Joshua Suda

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"With Other Eyes" Oil On Panel 8"X10"
Hello Oil On Panel 10" X 8" © Courtesy of the artist and the Skotia Gallery
Quick Facts

Where reality, fantasy, and irresistible theatricality mingle, we find Joshua Suda. Born in 1978, Suda nurtured his aptitude for painting throughout his childhood, and not surprisingly decided he would pursue a career as an artist at a young age. He didn’t have to wait long for the world to notice him: at 25, Artist’s Magazine singled him out as a finalist in their 2003 Art Competition when he submitted his painting American Idol. The magazine’s subsequent article “A Second Look” lauded the artist’s ability alter reality, “reveal(ing) something about the world that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.” (Tom Zeit, Artist’s Magazine, March 2003)

Suda subtly seduces his audience with his play between ultra-photorealistic representation and haunting, or sometimes humorous, fiction. This play invites onlookers to participate in an intimate dialogue with his paintings, pushing us to question the boundaries between art and “real” life. Suda’s exceptional technical virtuosity blends meticulously with a shot of finely tuned imagination. In this way, his paintings seem to constantly refer to, yet firmly reject, the Renaissance ideal of painting’s role as a “window” into another world. Half-hidden faces break unexpectedly into the viewer’s space, and painted models pose behind painted frames encased in yet another frame. Playful and poignant, Joshua Suda’s work uses precise technical proficiency as a vehicle to coax and twist reality into something provocatively original.

Suda has been awarded honors in Graphics at the York Art League's fall exhibit, the Lapuka Award given at the Hazleton Art League's spring show, the Posatko Award for Excellence in Realism, and was published in the VSA Arts calendar for 2003. After his completion of formal study, Josh continues to research the craft independently and is currently an assistant instructor at The Waichulis Studio.