

2011 Juried Group Show (April 9) "Rise" Create Fixate, L.A, CA

2011 Group Show (Jan. 28-April. 1) "Human Curve" Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

2011 Juried Exhibition by Craig Krull Jan. 23-Feb.23) "Photography" Topanga Art Gallery, Topanga, CA

2010 Solo Show (Dec.11-Feb.23) "CROWNS + VEILS" M2 Gallery, L.A CA

2010 Solo Show (Oct.15-Nov.15) "Crowns + Veils" SMC Gallery, L.A, CA

2010 Juried Exhibition (August 26) "Pro'jekt LA" Lucie Foundation, L.A CA

2010 Juried Exhibition (April 29-May 29) "MOPLA Group Show" SmashBox Studio, L.A CA

2009   Group Exhibition (Oct.  25) "Unique Techniques"  The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City,CA

2009   Group Exhibition (Sept. 26)  "Snap Flash", Create Fixate, L.A, CA (3rd Place for Best in Show)

2009   Group Exhibition (July1-31) "Live Nude Girls", Tracy Park Gallery, Malibu, CA

2009   Solo Show (May 1-August 1) "Wind Series"  A Song in My Heart, Venice, CA

2009   Group Exhibition (May 3-29) "Dirty", Cathexis,Trim, Abbot Kinney, CA

2008   Group Exhibition (May 31-June 6), "Cathexis", Venice, CA


2nd Place Smashbox “Face-Off” 2012

3rd Place Best in Show Create Fixate 2011

Color Finalist Photographer’s Forum for Emerging Photographers 2010

Recipient of SMC’s tri-annual grant for one year mentorship program 2009

Award of Excellence Recipient of SMC’s Student Grant in Photography 2008