Melanie Van Latum

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The Messenger, 2010 Soft Pastel On Paper 24 X 32 ©
“Vessels of the Avant Garde”
The Rivalry, 2008 Oil On Canvas 10 X 12" ©
Armageddon Aphrodite, 2009 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32 © 24 x 32"
Madame Cesarean, 2009 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32" ©
The Cut Oil On Canvas 24 X 36"
The Queen of Hearts Oil On Canvas 24 X 36"
Cloistered Coiff, 2009 Pastel On Velour 24 X 32 ©
The Countess Ova Rose, 2009 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32 ©
The Guardian, 2009 Oil On Canvas 36 X 48" ©
The Midwife, 2009 Oil On Canvas 36 X 48" ©
Widow and the Bride, 2009 Oil On Canvas 44 X 58" ©
Spellbound, 2009 Pastel On Paper 19 X 24" ©
Satin Slumber, 2009 Oil On Canvas 28 X 36" ©
The Dust Seeker , 2008 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32" ©
Dust & Shadows, 2010 Oil On Canvas 36 X 50" ©
The Messenger, 2010 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32" ©
Mistress Chatelaine, 2010 Oil On Canvas 36 X 36 ©
Circa:1700, 2008 Pastel On Paper 19 X 24" ©
Circe's Bridal Party, 2009 Oil On Canvas 38 X 46 ©
Beckon, 2007 Pastel On Panel 36 X 48" ©
Clean Intentions, 2007 Pastel On Panel 36 X 48" ©
Interlude, 2009 Pastel On Paper 24 X 42" ©
China Doll, 2004 Oil On Canvas 10.5 X 10.5 ©
Mirror, Mirror, 2010 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32 ©
8:21, 2006 Oil On Canvas 10.5 X 13 ©
Montparnasse, 2004 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32 ©
Chronicles of spring, 2007 Oil On Canvas 9.75 X 15" ©
Bridal Night, 2006 Pastel On Paper 19 X 24" ©
Cobalt Bowl, 2004 Pastel On Paper 24 X 32" ©
Cigarette, 2005 Oil On Canvas 24 X 48" ©
Immaculate Intermission, 2005 Oil On Canvas 24 X 36" ©
Naughty Baby, 2007 Oil On Canvas 12 X 17" ©
Gratified, 2005 Pastel On Panel 24 X 48" ©
Swept Away, 2005 Pastel On Panel 24 X 48" ©
Tickled Pink, 2005 Pastel On Panel 24 X 48" ©
Interuption, 2005 Pastel On Panel 24 X 48" ©
Kewpie Garden, 2007 Oil On Canvas 11 X 17" ©
Art Of Sound, 2010 Pastel On Paper 32 X 32" ©
Quick Facts
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Art Center College of Design, 1998, BFA Illustration
cal state fullerton, 2005, MA Drawing Painting
Melanie Stimmell Van Latum, Feminine, fertility, animals, oil painting, Pastel painting, still life, figurative, pop, surrealism, fantasy, pop, surrealism, traditional, conceptual

Looking at Melanie Stimmell’s work you would never guess she began the first eight years of her artistic career as a Technical Director for Comedy Central’s South Park. A Graduate of Art Center College of Design and a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, Melanie is a prolific Fine Artists, creating beautiful imagery in Oils and in Soft Pastel with such finesse and mastery that her Renaissance inspired figures dance off the canvas with whimsical charm. She has shown at prominent Southern California Galleries such as La Luz De Jesus, The Brewery, The 57 Underground, Spring Arts Collective, Deborah Martin Gallery, and Rebecca Molayem Gallery in West Hollywood.

In addition to her Fine Art, Melanie is also a leader in the Street Painting world. She is the only female street painter to win the title of Maestro and several gold medals in both Italy and Germany. Co-Founder of two prominent organizations in the chalk painting world, Street Painting Society and the Street Painting Academy, Melanie has consulted, painted, and held painting workshops for clients in Turkey, Holland, France, The Netherlands Antilles, and Canada and throughout the U.S.

Melanie is a strong supporter of Arts in Education and Therapy and shares her love of painting with the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles Music Center, Cal State Fullerton, Irvine Valley College and her own Street Painting Academy

Exhibition List

Solo Exhibitions

"Queens of Avant Garde"
2010 Rebecca Molayem Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

"Vessels of the Avant Garde"
2009 Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

“Boas, Dusters, and Other Household Seductions”
2007 Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA

Group Exhibitions

"The Aesthetic Code: Unraveling the Secrets of Art"
2010 University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tuscon, AZ 

2009 Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

“Art Walk”
2008 Spring Arts Collective, Los Angeles, CA 

“Everything But The Kitchen Sink”
2008 Group Show, La Luz De Jesus, Hollywood, CA 

“One Night Only”
2008 Brewery Art Complex, Los Angeles, CA 

“AC Lounge”
2007 AC Lounge, Santa Monica, CA 

“Multiple Personalities”
2007 Melrose Lightspace, Hollywood, CA “Variant”
2006 The 57 Underground, Pomona, CA 

“Figure 3”
2006 Irvine Valley College, Irvine, CA 

"Gallery di Madonnari” Silent Auction
2005 I Madonnari Festival, San Rafael, CA 

A Collaborative Show of Visual Artists and Writers 2004 Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA 

“West Gallery Group Show”
Curated by Tyler Stallings 2003 Cal State Fullerton , Fullerton, CA 

“South Park/Comedy Central Fine Art Exhibition”
2002 Quixote Studios, West Hollywood, CA

Benefit Auctions

"Vessels of the Avant Garde Silent Auction"
2009 Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Via Colori Silent Art Auction"
2009 Via Colori, Houston, TX 

"Expressions in Chalk Silent Art Auction”
2008 Imadon Gallery, London, Ontario 

"Via Colori Silent Art Auction"
2007 Via Colori, Houston, TX

"PAWS Art Auction & Gala"
2007 PAWS, Los Angeles, CA
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