Andreina Davila

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[I Am] Transforming, Strong, 2013 Mixed Media On Wood | 20″ X 30″ © Andreina Davila
[I Am] There (There is Happening There) , 2013 Encaustic Mixed Media 20″ X 30″ © Andreina Davila
Butterfly Night, 2012 Mixed Media On Wood 16" X 16" © Andreina Davila
Elephant Land, 2013 Mixed Media On Wood 11” X 22″ © Andreina Davila
[I AM], I Contain Multitudes (detail 2), 2013 Encaustic Mixed Media 36″ Diameter © Andreina Davila
Disconnected Orange, 2010 Encaustic Mixed Media 24” X 8” © Andreina Davila
Night, 2013 Mixed Media On Wood 12″ X 30″ © Andreina Davila
[I Am] Free, 2011 Encaustic Mixed Media 12″ Diameter © Andreina Davila
Sonoma Map, 2012 Mixed Media On Wood 24 © Andreina Davila
[I AM], I Contain Multitudes (detail), 2013 Encaustic Mixed Media 36″ Diameter © Andreina Davila
Disconnected Brown, 2010 Encaustic Mixed Media 24” X 8” © Andreina Davila
Indian Bean Tree, 2012 Mixed Media On Wood 18" X 18" © Andreina Davila
Spore Mixed Media On Wood
[I Am] Confused (I can't find myself), 2011 Encaustic Mixed Media 11″X 14″ © Andreina Davila
[I Am] With You, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 26″ X 36″ © Andreina Davila
[I Am] Your Reflection, 2013 Mixed Media On Mirror Pannels 5"X5" Triptych © Andreina Davila
Orbits, 2010 Mixed Media On Board 14" X 14.5" © Andreina Davila
Sonoma Tree, 2012 Mixed Media On Wood 24" X 24" © Andreina Davila
[I Am] Letting Go, 2011 Encaustic Mixed Media 10″X14″ © Andreina Davila
Algea, 2011 Encaustic Mixed Media 12″ Diameter © Andreina Davila
Rain, 2009 Mixed Media On Wood 24" X 26" © Andreina Davila
Afloat, 2010 Encaustic Mixed Media 6" X 8" © Andreina Davila
Bark III, 2011 Mixed Media On Wood 24" X 24" © Andreina Davila
Falling, 2010 Encaustic Mixed Media 8" X 8" © Andreina Davila
Quick Facts
Merida, Venezuela
Birth year
Lives in
Oakland - Berkeley
Works in
The Compound Gallery and Studios,
Arizona State University, 2003, MSD
Universidad de Los Andes, 2000, Architecture
Representing galleries
City Art Gallery, Collector Gallery
interactive, portraits, encaustic, figurative, mixed-media, conceptual, modern

My work explores the relationship between life, change and connection. Currently, I am showing two Series: 1) [I Am] Series: CURRENT: An Ongoing Collaborative Study of Portraits of Egos; 2) BotanINK Series: CLOSING: Botanical studies about the never-ending process of change and evolution in nature.

As an artist, one of my main goals is to create art that responds to the people that experience it: art that changes and adapts to its context and its people. One of my new series, titled “[I am]", is a work in progress that seeks to tackle philosophical questions about our human existence in an accessible, casual manner. It depicts portraits of egos keeping a personal perspective on how each of us form conceptual identities of ourselves. To help shape the series, I have reached out to the community around me (my friends, family, neighbors and clients) to share what identifies them.


Berkeley, CA-based and Venezuelan-born, Andreina earned her Bachelor's in Architecture from Universidad de Los Andes and her Master of Science in Design from Arizona State University. Her artwork deals with the relationship between life and movement as it relates to change and evolution in the broader sense. She has shown her work at OAK Airport (the Oakland Museum of California), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, The Compound Gallery, Slate Contemporary Gallery, City Art Gallery, among other venues, and has been listed in the Alameda County Arts Commission Registry and BayVan Artist Registry for the past two years.

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Latin for “I”, Ego is the sense of self that is constantly attempting to define our personal identity so that we can distinguish ourselves from others. For the purpose of this study Ego is the set of labels or forms used by our individual minds to build our conceptual identity, but Ego is not who we are. 

“I Am” explores the relation between our individual need for identity (our ego) and the transcendence of that conceptual connection over time. The series is not intended to portray specific people, but the temporary experience they are having creating their identity. It hints at the idea that when we (people) feel something so deeply, our perspective on reality narrows; when we concentrate on labeling our existence, we fail to look at the larger picture of our being and how we are connected with the rest of the world.

Through our Ego, we tend to equate having, thinking, doing, feeling with being, but defining ourselves through things, thoughts, roles, work, or temporary emotions is limiting. By embracing the plural and never-ending nature of our Ego, and isolating the forms and labels we use to make sense of reality I hope to de-clutter this entanglement of information creating room for personal and collective awareness. 

The idea that our identification with form (food, place, body, ideas, etc.) is not who we are is a concept that is hard to grasp. After all, without identification with form it feels like we are boundless. Over time, I envision the series to contain enough portraits of Ego, hoping the collaboration will allow us to individually become self-aware of the labels we all use to identify ourselves (our never-ending plan to define our existence). That self-awareness of Ego could bring us closer together, and an understanding of others. 

Click HERE to learn how to collaborate with the project. 


BotanINK Statement

BotanINK is a series of botanical studies that aim to imprint the memory of a specific moment in the never-ending process of change and evolution. The pieces are an ode to the constant growth and transformations botanic organisms go through daily, as I wonder how their growth relates to our (human) way of living. BotanINK is a non-judgmental window into a form of life that is wild and steady, finding its way peacefully.

I am drawn to plants and their intrinsic ability to find their way, non-stop, quietly yet steadily, to being strong and fragile at the same time.

My creative process is organic and different every time. BotanINK pieces are not born from an intellectual revery, instead they are an intuitive response to materials. Texture and color play a fundamental role in the preparation of surfaces. Then, each piece has its unique process, coming to life once the ink finds its natural rhythm. As I paint and draw, the detail in the lines and dots, the sizes and widths, grow organically in the painting, representing nature itself.

I embrace the fact that a painting is only complete when somebody other than the painter is experiencing. The viewer’s perspective is key, this is why that is why I love altering a piece changing elements, like color, scale, size and details, it is ok, we are all different, we all adapt. I believe artworks could adapt to.  I aim for that. Learn About BotanINK Prints


Alive and changing, my work is evolving, as so, life is a gradual process of change. With my work I intent to capture that organic process, as if, ironically, change could be frozen in time.