frederic levy-hadida

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I´m amazed by your art!
Comment by: Margareta Jungerth Boo on Saturday 03/06/10 at 6:18 PM
Frederic! I love your paintings.
Comment by: Margareta Jungerth Boo on Friday 01/29/10 at 7:31 PM
Hi again!
It is always my pleasure to interact with my fellow artists. For the Jan competition, I have entered my artwork “Eat, Pray, Love”. The book by Elizabeth Gilbert is the talk of the town here and so I thought that this would be an appropriate painting reflecting the overall mood of people all over!. So enjoy life! I once again heartily welcome you to visit my artsite. You are a fine artist and I value your opinion Wishing you a New Year filled with good health, new hope and new beginnings! success, happiness and prosperity! Cheers! Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Sunday 01/03/10 at 10:20 PM
Very nice work!!
Comment by: L. B. Mckay on Monday 12/28/09 at 2:29 PM
Very nice. I sense some Larry Rivers influences in some of the figurative pieces.
Comment by: Kenneth Hayden on Sunday 12/27/09 at 9:47 PM