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Watcher Oil On Canvas © Ilona van hoek.2009
Stairs Of Life, 2007 Oil On Canvas © Copyright- Ilona van Hoek
Die Gefiederte schlange, 2008 Oil On Canvas © No reproduction- Copyright-
Moderne Sklaverei, 2006 Oil On Canvas © No Reproduction- Copyright-I. Van Hoek
The Meal, 2007 Oil On Canvas © no Reproduction- Copyright-I. Van Hoek
The innocence, 2006 Oil On Canvas © No Reproduction- Copyright-I. Van Hoek
Circle of Life, 1997 Oil On Canvas © ilona van hoek.2009
Nord Oil On Canvas © Ilona van hoek.2009
Sodom And Gomorra Oil On Canvas © Copyright- No reproduction
Osiris Oil On Canvas © copyright- No reproduction
peaceful gathering, 1997 Oil On Canvas © ilona van hoek.2009
The Poker Game, 2009 Oil On Canvas © Copyright- Ilona van Hoek
The Farmer's are coming, 2009 Silk © Ilona van hoek.2009
Quick Facts
surrealism, modern


Our earth  gives us the fertile soil of prosperity , with all life being produced.
The utilization  of one another, On this basis, a dependancy exists.
We as humans have the responsibility to develop quality, so that this again can be used.
My path to the arts was determined as a young child. Only, how  the possibility for the presentation was given, consisted of obstacles in that moment and out of that again a learning process as well.

I constantly has the urge  to improve  of what was already achieved and taught in the arts.
Paired with the admiration of the old masters, I wanted to achieve something that was different from that.
It was only possible to paint in the Rennesaince in such a fashion, because one gave themselves the time to produce such piece of artwork.-
With my art I'd like to show, that one can produce such artwork even today through endurance and time.
Curiosity is coupled with inquisitiveness. As a small child, I would not ask:  it is so, but rather as to why!
The many unanswered questions I tried to clarify at night in this, shadowy images emerged, in which I would process during the day.  

What if? Assume of what you see, is not the object of what it is. See the images in Fantasy, bring this back on paper and with this procedure ideas start to develop, and out of this again artworks.
Is the style of surrealism truly that fresh new and  having  been used only since the 20th century? Since the beginning of art, one can seek in that direction.
A picture arises from dreams and reality. The Dream, the fantasy and curiosity and idea creates the product.

Not I myself have chosen for the style " Surrealism"  But rather the style of my work chose this path!